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  1. We would also be interested in another river cruise in the states, however we’ve heard that so much of The Mississippi River is not very scenic, too industrial. What we loved about the snake/Columbia rivers were how isolated much of it was and we could cruise for days without seeing other ships. I’ve looked into a river cruise in the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands, but reviews of the company that does that trip haven’t been great.
  2. The itinerary of the bus stops must have changed since we were on the cruise, as we didn’t have shopping stops..... which was fine with me as I’m not much of a shopper. There were street fairs at a couple of the towns, which were places to buy souvenirs.
  3. My husband and I and sometimes one other early riser were usually the only ones to see the sun rises, which were always beautiful. We always take our large insulated mugs with us, and the waiters were always ready for us 🙂
  4. Bon voyage..... let us know how it goes☺️
  5. My husband and I enjoyed this cruise so much last September, that my cousin and her husband and another couple signed on for this year. They just got back and said it surpassed everyone’s expectations. I hope you have the same experience
  6. We chose not to do this, but others who did, enjoyed it. My memory is that there is a bathroom on board. I don’t think you can plan on smooth ride and could be rocky. I think the reason we didn’t was because of the time involved.
  7. We found Spokane very walkable. It’s a short walk from the Davenport to the falls, and there are small cable cars that give you a birds eye view. There’s also a lovely park with a refurbished, antique carousel that many adults choose to ride.
  8. You’re welcome Jim. I enjoyed revisiting my trip and I hope you have a wonderful cruise and wonderful weather. We’ve been thinking of doing the Viking Doro river cruise, but the European river cruises seem to be having quite a few problems and Europe has gotten so terribly crowded with tourists. I was very happy when I heard Venice would no longer allow cruise ships, but felt badly for those cruisers who have scheduled a trip to include Venice. I hope you post details of your trip when you return home, I will look forward to hearing if you enjoyed it.
  9. We used Uber to get into Portland after the cruise. Cheaper than a cab and no money exchanged.
  10. Yes, I called The Davenport the week before we left and made a reservation for the shuttle. They’ll want to know when you will arrive. They’ll probably be other travelers as well. The Davenport is one of 3 or 4 hotels owned by the same company, so we actually ended up getting on the wrong shuttle, 😂 . The driver was very accommodating and we got a tour of the other sister hotels, all very beautiful.
  11. Our weather last September was spectacular. We’re early risers, having coffee on the outside patio by 6:30, and we would have to wear long sleeve shirts, my husband a lite jacket or sweatshirt. But after breakfast it always warmed up. In the evenings we were always on the top outside deck again, to watch as we sailed, going thru locks or to watch the stars, you can actually see the Milky Way, we were in jackets or sweaters. We had no rain the entire trip, Just beautiful blue skies. My husband took a pair of chinos and a couple lite sweaters for dinners, and I wore silky black pants with different blouses . No ties, jackets, a few women wore dresses, but that’s not me. There were a few men who wore tee shirts with logos😾 and one who always wore a backward ball cap😼😒. uuup
  12. I just saw this posting...I did the same cruise last Sept. and agree with Diamond Diva about everything. When you get to Astoria, the boat docks next to a Maritime museum. There is an admission, but it’s worth every penny. I went because my husband wanted to, but I enjoyed it also, we spent hours there. I always take a small white noise generator when we travel, and we had no problem with noise from other rooms. You can also download an app for that (of course😉) Someone asked how this compares to Europe river cruises. We have done 2 Viking river cruises in France and we were worried we would be disappointed with this cruise, but it was just as good, even my foodie husband agreed. I liked the HOHO concept of touring better in that you could make your own schedule. Some of the small towns were not as spectacular as the European towns.... no ancient cathedrals and castles, but the rivers and towns weren’t over run with other boats and lines of tourists , so there’s the trade off.
  13. My husband and I are early risers. Our room was perfectly situated a few doors down from the River Grill where we chose to eat breakfast and lunch because the weather was spectacular and we could eat outside. In the morning we got their fresh brewed coffee by 6 AM, nice and strong , and we watched the sunrise with a few other regular early birds. We never went to an evening show, choosing instead the spectacular star show on the top deck..... the first time I’ve seen The Milky Way in 50 years. I envy you your trip. We have done 2 Viking river cruises and were worried we’d be disappointed , but we thoroughly enjoyed the trip
  14. I was on a September 2018 cruise and I think we received all the paperwork at the check in at the Davenport before the cruise. I think I did have a copy of our booking confirmation, but they’ll have your names there. One piece of advice. We requested the 5:30 dinner seating. It was a little early for us, we eat around 7:00, but it worked out fine and gave us a chance to take a glass of wine to the upstairs terrace to watch the sunset. You should make your request before you go.
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