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  1. have them ticket your flight right away. I ran into a situation where celebrity didnt ticket the flight and the airline sold my seat. So my family got bumped off our flight. You might have to pay for it right away however.
  2. We booked our cruise for next year and decided to book suites. It will be my wife and I in one suite and our 3 children in the other. They are all teens and are under 21. The suites get the premium drink package. Will that be automatically downgraded to the premium non alcohol package? Also what do you think my chances are that since the non alcohol is cheaper, they will comp the third if I call? I know its a reach but you never know.
  3. not according to the celebrity person on their website chat
  4. Yesterday there were rooms available in almost every category for the 4/11 summit sailing. Today none. Or any sailing in the next month.
  5. It is on my return flight. And the best they can do is next day or a long layover stop. It is frustrating because we booked the flight 330 days out because we wanted nonstop. We are going to take our chances at the airport since we are ticketed.
  6. I will never use them again!!! Long story short. American sold my seats. They say it is because celebrity didnt ticket them on time. Celebrity says it is policy not to ticket until 40 day before sail date. Now my family don’t have seats on a oversold flight.
  7. I am easy going and not a fancy man. So it didn,t really bother me. I just wanted my wife pampered. I am not a complainer. especially since they work for slave labor wages. You live and learn. This year I will tip at the end.
  8. the only cruise I have been on was summit last year. I wanted it to be special for my wife. It was our first cruise so I booked a suite. I wanted top notch service from our butler to take care of my wife. I tipped him 100 upfront. He did nothing for us. We asked him if he could bring us coffee every morning at 7. He told us we needed to fill out the room service card every night for that. And we never saw him the rest of the cruise. This year my tipping strategy will be different.
  9. Stop telling people about punta de vista! That hidden gem needs to stay hidden. JK it’s the best. Green gos across the street has a 5 dollar margarita special while you wait for a table.
  10. Whatever time you board, just make sure to arrive in San Juan a few days early. It is a great place to visit. This will be our second cruise on the summit out of San Juan. last April we flew in on friday and stayed in old San Juan. One night wasn't enough time. This April we are staying in Old San Juan for 3 days precruise. But to answer your question, last time we got to the port at 10:30 and we were on board by 11. Our boarding time was listed as 2pm. San Juan is easy to get around and the taxis are not metered in the tourist areas. You can find cab prices online to get the idea of costs.
  11. Thanks for the input. What I really wasn’t sure of is the mocktails. That sealed the deal. If they can sit at the pool and drink a Virgin daqari.
  12. What drink package should I get for my kids? They are 16,15,12,5. I want to get them at least the soda package. Is the premium non alcoholic package worth it for the kids? Is there a bunch of places to get smoothies on board? Can they get virgin daiquiris at the bar? Thanks for your help.
  13. There in lies the problem. The flight going is fine. We can sit somewhere else. It is the return flight. There is only 2 seat together. All the rest singles. And I purchased the flights from celebrity. I am right for being upset with them. They shouldn’t sell seats that they cannot secure. I am left thinking that what if someone else books directly with the airline? Do I get bumped off the plane?
  14. When I get on the American website it tells me I need to go through the travel booking agent.
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