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  1. Just got off the BA this past Sunday. They performed Saturday night at 9, since we had reservations at Moderno that night we requested a table overlooking the Manhattan room dance floor and were able to watch the performance. We couldn't hear the music so it wasn't quite the same as being there, but it was still fun. We noticed a section of chairs set up near the stage for people to watch the performance, we wondered who you had to know to get those! ~Stephanie
  2. We couldn't get the times we wanted a month before our cruise either...I was told they only reserve 30% online ahead of time. There were tables set up on the first day near La Bistro to make reservations at all the restaurants, took me less than 5 minutes to make all my changes! But don't wait, esp. if you want a certain time on Friday or Saturday...they book up quickly! You can book on iConcierge also, but you can't make changes through the app.
  3. Hi! We were on this same cruise....our first...we definitely enjoyed the extra night in Bermuda, but at the same time felt bad for the passengers waiting to board for the next sailing. The weather was very warm the whole trip...we were in shorts everyday, even the day of the storm...it was actually quite muggy that day! We did feel the whole disembarkation was very chaotic...while most people were waiting on the stairs others were getting off the elevators and getting in line of everyone else.....we spent well over an hour getting from deck 3 to deck 1, not fun at all! But that was our only complaint for the whole week.....the service, food, drinks, and cleanliness were all exceptional!!! Can't wait to go again....... And a special HELLO to everyone we met....:D ~Stephanie & Andy
  4. sharp43

    Prepaid tipping question

    Thank you for your quick replies!! One less thing for me to worry about....now if I could only finish packing!!! ~Stephanie
  5. First time cruiser here....leaving 10/30 on the VOS...do I need to contact my TA to prepay our tips or can I just add it to our SeaPass account while onboard? If I have to stand in line somewhere to have it added, I'd rather do it ahead of time....or is it too late now to prepay?:confused: Thanks for all your help - I don't know what I'd do without these boards!! ~Stephanie
  6. Tom~ It is too bad that the Borgata isn't on the Boardwalk...but then again, it wouldn't be quite the same place if it was... So did it cost you a grand at the tables?:rolleyes: ~Stephanie
  7. [size=3][/size][size=3]A cruise to Bermuda...and then a night in Atlantic City!! Sounds like a PERFECT vacation to me...where are you staying in AC? My favorite is the Borgata. Someday, when we're retired and have more time, that's what I'd like to do....cruise from Bayonne, or maybe Philadelphia, and then spend a few nights in AC before heading back north.[/size] [size=3]Thanks for all the great pics!:) [/size] [size=3][/size] [size=3]~Stephanie[/size]
  8. sharp43

    What's your cruise count?

    46 and no cruises yet :mad: ...but that will change at the end of the month! :D
  9. sharp43

    What's your cruise count?

    46 and no cruises yet :mad: ...but that will change at the end of the month! :D
  10. Radio, I'm looking forward to reading all your updates from the Voyager to Bermuda....DH and I are taking our first cruise on the Oct. 30th sailing....it'll be great to hear all about your experiences in anticipation of our trip! Thank you very much for spending the time to do this! Have a wonderful time!! :)
  11. sharp43

    It's not a BOAT......

    TheWog I would love to join......even though I "get it"....my hubby keeps telling me I'm losing it!!:rolleyes:
  12. sharp43

    It's not a BOAT......

    [color=darkorchid]I'm having way too much fun reading this thread!!!:p [/color] [color=darkorchid][/color] [color=darkorchid]Did someone mention "mustard"? (I'm pretty sure I get it):D [/color] [color=#9932cc][/color] [color=#9932cc]How about "would of" instead of "would have"[/color] [color=#9932cc][/color] [color=#9932cc]~Stephanie[/color] [color=#9932cc]first time cruiser....ship, boat, whatever...just get me ON IT!![/color]
  13. sharp43

    FYI... Passport processing time

    :) [size=3][color=darkorchid][b]We applied on Sept. 2.....So maybe our passports are waiting in the mailbox for me right now?? Or maybe we'll get them tomorrow. This is SO exciting![/b][/color][/size] :D
  14. Hubby and I are going on our first cruise...to Bermuda...out of Cape Liberty in Bayonne, NJ!!!! I've been trying to talk him into it for years and he finally agreed, as long as he didn't have to fly anywhere. We live in upstate NY so we'll just drive down to NJ. Sure hope we can make this an annual vacation!!:D Stephanie
  15. This is so exciting...I just booked my first cruise....Bermuda, Oct. 30..out of Cape Liberty,of course!! Considered the Oct. 2 date but decided the later one worked out better for us. Can't wait to hear all about the Oct. 2 cruise and see all the pictures. This is perfect timing - first I'll go on the cyber-cruise and then on the real one!!:D ~stephanie