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  1. ElvisandTracey

    Witch airport

    For my Galveston cruise last March I used Hobby airport, about 40 minute drive to port if there's no traffic. I didn't see any witches there though, except myself of course....:D
  2. ElvisandTracey

    Hotels in PV, Mazatlan or Cabo that have waterslides.

    Yeah, I'm a troll with 1300 posts.... Limited intellect is a scary thing. Learn how to respond to a simple question instead of morphing the simple question into your own little negativity funfest list of what others can't do...perhaps a few of you don't know how to get what you want.... I'll be having fun at the hotels in Cabo with my day pass on the waterslides (a list of which I already got from a TA friend), you can stay home and cry about all the places in life you can't seem to get into.
  3. ElvisandTracey

    So tell me about Carnival?

    Like the OP, I too am a RCCL person who is taking Carnival next time due to the prices. It's clearly an LA issue, because I compared taking Mariner to taking Carnival Splendor in April, and I am getting 2 suites (cat. 11) on Splendor for the prices of E1's (regular balcony cabins, way smaller) on Mariner. And Splendor is band new, while Mariner has some miles on her. I really think that once RCCL notices a pattern of their people switching to Carnival in the LA market due to pricing, they will be forced to reconsider the prices on Mariner, otherwise she may not sell. And with people trying to sail from home ports more and more due to airfare prices, the LA market is getting more and more important to those in the north and the west. I only hope than when RCCL people are cancelling bookings and switching to Carnival, they tell the CSR why. They need to know that Carnival is pricing them out of the market, that's the only way that the prices may get changed...so when they ask why you switched, don't be shy, tell them...I did.
  4. ElvisandTracey

    Hotels in PV, Mazatlan or Cabo that have waterslides.

    [quote name='househunter']We are just trying to make sure that the info given on these boards is correct- sorry if that offends you. Other people may find it useful that Marina Fiesta and Villa del Palmar may provide the passes. The other 3 resorts you listed are not in Cabo san Lucas. Also everyone on these boards is allowed to express their opinion. You telling people to stay quiet probably won't so much good!:mad:[/quote] Obviously....
  5. ElvisandTracey

    Hotels in PV, Mazatlan or Cabo that have waterslides.

    [quote name='SDPadreFan']OK, so you mentioned one resort company in Cabo that does day passes. The ME on Medano Beach which is the one that Househunter mentioned, and the Melia Cabo Real out on the corridor. Both fly under the Melia banner. The Melia Cabo Real is a good $20-30 cab ride from the ship, so we're talking at least $40 just to get there and back. Do you have any others that are on Medano Beach or Solmar Beach that offer day passes. Let's see; Sol Mar Hotel, Terrasol, Playa Grande, Finisterra (all on Solmar Beach). None that I'm aware of. Cabo Villas, Casa Dorada, The ME, Pueblo Bonito Blanco, Pueblo Bonito Rose, Club Cascadas, Villa Del Arco, Villa La Estancia, Villa Del Palmar, RIU Santa Fe, RIU Palace Hotel. Those are all the beach resorts on Medano Beach. Of those, only the previously mentioned ME sells a day pass that I am aware of. Perhaps some of the smaller hotels in the downtown area offer a day pass but this is not what a typical cruiser is looking for. Pretty much they are looking for sun/sand/ocean/pool (preferably with a swim up bar). Perhaps some of the beach resorts out on the corridor offer a day pass but you still have to add in the minimum $20-40 cab fare EACH way to get to those resorts, PLUS the cost of the day pass. As a seperate note (for Puerto Vallarta), I will add that Ranch de Bandaras out in Riviera Nayarit (past Bucerias on the way to Punta de Mita) has a 3 level pool with 2 waterslides connecting the pools. The colectivo's probably run out that way. It is however a timeshare resort so there is no guarantee they would allow day passes. When we were guests there 3 years ago (on an RCI exchange), we were not even allowed to bring our own soda's/water to the pool area. They even had seperate colored wrist bands for the owners vs. the guests.[/quote] Nope-Villa del Palmar does day passes, I have done so there twice. Also, Marina Fiesta, all the Worldmarks, the Regina, and the San Filipe. [B]This isn't aimed at anyone individual, but it's so amazing that some people can't grasp the question-I am not asking you for a list of hotels that allow day passes, I am asking for hotels with WATERSLIDES. Amazing. Some people on these boards are obsessed with telling others what they can't do...just focus on the question or stay quiet, ok.[/B]
  6. ElvisandTracey

    Hotels in PV, Mazatlan or Cabo that have waterslides.

    :D Well, to begin with off the top of my head, all the Melia resorts do day passes, there are 2 or 3 around cabo, and one that I know of in PV. You can also get the all inclusive day passes which include all food and drinks, a great deal. The same is available at El Cid in Mazatlan, which I did last year. This is all fine and good, but the point of my post was to get names of hotels with waterslides, not for me to provide others with a list of day pass hotels that I already know of. [B]SO let me start again, please don't concern yourselves with the availibilty or unavailability of day passes, I can get into anywhere if I want to badly enough. My question is, if you know of ANY hotels in PV, Maz. or Cabo that have waterslides, please list them here[/B].:D Thanks.
  7. ElvisandTracey

    Are we the only ones that skip the shows?

    I've been on 11 or 12 cruises and have seen all of ONE show, on Rhapsody in 2003. But then again, I own a timeshare in Vegas, and go every year for two weeks, and I never go to shows there either...not my cup of tea. Don't worry about it, there are so many other things to do on ships, the only time I see the showroom is when I am playing Bingo!!:D
  8. ElvisandTracey

    Hotels in PV, Mazatlan or Cabo that have waterslides.

    Actually there are tons of hotels in Cabo that do day passes, I own a time share there and go all the time-I am looking specifically for hotels with waterslides. Pretty much, unless its very exclusive for celebrities, or sold out, almost any hotel will get you a day pass if they have room at the inn that day. Thanks.
  9. Hi all. I am taking a cruise to Mexico in April, and I am looking for any hotels in Cabo, Mazatlan or PV that have waterslides in the hotel, and offer day passes for sale to cruise passengers. Any names of hotels in these ports that you are sure have slides would be great, I am trying to compile a list...getting this info is harder than one might think!! So far, I know El Cid in Mazatlan has one small slide for little kids, as well as a rock ledge that they allow people to dive off of into the water. Any other names will be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  10. ElvisandTracey

    Take pity on a RCCL person and help me please!!

    Thank you thank you Theta, that is what I really needed. Clearly from the pics of the waterworks area, there will be no height issues, it's a playground for little ones like mine, so I can stop force feeding him to try to make him grow!!!:eek: Thank you so much for everyone's help, I am now officially happy that i booked this cruise. A little slide for my little one and a big slide for my big one, exactly what I hoped to see!!:rolleyes: :D And wow, was this cruiser an efficient picture taker-all 14 days of the menu-me and my co-worker just had great fun looking at them all-she is now crying about not being on a cruise to Lisbon.
  11. The way I see it, he had his physical in May and he was 39 inches (at 3 1/2), so he's already grown an inch in 3 months, so I think we can make 2 in 7 1/2 months!!:) He's in the 70 percentile for his age, so if anyone can do it, he can.
  12. I'm just going to invest in a rack medieval style and stretch him twice a day from now til April....:eek: ;) :p
  13. ElvisandTracey

    Take pity on a RCCL person and help me please!!

    Thanks. I'm very anxious to get on this ship and see what Carnival has been doing these past 6 years, I haven't sailed with them since 2002...we shall see. But this ship looks beautiful.
  14. ElvisandTracey

    Take pity on a RCCL person and help me please!!

    Great idea...don't worry, I won't name my source if the coppers bust me!!:D
  15. ElvisandTracey

    Take pity on a RCCL person and help me please!!

    I did it, I booked Splendor for April 12, 2009. Now I will be searching the internet for children's watershoes with lifts!!;) :D Wish me luck everyone!!