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  1. red/black and odd/even have a house edge over 5% on the ships roulette tables as they use double zero wheels. even 6/5 blackjack has less then half the house advantage of roulette. . and actually the don't pass line with odds has a slightly lower house advantage then the pass line, I just don't enjoy playing the dark side.
  2. maybe, however I have saved way more in cruise fares then I have spent in the casino, my next cruise alone dropped $2200 dollars after I applied my tier certificate, I actually got half of my deposit refunded as the deposit was twice the final price of the cruise.
  3. mathematically, assuming a 80% payback on slots it would cost ~$2300 cash in to reach prime if you replay any winnings. that of course is if the math "works" for you. you can get lucky and win a major for $2500 on pull one and prime wont cost you a cent out of pocket,. on the other hand, I have friends that had horrible luck on the machines and didn't get near the points we had expected for their cash in amount, I suspect the payback percentage is closer to 90% as, both times I have made prime it has cost me considerably less then the math suggested it would
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