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  1. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences on the Pride! What, if anything, were the entertainment options on board, in the evenings? This (Spanish Serenade, April 10, 2020) will be our first Windstar cruise. I'm aware that WS has nothing like the big productions on the mainstream larger ships. Just curious what is offered? How about trivia? Thanks! Bill
  2. Thanks Spanky for sharing your experience on Star Pride! We are doing the April 10, 2020 cruise, from Lisbon to Barcelona, on the Pride. First time on Windstar I've already started a Roll Call for this sailing. If anyone else is on this cruise, please drop in, there are some good tour-sharing opportunities. Here's my questions: Glad you found the food to be excellent. Were there any particular items that you thought were extraordinary? Across the whole spectrum - starters, entrees, desserts, etc..... Any that you found disappointing? Specif
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