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  1. Is it possible to sail without the medallion?
  2. Pirate, thank you found the info needed.
  3. Thrilled to be cruising this November but DH will need to rent a mobility scooter for the first time, I have no idea how to go about having one delivered to the ship. We were lucky enough to book a handicap stateroom so there should be room for storing when not using. If anyone has experienced renting a scooter please give me the name of the company and your experience. My fear is it will not show up and then what, so reliability is important. Thanks, Kathleen
  4. Hank I have the same routine and agree that an IV would be a problem for me. So happy I read your note since I too think a regular balcony is almost like having a 2 room cabin, it’s important for me to be able to sit outside with the balcony doors closed and not hear the TV while I read and have privacy while doing so.
  5. Yes, thanks I will check it out.
  6. I’m disappointed Princess doesn’t have Caribbean cruises listed on their website for Summer 2021. I’ve resorted to sailing Celebrity Equinox in August 2021. The other cruise lines all have Caribbean cruises for sale. What’s up with Princess?
  7. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2021/04/28/cdc-cruises-could-restart-july/4883450001/
  8. YES!! I would wear a full body condom if it would get me on a ship.
  9. Homage to my avatar Duffy, long gone but never forgotten.❤️
  10. Thank you all for the information. I now feel hopeful that we will be able to continue to sail with the help of Luggage Valet.👍 Cruise Raider thank you for your post, it helps to know your friends found it “invaluable”. I refuse to allow ageing to stop our Joy of cruising.
  11. I love the idea of not having to schlep luggage through airports but I’m ambivalent about the fact the luggage may not be in my stateroom when I arrive and $500 isn’t going to cut it. On the other hand if they pick up the luggage 2 weeks before the cruise I should have the ability to tract the luggage and know if it has arrived before we leave. Since we are up in years it is becoming more and more difficult to manage the luggage issue. The gangways are long and steep and the last time we cruised my DH (86) almost collapsed. We are avid cruisers and don’t want age to limit our cruising so I’m trying to be pro active and solve some of the physical challenges. LOL
  12. We will be sailing out of Rome and would like to have our luggage delivered directly to the ship from our home. Has anyone used such a service? Thanks
  13. The long awaited 3 day sale on an unnamed site is taking place September 24-26, 2020.
  14. Ellie, you are a delight I’m loving every word it’s the best blog I’ve read on CC. Sending positive energy to you and DH today.
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