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  1. If you mean the singles meetups that the ships organize, no. Turn out is low. If you mean the group travel companies which cater to singles, then yes. Most people on these trips who want to hook up usually do. However, be aware that not everyone on a singles cruise is there to hook up, and everyone respects that.
  2. I was on the Vista in Feb 2019. I managed to get on the skyride before it was shut down for maintenance half-way through the trip. It's nice. A bit gimmicky, but certainly unique. Long line-up though, and I would say not worth the wait. Contrary to some impressions I had before my trip, it does not hang out over the water. You are 100% over a ship deck the entire time.
  3. I don't mean to be a downer, and I'm happy for everyone who has had great vacations on a Vista class ship. I, however, did feel that the ships were ill-equipped for the number of people on-board. Sailed the VISTA in February 2019. only 2 small pools for general population (not including exclusive Havana area) no adult-only pools or hot tubs pool bars were always under-staffed with very long waits for drinks, regardless of time of day deck-chair reserving was rampant and there were no staff to enforce the rules, so getting a chair was always a problem buffet was the most underwhelming buffet I've ever seem. Lots of seating, not a lot of choice. Dining room was functional but did not feel as spectacular as other ships dining room was understaffed, so your food server was also taking drink orders. slowed things down a lot with many forgotten orders and generally poor service
  4. sorry, should have checked spelling: sparse adjective, spars·er, spars·est. thinly scattered or distributed:a sparse population.
  5. I found the whole set up awkward anyways. i was on the Vista in Feb 2019, and on one occasion went to the Havana pool area in the evening. The only way in to it (if you didn't have a Havana Suite) was through the Havana bar. Think about that. We're in bathing suit and towels and flip-flops trying to make our way through people latin-dancing to a live band. Very awkward. Not cool. It was just poor design. At least now it makes sense to keep it an exclusive area. Having said that, pool and hot-tube space is SPARS on these ships. As in, they are small and not enough of them. This is a giant ship, with over 4000 passengers, but only 2 small pools for the general population and NO Adult-only pool. They also close them somewhat early in the evening, which sucks because a late-night hot tub is one of my favorite things to do on a cruise. Always a fight for chairs. Always kids diving and splashing when I want to chill out. I wouldn't recommend these ships to anyone who didn't have kids with them.
  6. Single dad, 46, going to be on Navigator of the Seas Feb 10, 2020 with my 2 kids. Any single moms want to hang out?
  7. The Singles Travel agencies are great for meeting other singles. I've also heard that the hot tubs after midnight are good places to mingle as well, however some ships close the hot tubs after 10
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