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  1. That's why I'm confused because that is the math I'm showing that it is cheaper but RC keeps telling me its not.
  2. Ok I was looking on royal Caribbean website and it showed my cruise was 2800.00 per balcony cabin for harmony on next year. When I originally booked my cabin it was 3900.00 per balcony. When i originally booked I also had $800.00 future cruise credit and i put down 1000.00 deposit. So I called royal Caribbean to get a reprice and they keep telling me with my future cruise credit and deposit applied my current price is lower than what they are advertising now they stated that if I repriced my cruise would be 200.00 more ....I was like how?!!! I was on the phone for almost 30 mins trying to understand how they come up with their repricing.... I got nowhere.... I even called back and spoke to someone else and still got nowhere..... can somebody please help me understand the repricing am I just confused ??? am i asking the wrong questions???
  3. So I just booked my 2020 cruise on Harmony and I have a few questions for those who have sailed on her. 1. Price drops- right now they have the wow sale going on with on board credit however they also increased the price so it is actually more than the price I originally booked. How often should I check for real price drops?daily? Weekly? 2. Compared to the other oasis class ships such as symphony? What are the pros and cons? For example I read that the crew on Harmony are not as personable like on the other ships. We have already sailed symphony so I'm curious as to what are the differences between ships? 3. We booked the western Caribbean itinerary but I've read the eastern Caribbean is much better. Is that true? 4. How is embarkation at port canaveral compared to port miami?
  4. Ok so I've been following RC sale promotion such as 2nd guest 50% off but I've noticed that the prices seem to be bumped up so high that even with 50% off you really aren't saving any money. Is it just me or does anyone else notice this? I want to rebook on a oasis class ship for 2020 but even with the supposedly BOGO 50% it is still almost 4000.00 for next may. I really want to cruise with RC but it seems like their sales are really just bogus promotions can somebody help me to understand the logistics behind how they price because it just doesn't make sense to me.
  5. I just sailed symphony and we had 2 cabins for about 3600.00 I checked harmony for 2020 and the same cabin type for 2 cabins is 6700.00 I dont understand the outrageous price jump.
  6. I'm looking at the Harmony for next year. Due to our jobs We can only cruise in end of may & early June (i know that is the peak season)and right now a balcony is running between 1400-1700 per person. I know oasis ships are expensive, we just sailed symphony in may but our cruise fare was cheaper than what the harmony is showing. Alot of people say the wow sale is when you get the best deals. Would it be worth it to wait or just go ahead and book? Is it true anout the sale and how often do they advertise that special?
  7. I have been looking into the independence,does the independence do the welcome balloon drop on day 1?
  8. We paid 88.00 for our 4 nt cruise out of terminal A port miami. They only take debit or credit cards no cash and you pay when you leave .
  9. We took a 12 year on the symphony and the only thing they really need money for is the arcade, he spent a lot of time in the arcade, we purchased arcade credit on cruise planner the price to purchase in advance was different increments. And we purchased the $80.00 for $100.00 in credit.
  10. I just got off the symphony and I too was afraid my luggage would get lost but everything was very smooth at the miami terminal we even had our luggage at exactly 1o clock.
  11. Many of you read my post about how I was burned pretty severe on the abyss on the symphony of the seas about 1 1/2 week ago. After I returned home I was still in pain and running a fever so I ended up being treated by my personal md who told me It will take weeks if not months for my burn wound to heal completely and I will definitely have a large scar on my arm.... i know many of you may say this sounds crazy and I slid down the abyss slide at my own risk but honestly I feel like there is something royal Caribbean should do regarding this. Because they admitted to me when I filed my accident report that they are aware that many people have gotten hurt on the abyss.... but why have they not taken any precautions to prevent this if they are aware? I'm not asking for a free cruise or anything but this incident ruined my cruise and I will have a scar on my arm to forever remind me of what happened it seems something can be done to compensate for what happened? Who do I call or contact that will effectively take my matter serious and at least look into it to see if they can do something or do you think contacting royal would be a waste of my time?
  12. They said nothing about long sleeves.. I held on like instructed and leaned back and my mat still shifted....
  13. I just got off my cruise on Symphony, I will start off by saying the ship is beautiful and it is massive!! I just want to share my story for anyone that will be cruising on symphony or any other oasis class ship that has the Abyss slide....my daughter and I decided to do the abyss and the staff gave us instructions and I followed them directly but as I begin to slide and the slide turned angles my mat shifted and It caused me to slide down the slide all the way down going 10 mph on my right arm, all I felt was burning pain the whole way down, when I got off the slide the skin was gone all the way to my elbow on my arm. My family even told me who was waiting at the bottom of the slide they actually heard the squealing sound when I was coming down which was my arm screeching down the slide. I got to my stateroom in excruciating pain, had to go down to the medical facility and file a injury report and the dr seen me cleaned the wound, bandaged it with gauze and I had to get a tetanus shot and antibiotics , I was told I could not get in any water, not the pool and especially not the ocean because of bacteria, so my dreams of enjoying perfect day at Cococay the next day were ruined... I had to go back to the medical facility the next day to have it re bandaged because it was oozing and I started running a fever.... I faced so many obstacles prior to this trip and I was so excited for this cruise then this happened.. I spent the remainder of trip in pain and I cant even touch my arm and I'm sure I will have a scar when it heals....when the staff came in to talk to me after the accident report they told me these burns happen alot.... if this is happening alot there is obviously a design flaw on the abyss and royal needs to fix it....I don't know if I need to contact the corporate office to address my concern or just let it go but I just want to warn everyone especially children wear a jacket or a long sleeve shirt and hopefully you wont experience what I experienced....
  14. I just got off the symphony and I rode the abyss, I followed directions like they told me to, but while sliding my mat shifted and i slid the remainder of the slide on my right arm, burning it so bad taking off the skin to the white meat on my arm. I was in alot of pain had to get medical attention on the ship. I think the abyss has a flaw and royal needs to fix it. When you got burnt on the abyss did you file an accident report or did you contact royal Caribbean corporate office?
  15. No, my spouse may go to the casino once or twice but it wont be nothing g excessive. We've already prepaid gratuities so that is not an issue.
  16. Okay so we are about a week out before I cruise and unfortunately we had a unexpected Financial issue and we had to make adjustments to our spending money amounts that we were going to take on the cruise as far as cash is concerned. I'm really starting to stress out because I'm not sure if we're going to have enough spending money when we get on the islands to buy souvenirs Etc. Our cruise is only four nights and I was hoping some of you can give me some advice to kind of gauge what should be okay as far as cash to take on the cruise we would not be doing any excursions nothing extra just Cruising we might buy a couple of souvenirs but that's about it just trying to get some advice
  17. I seen several you tube videos that the symphony does a balloon drop on day 1...maybe part of their sail away party? It seems it is done on all seven day cruises, but what about four day cruises? Do they do the balloon drop as well?
  18. I am coming down to the final weeks till our cruise, our cruise is 4 nights and I am trying to get a budget together for our spending money.... we have budgeted 800.00 on our credit card for our family of four for the onboard ship purchases. We are only visiting Bahamas, and we want to use cash in the ports, we wont be making any major purchases in port or doing any excursions , I know it is up to me on how much to budget but im trying to get an idea for those that don't mind to give me advice, how much cash is ideal for this length of cruise and is there any expenses that I might need cash for that I may not have listed?
  19. I asked the question about my spouse carrying their firearm because I was seeking advice from this group because I thought this is what these boards are for....I never said my spouse was asking....I was the one seeking advice from other cruisers....how does my question reflect the caliber of some LEO's? My spouse is a great LEO and puts their their life on the line everyday for people, this is rather offensive to judge their caliber because I just wanted insight from other cruisers....
  20. Our cruise leaves out of port Miami and we decided we are driving to the port, it will take about 12 hours and I am trying to organize this trip to be as fun as possible especially with 2 teens. I just have a few questions.... 1. I thought about packing food & drinks to minimize spending tons of money at gas stations, would that be wise or it that too much? 2. I thought that we should leave at least 2 days prior to cruise so we can stopover and rest and not try to drive 12 hrs straight. Would that be a waste of money getting hotels? 3. So my spouse is licensed to carry guns and even though we know we cant take it on the ship, my spouse is in law enforcement and thinks we need to bring a gun to keep In the car for safety reasons, but that means we would have to leave it in the car at the port for a week and risk someone breaking in our car and possibly stealing it, should we even bring it? 4. Packing ..... I think Im packing too much ..... Our cruise is in may is it extremely hot in the bahamas like it is in July or august?
  21. I know whatever we bring on board we have to carry around with us until our rooms are ready so do most people use backpacks for carry ons or rollaway luggage? will a small rollaway fit in the scanners at the symphony terminal?
  22. I should've clarified this is for the carryon on the ship we are driving to port
  23. I should've clarified this is for the carry on to take on the ship... we are driving to port.
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