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  1. We were on Aurora in June this year and were not able to dock in Cadiz due to weather conditions. We too were given a letter from P&O confirming that no compensation was paid. We claimed from our insurance policy, which was successful, and received £300 each.
  2. We've never had disembarkation tags. We just request our required time at the reception, which has been confirmed the day before arriving in Southampton. And we find our cases in the hall arranged in deck order.
  3. If my wife didn't have a handbag with her, where would I keep my glasses?
  4. We have always received out booklet via our travel agent
  5. I hope you asked the maitre de to find you an alternative table and tell him why you wished to move. That is what would have done.
  6. At the end of the day P & O clearly state what the required level of dress is for the MDRs and certain bars around their ships on any given day. People who are not prepared to adhere to this should not book a cruise with P & O. I am getting tired of people trying to change things to suit themselves. Please let those of us, that do like to dress appropriately and take pride in our appearance, enjoy our evenings in the environment and ambience that P & O try to maintain.
  7. I have my own dress code. If I can wear it on the golf course then it is not appropriate for the evening. Therefore polo shirts and shorts are definitely out.
  8. Unfortunately it us supply and demand, but if you book early you can get rooms at a low price. For Premier Inn, City Centre, we have paid only £35.50 for one night next June.
  9. To avoid the feeling of being "rushed" we ask for a small break between soup and main course or main course and dessert. We have always found the waiters to be very accommodating.
  10. I would also like to endorse your comment, this has been a very well written and informative blog. Like you Wowzz, my wife and I will be on Ventura in January 2021 and we are very much looking forward to our first time in the Caribbean. Fortunately we have Aurora to look forward to in June next year also.
  11. "My wife spotted standing lady again but only told me after we had left so I missed out." Have you thought that maybe the lady stands for a reason. I recently suffered sciatica in my left leg for 6 weeks leading up to my last cruise. It was extremely painful and I was not able to sit for longer than 10 minutes at a time.
  12. What "overhyped show" would that be?
  13. IMHO, regardless of the technology used I would still want to sign and request a receipt for all purchases.
  14. Jean's are not smart, dark or otherwise, with or without a blazer and therefore should not be allowed
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