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  1. No, my spouse may go to the casino once or twice but it wont be nothing g excessive. We've already prepaid gratuities so that is not an issue.
  2. Okay so we are about a week out before I cruise and unfortunately we had a unexpected Financial issue and we had to make adjustments to our spending money amounts that we were going to take on the cruise as far as cash is concerned. I'm really starting to stress out because I'm not sure if we're going to have enough spending money when we get on the islands to buy souvenirs Etc. Our cruise is only four nights and I was hoping some of you can give me some advice to kind of gauge what should be okay as far as cash to take on the cruise we would not be doing any excursions nothing extra just Cruising we might buy a couple of souvenirs but that's about it just trying to get some advice
  3. I seen several you tube videos that the symphony does a balloon drop on day 1...maybe part of their sail away party? It seems it is done on all seven day cruises, but what about four day cruises? Do they do the balloon drop as well?
  4. I am coming down to the final weeks till our cruise, our cruise is 4 nights and I am trying to get a budget together for our spending money.... we have budgeted 800.00 on our credit card for our family of four for the onboard ship purchases. We are only visiting Bahamas, and we want to use cash in the ports, we wont be making any major purchases in port or doing any excursions , I know it is up to me on how much to budget but im trying to get an idea for those that don't mind to give me advice, how much cash is ideal for this length of cruise and is there any expenses that I might need cash for that I may not have listed?
  5. I asked the question about my spouse carrying their firearm because I was seeking advice from this group because I thought this is what these boards are for....I never said my spouse was asking....I was the one seeking advice from other cruisers....how does my question reflect the caliber of some LEO's? My spouse is a great LEO and puts their their life on the line everyday for people, this is rather offensive to judge their caliber because I just wanted insight from other cruisers....
  6. Our cruise leaves out of port Miami and we decided we are driving to the port, it will take about 12 hours and I am trying to organize this trip to be as fun as possible especially with 2 teens. I just have a few questions.... 1. I thought about packing food & drinks to minimize spending tons of money at gas stations, would that be wise or it that too much? 2. I thought that we should leave at least 2 days prior to cruise so we can stopover and rest and not try to drive 12 hrs straight. Would that be a waste of money getting hotels? 3. So my spouse is licensed to carry guns and even though we know we cant take it on the ship, my spouse is in law enforcement and thinks we need to bring a gun to keep In the car for safety reasons, but that means we would have to leave it in the car at the port for a week and risk someone breaking in our car and possibly stealing it, should we even bring it? 4. Packing ..... I think Im packing too much ..... Our cruise is in may is it extremely hot in the bahamas like it is in July or august?
  7. I know whatever we bring on board we have to carry around with us until our rooms are ready so do most people use backpacks for carry ons or rollaway luggage? will a small rollaway fit in the scanners at the symphony terminal?
  8. I should've clarified this is for the carryon on the ship we are driving to port
  9. I should've clarified this is for the carry on to take on the ship... we are driving to port.
  10. Ok so I've been reading about what to carry in your carry on and I have some questions, I plan to put my first aid bag I made with all the otc meds I think we might need , our toiletry bag and I wanted to pack our bathing suits, extra pair of clothes and dinner clothes. Is this too much for my carry on? I feel like this is too much for a carry on but I also feel like I'm forgetting something . Any thoughts??
  11. I just downloaded the Royal app and it says wifi is free using the app so no need to purchase internet package, but I've heard this is not true for all ships, does anyone know if symphony has this feature ? Also what do we need to do to make sure we are not accidentally roaming on the cruise and come to a outrageous cell phone bill?
  12. We prepaid our gratuity when we booked our cruise... so there shouldn't be any auto pay set up on our account right? As far as gruituity, isn't that taken care of upfront when you prepay so we don't have to worry about tipping unless we wanted to do extra?
  13. Hello, I'm back with another question. We are looking into excursions while in port in Nassau. I've read many people say it is cheaper to book through Independent companies but since we are new cruisers I would prefer to book through royal. So the excursion I'm interested in is a tour of nassau that includes a stop at Atlantis. My question is how does it work once you purchase the excursion? Do you get to port and someone will direct us to where we need to go? Do the tour people make sure we get back to the boat in time? Are tours even safe in nassau? I dont want to get lost, robbed or left behind.
  14. Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I will start looking into things to do while in port in nassau. This will be our childrens very 1st cruise and we are determined to make this vacation special. Thanks again.
  15. Ok.... I just need a little encouragement from the fellow cruisers.... my family and I are going on the symphony of the seas Bahamas cruise in may. We have been so excited and have been in great anticipation. After having a conversation with a friend that cruises often they said to me that we are wasting our money going on a cruise to the Bahamas and that Bahamas is only 50 miles from Florida and it is not worth the 12 hour drive to get to the port and cruise to a place that only takes a hr to get to by plane. Honestly I felt a little discouraged and they made me feel sorta stupid and a little embarrassed that I've been so excited because I never thought of how close the Bahamas was. We are definitely still going but it kinda hurt my feelings that someone would say we are basically throwing our money away.... just curious does anyone else think Bahamas cruises are a waste of money?
  16. I think we have decided it would be cheaper to do a one way car rental from national car rental in Tennessee to Miami airport for our cruise on symphony because letting a rental car sit in a parking garage for a week while were on a cruise is a waste of money.... our only dilemma is we cannot get national car at Miami airport to answer their phone so I can find out if they offer shuttle to and from the port. Does anyone know if National car rental at Miami airport offers shuttle??
  17. So what does it mean when the policy states it is secondary?
  18. I am trying to purchase our travel insurance. I dont really want to go through royal because it is expensive. I went on insuremytrip.com and square mouth and there is a ton of policies. I honestly want the cheapest policy but I want to make sure we are properly covered. I dont know which one to choose, the cheapest policy is travelguard but I'm just not sure if it is a good policy. Does anyone have any suggestions on inexpensive plans for a 4 nt cruise?
  19. We probably only buy souvenirs not any heavy shopping
  20. Just need some ideas from those that frequently cruise... for a 4 nt cruise on symphony for a family of 2 adults and 2 teens what is a reasonable or ideal amount to bring for spending money. I've read where people say 100.00 per person per day.... thats 1600.00.... that kinda seems like too much... our gratuity is already prepaid so we don't have to worry about that and we dont plan to do more than 1 excursion and we wont be doing any specialty dining.....but I'm curious on what is a realistic spending money amount for a cruise... any advice?
  21. I know many cruisers say so not buy toiletries on the ship. But what about meds? Are you allowed to bring OTC meds in your carry on? If you are on prescription meds do you need a note from your dr? What types of meds do I need to pre purchase before the cruise?
  22. We would need more than a one day rental in order to have enough time to get to florida In time. When I checked for a 2 day rental picking up on a Sunday the lowest I got was almost 500.00
  23. We will be traveling from Tennessee to port of Miami to board symphony. To rent a car for 1 week will be almost 700.00.....I am really unsure if I want to spend that much especially since the car will sit at the port while we are cruising.... I even checked Into one way rental but the drop off fees are astronomical. My last resort would be to drive my personal vehicle which is a 2016 with 70,000 miles.... but with port of miami being 13.5 hours away I doubt want to risk mechanical issues... does anyone have any suggestions.... I'm really stressed about what to do...
  24. Can somebody tell me what is a normal size carryon bag?
  25. I have read on the Miami Terminal topic on here that when boarding the symphony many people had to check their carryon luggage because it was too big.... i didn't think cruise terminals had a size limit like TSA does. So how big is too big for a carryon? Do we need to just carry backpacks? I really dont need any surprises when boarding.....
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