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  1. I always take a picture of the points on the machine with my wife's sea pass in the shot to prove which cruise it is from.
  2. you have very limited options- 1 white board/notes on door or in cabin 2 Voom And Phones(this is really the best option and what we use) 3. Walkie talkies
  3. Except they will not refill your yeti/hydroflask bottle while the machine will
  4. Gotta love the internet. all the information in the world and you don't know how much of it is true half the time.
  5. the machines will not show your previous points- you will start at 0 on the machines for the cruise. those points are still there, hey just wont show on the display
  6. are you 65+? Under 2? compromised immune system? if you answered all as a no then you have VERY Little to worry about, 30,000 people a YEAR die in the US from the Flu-
  7. Worth a shot- Otherwise you could just bury them in a stack at color up.
  8. funny the 6 ,10 and 11 year old's we traveled with loved making up drinks at the bionic bar, If I remember right once they scanned their card it removed the alcohol options.
  9. 1. yes, more expensive 2. $12-$13 for mixed 8 for beer 3. pretty much 4 yes 5 unlikely
  10. all that will tell you is what its selling for that particular day- by the time you actually book the cruise and log into cruise planner it will likely be different.
  11. why on earth would they offer KSF for dates that they have no problems filling berths with kids? it would make 0 business sense to offer KSF during school breaks- lets say you own a bar that is packed to the gills Friday and Saturday but very slow on Sunday and Monday. what nights would you offer discounted drinks?
  12. no cup needed for water on navigator. I would assume other ships as well
  13. well of course the other option is that an area that had (or is about to get) beach beds is under construction and will not be available for the day you are there. would you rather have it canceled or lay next to(or inside of) a construction site all day?
  14. until you see the other posts of how the TA screwed it up in the first pace is now on vacation. no thanks, its bad enough having to deal with the incompetency of RCCl, I will not add another layer of it on top.
  15. We got strong magnetic hooks from amazon and hang our shoe organizer from them somewhere more convenient then one of the doors. never heard of the fireproof claim and have never had a problem. For USB we use a 6 port 60W "brick" keep in mind most of theses chargers are dual voltage so with the right cord or adaptor you can plug them into the Euro outlet and keep the US outlets free for other stuff. just make sure if using an adaptor to not plug a 110v only device into the euro outlet or you will let the magic smoke out.
  16. I fill my yeti form the freestyle machines all the time. it just take a little preplanning and well placed stomp on the provided cup
  17. not enough, Galeveston, is still a PITA to sail out of.
  18. every Oasis class ship I have been on has had $10 min on craps the smaller ships have tended to be $5
  19. yes. although the points from the last cruise will not show up on the machines display on the next cruise. you can ask casino host for your total for the year and work from there. don't forget that those points also have a small cash value that can be used for free play, I believe its $20.00 per 1000 points. once "cashed" in the points will no longer show on the machine but will still be on your account for tier status. I always use them once I a ready to head up on the last night.
  20. mathematically I figure it takes ~2300 to earn prime assuming a 20% house advantage on slots. this doesn't include good or bad luck, just what it would take losing 20% of every dollar you bet and re-betting the .80 you got back. my experience seem to indicate that slots on RCCL are closer to 10% house advantage as I have earned prime now twice for considerably less then theory suggests but then again my friends didn't earn nearly the points they should have(mathematically) for the dollars spent on the last cruise. so if she cruises 50 days a year she
  21. none of this statement is true in my experience. the yearly tier certificate can be used for any sailing of 8 nights or less so long as its not over a holiday. last years tier certificate saved me over $2200 dollars on a 8 night cruise that was booked well over a year in advance, and was booked before the certificate was issued. In fact I got ~$400 dollars refunded from my deposit as the total fare per person was roughly half of the $250 PP deposit. then there are also the monthly offers that I receive, and while those are generally a little closer to s
  22. Under 18 Seapass cards have a "M" on them- so realistically this would make it easier to ID for admittance as 16 year olds would have the "M"
  23. this is not true in my experience, it has cost me far more per point on craps then on the slots. craps has the lowest expected house advantage of anything in the casino and therefore the lowest comps., in fact none of your odds bets counts towards comps at all since there is 0 house advantage on the bet. i played craps for several hours one night and ended up getting something like 25 points, I ended the session down $300. that same $300 even if I lost on every single spin would have earned a minimum of 60 in a slot machine
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