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  1. Homage to my avatar Duffy, long gone but never forgotten.❤️
  2. Thank you all for the information. I now feel hopeful that we will be able to continue to sail with the help of Luggage Valet.👍 Cruise Raider thank you for your post, it helps to know your friends found it “invaluable”. I refuse to allow ageing to stop our Joy of cruising.
  3. I love the idea of not having to schlep luggage through airports but I’m ambivalent about the fact the luggage may not be in my stateroom when I arrive and $500 isn’t going to cut it. On the other hand if they pick up the luggage 2 weeks before the cruise I should have the ability to tract the luggage and know if it has arrived before we leave. Since we are up in years it is becoming more and more difficult to manage the luggage issue. The gangways are long and steep and the last time we cruised my DH (86) almost collapsed. We are avid cruisers and don’t want age to limit our cruising so I’m trying to be pro active and solve some of the physical challenges. LOL
  4. We will be sailing out of Rome and would like to have our luggage delivered directly to the ship from our home. Has anyone used such a service? Thanks
  5. The long awaited 3 day sale on an unnamed site is taking place September 24-26, 2020.
  6. Ellie, you are a delight I’m loving every word it’s the best blog I’ve read on CC. Sending positive energy to you and DH today.
  7. Ellie, you have lifted me out of the doldrums; each morning I eagerly look forward reading about your adventures and I especially enjoy your photos. I’m learning so much and appreciate your unique view on our beautiful Mother Earth and it’s inhabitants. AF1, who knew!! On a cruise you would be a prize table mate.
  8. I’m being transported out of my isolation and learning so much, thank you..
  9. Your review is so interesting, I enjoy your style of writing and especially the details and photos it almost feels as though we are experiencing the trip with you. Well done!!
  10. Having the ability to do our own laundry is a major plus on long cruises. We are longing to cruise again; now that we are up in years cruising is our go to vacation. DH had a major health issue on the Sky in December and we were pleased with the quality of care.
  11. Asked if my February 2021 cruise will sail......Yeah!!!!! It is decidedly so Share this prediction on Facebook! Tweet this prediction!
  12. After reading your review and seeing the outstanding photos I came away feeling uplifted and thank you for a peek into your family dynamics; love your positive attitude as well.
  13. Whew!! Happy to hear you and G are OK, with so much going on in the world we were worried. Stay safe.🙏
  14. Does the Grand have the new bedding? Thanks
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