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  1. Does anyone really believe that they are going to get the same quality originally promised with all of these FCC's covering upgrades and 2nd cruises? Many perks have already been eliminated from suites.
  2. I so agree. We had a cheeky corner suite in September and opted to get the refund instead of the 200% credit. I just don't know what this line will look like by next year if they are already eliminating so many of the perks that made it special. It's sad because I was so excited by all of the initial hype (from North Palm Beach).
  3. There are a few different speculations flying around. Some have been about the transfers, wi-fi, and the in room and Bimini included drinks. I saw in one email that details would be coming out in the next few weeks. My concern is that if we rebook for next year, then what other perks might be eliminated?
  4. I don't see them changing the no kids rule. However, they are already changing and/or eliminating perks that drew us to the line, and specifically the rock star suites, at the beginning. We don't want to rebook now with the possibility of more undesirable changes. Therefore, we made the decision to go ahead and cancel all together today. If things look up in a year or two, then we will be back.
  5. It said that more info is coming out in the next few weeks. What worries me is that by next year (when we would re-book for) that they could change/eliminate more perks. It is making us rethink taking this cruise, or at least booking again until we see how it does it the next year or two.
  6. Yes, an announcement went out stating that fares for Rock Star suites were going to be lowered and some perks were being eliminated. I'm disappointed as who knows what else will change now.
  7. flgrl67


    Wow! This is what we are worried about right now? I am happy that my wife and I can go out on cruise where we can hold hands (other than an Olivia cruise).
  8. Well, then hopefully we will get the great deal that everyone else has gotten with the 200% credit and $500. OBC.
  9. Hopefully they do this. Even though I am not one that the pool was deal breaker, it would be nice to have a bigger pool on board.
  10. I was looking forward to being on the September cruise and being almost 6 months in so that all of the kinks would be worked out. Now, I am closer to the beginning and worried that so much that I have seen so far may be changed and kinks won't be worked out.
  11. Yay! Maybe they can take the time off to enlarge the pool.😆
  12. Who is still planning on going on this cruise for September? 🤚
  13. I think that a prudent decision was made today given what is going on, but I am sure there will be disappointments. Who has had to reschedule and who is rescheduling by choice? My wife and I are still planning on going in September...fingers crossed.🤞🤞
  14. I think delaying past hurricane season is premature. China is already seeing a decline in new cases. It is definitely going to get worse here in the US before it gets better, but I think it's best to not panic. I am keeping my fingers crossed for our September cruise.
  15. The CDC and State Department have recommended "older" as in over 65...not starting at 50.
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