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  1. If you are interested in seeing Mayan ruins, a colonial city (Merida), or doing flea market shopping, then the answer is yes. If you are wanting the clear blue/green water of the Caribbean the answer is no. The beach is nice and sandy, but the water is nothing like you will see in Cozumel.
  2. If people in your group are willing to drive, there is a Hertz rental counter at the cruise port. You could split into two cars and do Maho Beach as well as exploring the island. At the beginning of March, I rented a car, and with 4 of us it was less than $20 per person for the rental and gas. I downloaded offline maps from Google maps to my phone and used it as a GPS while on the island (I didn't have cell coverage, but it still worked with the offline maps).
  3. If you liked the Breeze, I would probably select that itinerary. I would want 4 ports instead of 3. My suggestions: St. Maarten-Rent a car from Hertz. If you are a AAA member and rent through AAA.com, they usually have decent prices. Download offline Google maps to your phone and use it as a GPS. I would recommend beach hopping and exploring the island. You probably won't want to miss Maho beach where the planes take off and land near the beach. St. Kitts-Shipwreck Beach (South Friar's Beach) is a pretty cool, laid-back place. You could just catch a cab there. If you want a little bit of sightseeing as well as a little beach time, I would recommend this tour https://www.thenfordgreytours.com/the-grand-tour-of-st-kitts. San Juan-Depending on your port times, if you want an adventure, I would visit Toro Verde (http://toroverdepr.com/). They have one of the fastest, longest ziplines in the world. It's a little over an hour outside of San Juan, so if you have a very short port day, it might not be feasible. Grand Turk-I would probably just get off the ship and use the beach facilities nearby. Several people recommend Jack's Shack for eating/drinking, but I've never been there. Hope this helps!
  4. FYI, Autoprogreso is the company that provides the complimentary shuttle transport from the pier into town. If you don't want to commit to anything ahead of time, you may be able to book with them directly at the pier.
  5. I personally would skip the bio-luminescent tour. With only 12 hours in port, I would spend my time doing something else. Do you plan on touring both forts? Have you thought about renting a car and driving to see the rainforest at El Yunque? If you are very adventurous the Toro Verde adventure park has some of the longest and fastest zip lines in the world.
  6. I think Shore Excursioneer uses Autoprogreso (https://www.autoprogreso.com/en/) for their tour provider for some of their tours from Progreso. We booked a tour to Chichen Itza through Shore Excursioneer and had no issues at all (tour provided by Autoprogreso. I have booked directly through Autoprogreso for the Dzibilchaltun/Merida combo tour and my father and I enjoyed the tour very much. I believe Shore Excursioneer is basically a middle man between the tour providers and the customer. Is it possible that some of the unfavorable comments we directed at an individual tour as opposed to the booking company?
  7. I don't know if they still carry gift card in the Cherry on Top candy store, but one time I had more OBC than I needed. They allowed me to buy a Carnival gift card and charge it to my shipboard account. I knew exactly how much OBC credit I had left and bought a gift card for that amount, then used the giftcard on my next cruise.
  8. Get a rental car (Hertz has a pick-up at the cruise terminal area). Download Google Maps for offline use to your phone and use it as a GPS to navigate around both sides of the island. With our AAA discount, it was less than $80 for rental and gas for the day. I would suggest going to Orient Beach in the morning, Marigot area for lunch, and then spend part of the afternoon at Maho Beach watching the planes coming in/out (the larger planes tend to arrive in the afternoon). I would leave yourself a couple of hours to get back to the cruise terminal in case you run into unexpected traffic.
  9. Look at the Tropicante. They will let you pre-reserve a chair for no cost. They would appreciate it if you would order some food or drinks, but they were fairly reasonably priced. Here is a link to their menu: http://www.sandalsandskis.com/menu.html
  10. Year before last, we flew into LAX, rented from Enterprise, and then returned the car to the downtown Long Beach location. One of their employees hopped in the car, drove us to the terminal, and dropped us off.
  11. I know you are still in the planning process, but both times I have used Rony's the driver stayed near a meeting point along the beach and just had us come get him when we were ready to go (your group would be their client for the whole day so they are willing to wait as long as you want). I think the last time I went we stayed at the beach at West Bay for about 2 hours before heading to grab lunch in the West End.
  12. Is this the tour you found? http://www.autoprogreso.com/en/tours.php?id=8 Autoprogreso also provides the shuttle buses that take you to/from the pier into town. If they don't offer to drop you back in town after your tour of Dzibilchaltun, you could always get on the next bus going from the pier to the town and then spend a little time in town/at the beach.
  13. I did this the last time I cruised to Cozumel: https://www.shoreexcursioneer.com/cozumel/chankanaab-marine-park-dive-statues-reef-cave.html. I pre-booked ahead of time, got my own taxi to Chankanaab, and paid the rest of the balance at a storefront near the front gate of Chankanaab. I believe that the dive shop used was MJ's, and they probably have an option to book upon arrival. I'm pretty sure the Shore excursioneer package is probably a better deal since it includes the Chankanaab admission in the price.
  14. I use wall stickers from the Dollar Tree. They are easy to pack and easy to remove without leaving residue behind on the door. Heck, I even save the wax paper backing and reapply the sticker to it to use again.
  15. Another option that would possibly work well for you is to book a private driver through Rony's tours. It is only $80 for a private driver/guide. They would be able to take you wherever you wanted to go including West End or West Bay, and give you a scenic tour on the way. The only drawback would be if you were docking at Mahogany Bay, as the meeting point is a bit of a walk. They also stopped at a local grocery store so we could buy some Honduran coffee at a good price. It's nice to be in control of your own excursion for the day.
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