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  1. I've got it booked for March and May. One inside Havana cabin and the other is Havana balcony. Both rooms are on Deck 8. I'll have $600 OBC for both sailings due to canceled cruises from this earlier this year.
  2. I'll be on this sailing also. 3 cruises canceled this year. I don't care where the cruise takes me, just let me take a vacation! Also booked on another Mardi Gras sailing for the end of May.
  3. I thought it was a statement credit or maybe you got a different offer.
  4. I'm def. booking Balcony rooms after all this mess. At least you can get fresh air if everything goes crazy again! My last few cruises have been Spa interior or Spa Balcony rooms.
  5. At the moment, Mardi Gras booked for March and May 2021.
  6. I do a mock booking/ temp hold on new booking, then call Carnival. Give them the new booking # and transfer everything to that booking. It will save you from putting another deposit down.
  7. Waiting for Sept. 4th, 3 day on the Liberty. So far I've only paid the $100 deposit. I've had 3 cruises canceled this year already! Not getting my hopes up for this one.
  8. Spa rooms seem to have alot less noise, well worth it.
  9. Mardi Gras booked for March 2021, Havana interior. Hoping to book something for Thanksgiving this year.
  10. I've got a Havana interior booked on Mardi Gras for Spring Break next year! Spa balconies are great, never tried Havana mainly due to price. Can't wait!
  11. It happened to me on my first canceled cruise. Rebooked and was told to pay $250 deposit. I think it was just whoever took the call trying to get the extra cash upfront. Had another cruise canceled and called again with my Held Cruise info. Everything was applied to new cruise and nothing extra out of pocket.
  12. I got my $140 gift card today also. This was from a price drop for May Horizon cruise, prior to it being canceled.
  13. I put a 2 day hold on July 19th Horizon cruise. It's a Havana Premium Vista (?) balcony 8470 . I'll never pay "normal" prices for this room, so might give it a shot while it's a lot cheaper.
  14. I'm thinking about rebooking for late July. The May Horizon cruise was canceled and Havana balconies are very cheap now. On the other hand, I'm still waiting on my drink package refund from a canceled March cruise. It seems pointless to give them more money and I'm still waiting for refunds!
  15. We were on the Vista cruise! I remember looking out the hotel window, awful weather and watching the ship roll in late. It was a great cruise!
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