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  1. Just an idea but could you take your normal 2 bottles on the first cruise, buy 2 more while on your cruise and then use those as your 2 allowed bottles for the Elation?
  2. I did that and didn't find what I was looking for. That is why I came to the message boards where people ask questions to others who may know.
  3. I am thinking the Sun in 2 weeks.
  4. I am getting ready to book a cruise, kind of last minute. Will someone be so kind and explain the "Free open bar" Norwegian promotes on their website. Can you tell me what's included, what is excluded, are there hidden costs? I have only cruised Carnival before and usually do purchase the Cheers program. Can you compare there two? Thank you all so much and happy sailing.
  5. atj1971

    Mahogany Bay

    Is the beach accessible without an excursion?
  6. Well, it is actually a 5 person cabin but I am sure they would not have added the 4th person in a 3 person cabin had that been the issue. I am just baffled. I guess if worse comes to worse we will have it taken care of when we arrive. ugh
  7. It just says : "How did end up here?" with a picture of the Red Frog Pub stating the technical depart has been notified and will work on the issue. This is day 6 of trying.
  8. Already did that. The Carnival Rep also tried it multiple times.
  9. I am a week out from cruising!!! Yay!!!! We completed our online check in months ago. We added a 4th person last minute. When I try to do their check in process, I get an error page. I called Carnival 2 times now and they are not able to add the information. I have seen where the online check in should be done the day before you cruise. Both times I called they said they have sent an email to the technical department and to try again in 48-72 hours. That both also said if I can't do it, I can do the check in once we get to the port. Has anyone ever had the same problem? I can't be the only one. I am going to TRY not to worry about it but I like to have everything prepared for a quick check in and board process. Thank you in advance for any answers or advice.
  10. I sailed last May (2017) and LOVED her. I am sailing again the first week of May this year. If there is anything specific you want pictures of let me know and I will try to get them when we board. Looking forward to the dry dock upgrades! Half Moon Cay is like heaven on earth. If you enjoy a beach day, this is an island you do NOT want to miss.
  11. I was wondering if anyone who has recently cruised can give me the current beer prices at Grand Turk's Margaritaville.
  12. Kayaks are included as is snorkel gear. Again, the kayak area is very small. You have to stay within the ropes in area. Google images and you will see the roped area. Good for kids but adults would enjoy more. Last May we paid 70 per adult and each got a 40 dollar voucher. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Looking forward to our 7 day cruise out of Jacksonville in May!! I was wondering if those of you who play the trivia games, could tell me what kind of trivia they offer. What are some of your favorite categories you have participated in? i.e. 80's music etc etc We aren't worried about actually winning, we just want to play and have fun with it. Thank you in advance for your answers. :cool:
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