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  1. I sail this Saturday the 7th. I put in a bid for upgrade from interior to balcony about 2 months ago. Just slightly higher than min bid. Still haven't heard as of today, the 5th. I have seen one person in my sailing get their bid accepted from interior to ocean view. As of a few weeks ago, those were the only rooms showing available for my sailing. My assumption is that they are waiting to see if anyone cancels their booking within the next 2 days. My bid still shows pending.
  2. I am waiting for 2021 itineraries out of Cape Liberty to be released to the Caribbean and Bahamas. I assumed that would be this week. I see someone said not until week of December 2nd because cruises out of that port are considered Northeast. That doesn't sound right to me. I always thought it was based on where the ship was going? Any insight? Cause if I can wait 2 weeks instead of checking 3 times a day that would be great. lol
  3. Have a great trip and thanks for sharing. I will be on Adventure the beginning of December and it will also be my first sailing as a Diamond member. Interested in your experiences with that and the ship.
  4. There is a certain popular site (which I hear I am not allowed to name here) that has a group called Adventure of the Seas past present and future. Someone is doing that itinerary now and has posted all the cruise compasses daily.
  5. I am leaving on Adventure Dec 7th and no word on my RoyalUp offer.
  6. Many years ago I visited the QM. This was before I had actually gone on a cruise ship. I don't think I took any pictures. At least I don't have them now. Your pictures are beautiful of her. Enjoy the rest of your cruise and thanks for sharing.
  7. Based on others in this thread, your guess is as good as anyone elses. They say pending til they make a decision on if you want that bid. I think someone else reported this similar thing happening, but they one of the expired bids were accepted. I could be wrong. I would assume you are still in the running for the GS and will find out by the night before your cruise.
  8. Thank you all so much for the information. I feel so much better that I have some options. I appreciate it. Happy sailing everyone.
  9. That was also my fear with the cross contamination just from tongs. I hope he will be past the food allergy soon. It could be something he grows out of. I am most worried about breakfast and lunch I guess. Thank you for your experience.
  10. Thank you. Did you find you had to wait a long time for food in the buffet? I was wondering if we could plan meals a day ahead since kids don't really understand having to wait to eat. Or maybe we can bring meal bars with us to help.
  11. I've heard of it being made that way also. Growing up my grandmother used ricotta. But we put ricotta on everything. Crackers and ricotta was a daily snack. lol
  12. Thank you for the information. I hope it all goes well. I had heard about contacting special needs also. I wonder how long it would take you to get the food? May need to plan meals a day in advance. But what other choice do you have right?
  13. At the top of my list would be the Risotto, I think normally a mushroom risotto they serve; creme brule and their caesar salad. Last year I had the lasagna al forno and it explains it has a bechamel sauce. I thought it was delicious. 2 of my table mates didn't read the description, which I always encourage, and sent theirs back. One refused to even try it. lol. The prime rib and ravioli are always good too. As stated previously, if you are from the MD area or even a coastal town used to great seafood, stay away from the crabcakes or lobster bisque type food. You will be greatl
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