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  1. Mardi Gras 5/29/21 is my only booked cruise right now. The March Mardi Gras canceled and replaced with Horizon, also canceled. I canceled my drink package for May, losing hope at this point!
  2. I had my March 2021 Mardi Gras canceled and changed it to the same week on the Horizon. I was able to get my $600 OBC moved to the new cruise. This was the credit I received from another cancellation this year. I forget the original cruise, there's been about 3 of them rescheduled!
  3. Waiting for the cancel notice, March 14th on the Horizon.
  4. I just noticed the Drink Offer today. It looked to be about $130 PP more than the lower rates. Cruise needed to be booked for April-Dec 2021, if I remember correctly. Let's see what I can find with the lowest deposit possible.
  5. I just put a Spa Balcony on hold, Horizon March 14th. My Mardi Gras cruise for the same week was canceled and all paid off. I'll get everything switched over tomorrow. Can't wait to spend that $600 OBC, someday!
  6. This cruise got canceled about 2-3 days after I made the final payment. Still have end of May booked, Havana balcony. I was going to use the American Express offer(s) and save $200 on my final $1000 due for that cruise. No rush on that now!
  7. My final payment for March Mardi Gras cruise is mid December. I hope to hear something before I lock up more money! 3 or 4 canceled cruises this year, should've took the full refund(s) months ago.
  8. Havana interior booked for mid March 2021 on Mardi Gas.
  9. Offer added to both of my card yesterday. I owe about $1050 on my Mardi Gras Havana balcony for late May. I'll wait until the last minute to pay it off.
  10. I've got it booked for March and May. One inside Havana cabin and the other is Havana balcony. Both rooms are on Deck 8. I'll have $600 OBC for both sailings due to canceled cruises from this earlier this year.
  11. I'll be on this sailing also. 3 cruises canceled this year. I don't care where the cruise takes me, just let me take a vacation! Also booked on another Mardi Gras sailing for the end of May.
  12. I thought it was a statement credit or maybe you got a different offer.
  13. I'm def. booking Balcony rooms after all this mess. At least you can get fresh air if everything goes crazy again! My last few cruises have been Spa interior or Spa Balcony rooms.
  14. At the moment, Mardi Gras booked for March and May 2021.
  15. I do a mock booking/ temp hold on new booking, then call Carnival. Give them the new booking # and transfer everything to that booking. It will save you from putting another deposit down.
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