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  1. I've used FTTF about 3-4 times. In most cases we got on the ship right before or at 11am. Faster check in makes it work the extra money! We will be platinum for the 6 day Horizon cruise next month.
  2. I just looked into this deal. It's not showing anything avail. until Jan. 2021. I'll check back and hopefully late 2020 shows up.
  3. I'm usually getting on the ship at 11am, check in time didn't matter. They send you through the FTTF line and we rarely sit for more than 15 minutes. I try to be there around 1030 or so.
  4. Made another $500 payment for Horizon cruise next year! Still waiting for the AARP gift cards to show up again to finish paying it off.
  5. I just order it prior to cruising. The big 8 packs of water are a pretty good deal.
  6. Just off the Breeze this morning. I did see it listed on the Carnival app, don't remember what day or time though.
  7. Signed up today and ended up with 4,500 points.
  8. Leaving tomorrow, not going to Bermuda. Had a feeling the port would change.
  9. I heard about the power outages also, not looking good. I will take a future cruise credit and enjoy wherever the vacation takes me.
  10. Leaving on the Breeze this Saturday and hopefully make it to Bermuda!
  11. We will be doing the March 15th cruise, 6 day. It will be the same ports we had during our late May/June 2018 Vista cruise. $50 OBC isn't much to worry about missing out on. I always book on the Carnival website and never through a TA, etc. The time you waste on the phone is usually more valuable than the OBC anyway, time is money!
  12. We were walking on the Breeze at 11am with FTTF. It doesn't matter what your check in time is if you get FTTF. Only one more cruise until Platinum.
  13. Can't wait until March 2020, 6 day booked on the Horizon. Great review of the boat, etc. We will miss the Red Frog Pub, but I look forward to being on a newer ship. We were only able to book the Vista once before it changed port locations.
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