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  1. Hi All......great to read about all the adventures...... Lois....our clocks here in the UK don’t go forward until the end of this month...hope you enjoyed the St Augustine shopping, it’s a lovely place..we used to visit the O’Steins restaurant there. JP....have been following along with your NY recommendations and passed a few on to my kids who are going over in two weeks...they are staying at the Lotte NY Palace.... Loving the bread making posts Jeffers....am off the stuff right now as I’m trying to shed some pounds! Have joined a local spa to assist with the toning up and quite enjoying it.....up to now! Happh Day 😊
  2. I did Dubai to the Seychelles in 2017 which called into Mumbai....l would personally stay post cruise in Mumbai ....such a fascinating city to explore. 😊
  3. Thankfully my TA is both efficient and on the ball...😊
  4. So pleased to know you and Myster are having fun.....will look forward to your Tahiti visit report....it’s one of my very favourite places....😊
  5. Hi To One and All..... So lovely to read about the fabulous adventures of those travelling.....have been trying to keep up! DW...loving the GinFest! For some reason the said liquor doesn’t agree with me these days so l stick to Vodka! 😉 Mysty...your big adventure is sounding very exciting......yours too JP and Chris.... Jeffers....so good to see the Big Mac is still on offer in Singapore!! Bill...your planned trip sounds amazing..... Lois...retirement is brilliant....hope you have lots of good trips on your bucket list! Nothing planned here until my next cruise in May.....have been trawling around the local garden centres buying up some festive stuff at half price.....most of which l will probably forget about by December 🎄 The seasonal snowdrops are starting to shoot up but the weather has been rather mild lately...snow is however forecast for next weekend which will most likely encourage the panic buyers into action! Happy Weekend 😊
  6. Seasonal Greetings 🎄 Haven’t had much time to post...it’s been an unusually busy pre Christmas! Just popped along to wish one and all a Very Happy Christmas and a Wonderful 2019. ( think TTS has been pulling his crackers early,😉) S 🤶😊
  7. Hi All.... M...l liked that funny! JP...your festive trimmings look lovely...hope they don’t work you too hard pre Christmas! Jeffers....I’m looking into doing a Christmas Market next year as my cruise schedule is being altered to accommodate one’s DD 40th Birthday celebrations in November.....Vienna is top of my list as I’ve never been there. Lois....hope your network is back up soon...enyoy the break in the meantime! Have more or less finished the house Xmas decorations so can now concentrate on the food goodies...daughter and l have been out today leisurely browsing and enjoying the local choirs and brass bands performing in the stores.....always brings a tear to my eyes to see them all..... I see today is the anniversary of John Lennons demise....so sad as he wrote some amazing songs along with Sir Paul.....it reminds me of my teenage years when the Mersey Beat in Liverpool brought out some amazing talent which l was lucky enough to be part of.....IMAGINE the thrill of those heady days...☺️ Happy Weekend 😊
  8. Greetings Coolers.... So much to catch up on but all looking good.....not sure if I’ll find any glitches or chromes 🧐 when posting but we shall see! Post vacation has found me very busy with the festive season looming....l had the most fabulous trip and all was excellent. I have this week to complete the trimming up and then have several parties to look forward to including Christmas Lunch on the Orient Express Northern Belle which I’ve done before and is rather a treat to behold.... Lovely as usual to see the foodie pics and follow along with all of you that have travelled and yet to do so...😊
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