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  1. Hallo, just popping in to say hallo to old friend, Still playing cards.?Hope you and Bloodymary are still enjoying life. We are staying nearer to home The Med love from old name (Bloody Mary) know Bigjennifer
  2. What happened to the people that had to board in Greenock last Wed. We are boarding on the 1Sept in Greenock, I would not have booked if I thought,ship would not come in .
  3. Kernes, just looked at my post and realised you might not know it was Jennifer @Dougie from Carluke. Enjoy the rest of your cruise💕💕💕
  4. Hi you two, we had a picnic ready to come down to Greenock to see the ship. As were only 45 minutes away.Glad you are both well,and still cruising.Booked for 1Sept, but might change,don’t like the uncertainty.Dougie and I are both well and still cruise as much COVID , has put a stop to that. Lv to you both Jennifer💕💕💕💕
  5. Thanks for the news. Celebrity are paying. Big question how do you get test done if you are leaving 2 days earlier.Traveling down from Scotland
  6. Can you help booked 9275 at back of ship. Near lifts, have bean told Lifts are just for staff, My husband uses a stick, if lifts are not for us then it’s a long walk.
  7. If you book a future cruise while on a cruise is there a discount???
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