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  1. When i rang recently to book the Bellissima at the end of the call the booking was read back to me and stated 8 day 7 nights. Which would indicate to me it's 8 days 7 nights. Even states it on my invoice.
  2. 8 days 7 nights my cruise Docs stated.
  3. Plenty of screens around to book on. Can book on MSC for me App or via Cabin TV. Book the shows on your first day and if need to change times or csncel can easily do during the week. The Skywalker show (Michael Jackson) was fully reserved for all 3 Friday night shows by thursday morning. Was very very good.
  4. We sailed in December arrived at 11 and onboard by 11:30. Was not busy at that time either. Our Docs also said a later time, I think 16:15. Never went by boarding time on Docs with any cruise line. It's my first day, i am arriving early to begin my cruise.
  5. The Asian trio experience was very good at $69. Tepanyki and Sushi were great, Adian Fusion was OK but still overall worth it. Also Found OceanCay to be very good, we went on the first night. We stayed in Aurea so had a free Massage which we booked as soon as we boarded the ship. We had the Deluxe package and only things not included were Premium Liquor Chockolate Cocktails at Venchii, (all other chocolate Cocktails and Gelato, Milkshakes were included there, some were fantastic) while also at the Champagne bar only 1 drink ,which was prosecco was included.
  6. When we disembaked we were asked if going to the airport, we weren't so were sent to a taxi rank to the left. If you are going airport there was buses and taxis also waiting to the right.
  7. I second that, All three were great , $69 on new year sailing.
  8. You'll only register at 1 of the onboard Kiosks. Not on check in. There'll be no cash advances, only temporary holds put on the card which you won't even notice and they'll dissapear once final payment is taken at end of cruise (mine was 4 days later). I witnessed 1 couple who did not know their Pin and were still able to register their card with assistance by one of the staff working at reception no problem.
  9. We only Found out the times of ours on the second day when the tickets were delivered to our canin.
  10. We arrived at 11 and were onboard by 11:30. Our check in on Docs was same time as yours.
  11. Sailed on the Seaside 2 weeks ago, Already had the Deluxe Package, Classic package could only be upgraded to new Premium packages.
  12. We had Starboard, only time it had an affect was Ocho Rios, we had a great view , Nassau you can have ships docked either side and Grand Cayman was a tender port.
  13. Good to know, sailing Bellissima in Dubai next New year, on seaside last week had hoped they'd have City v Liverpool but had La Liga live instead.
  14. If you've upgraded to deluxe then yes the mini bar is included. 4 types of beer, Vodka, Gin and whisky with sodas and snacks plus water. You can ask your room attendant to fill it as you'd like, if you get a good 1 that is. Our's was terrible even forgetting to fill it a couple of days.
  15. Overall it was great, they do seem pretty short staffed though. Sports bar and Casino bar quite fast, mirimar bar was slow (not sure if they switch staff around every cruise though). Did Asian Restaurant and Ocean Cay, both great. MDR was terrible one night but all good the rest. Our cabin steward was worst i've had forgetting simple things like towels and toilet paper 😂. Wasn't a fan of refilling the mini bar either but hey wasn't stopping us from having a great time. Shows: Peter Punk was a bit mad. Skywalker on the last night was great, book that early as all 3 shows booked out by thursday. Even if you sit by Venchi for the week you'llhave a great cruise.
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