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  1. I have been on 4 MSC cruises, and 2 RCCL so can offer a comparison. MSC ships are beautiful, with a plethora of marble and tasteful, less tacky décor. Staff are great, but as with all cruise lines I have been on, for the majority of them English is their second language, and thus their understanding of it will vary from individual to individual, plus on MSC they also have to know the basics of a dozen other European languages as well. Where MSC fall down is on organisation, and after RCCL where everything runs very smoothly, huge queues will get annoying after a while. The main annoyance for me was when it came to announcements, be it in cabin, on deck or even more annoyingly all through stage shows, when the host or staff member would repeat every announcement in every language on-board!! starting with English and then working their way through the whole of Europe. So a "Good evening ladies and gentlemen I hope you enjoy tonight's show" would last 5 minutes. For me RCCL are head and shoulders above MSC, but each to their own, and as the prices on their fly cruises are very cheap, give one a try and then you will know if they are for you.
  2. I'm sorry but I'm not going to be able to answer your questions as I have never had a suite, however if you log onto the P&O website their Q and A section is very good, and they will also show a drinks price list. I can help with positioning of cabins and drinks on-board though. I assume you are going to the Fjords on Iona as that is her schedule when she starts up, and I have been there twice. A cabin at the front of the ship if it affords a frontal view will be great, as the normal problems of wind doesn't apply, as when cruising into the fjords the ship will only be at low speed, a bow view especially in Gerainger will be superb as there is so much to see on both sides, the 7 sisters waterfalls for example. With regards to drinks on board we always go PAYG, the prices are extremely reasonable, including the room service full bottle prices, plus P&O still allow each guest to take a litre bottle of spirit on at embarkation, unlike most American operated lines. So I think taking both these factors into consideration the £40 a day PP seems a bit steep for the AI drinks package, but everyone is different so it may be for good for you. Lastly as Iona is a new ship no one has been on board yet, so the deck plans are the only thing to go on. Hope this helps a bit.
  3. Despite being at work since 6am today I am now laughing at my desk!!
  4. Britannia is huge, and we never noticed any movement, but as my wife loves the rocking and rolling, and it doesn't bother me either, we normally book lido deck forward on Aurora and enjoy being rocked to sleep. You will definitely notice a "Different" cruise experience on-board a ship with so many guests, and I must admit that I did find the missing lifts somewhat strange on a ship with so many decks. But you are quite right when you say you must try something new, just for us the once was enough.
  5. Got up for work at 530am this morning dreaming of the chance to be at sea for longer than the 14 days that we are limited to by the aforementioned W word. Every cruise I have ever done I didn't want to get off at the end, so for me I would love a 28 day trip. As for clothes, we always take far to much, so probably would work out right for 28 days, plus P&O have great free laundry rooms. As for food, or too much of, my dad always compared him moving to and living in Spain to when he was working and just getting 2 weeks holiday there. When you have a short break you binge because you know its all done in a week or 2, but if you have a long time, then just treat it as you would when you are at home, and maybe have a drink or 2 instead of 10, and really do seek out the salad bar for lunch, and eat your muesli for breakfast.
  6. We have been on Oasis twice, and are now booked on Indy next August from Southampton to the med. We book with RCCL for our 15 year old as the teenage facilities ae second to none, and for us the entertainment is the best we have had at sea. However the food in the MDR is bland, and we often find ourselves looking for alternatives, which is something we do not do on other cruise lines we use.
  7. Ahh, as I keep reading about mediocre food quality in the MDR and over crowding in the Buffet, I was kinda hoping we might sneak off to a Suite or JS venue for a night or 2, and Coastal Kitchen fit the bill. Never mind plan B will appear I'm sure. Thanks for your help.
  8. Thanks for the response, that will be why I cant find it then. Is there an alternative venue that JS guests can frequent?
  9. Good evening all I am going on Indy in August 2019 and have booked a junior suite. On reading about the JS perks I see that we can eat in the Coastal Kitchen for our evening meal, however I have not been able to find the location of the restaurant on Indy? Can anyone help with this. Thanks in advance Clive.
  10. Never have been to a hotel, or cabin, and removed all the covers and mattress cover to inspect the mattress!! That seems to me what the hoteliers do in the "Four in a bed" program on the TV in the UK, that is shortly before they start running their fingers round the toilet rim looking for embarrassing curly hairs!! If my sheets and bedlinen are fresh and clean that's good enough for me, and then I get on with enjoying my well deserved Cruise.
  11. In my experience not, depending what you drink, my wife drinks Bombay Sapphire Gin, and that was only £24 a litre from room service, so not bad for on-board a cruise ship!! Also my wife drinks posh tonic water, Elderflower or something else exotic!! and that was the expensive bit (About £2.20 a shot) so it was cheaper to take a pack of cans on-board, which is also allowed, but on a fly cruise you might be short on weight or space.
  12. Must have been a really boring cruise!! He seems to have spent all week seeking out rust and napkins lying on the floor, I think I would have rather spent my week enjoying my (Expensive) cruise personally.
  13. Also worth bearing in mind is that the prices of bottles of spirits from room service are very reasonable, and come delivered to your cabin with glasses, ice and lemon. We have always taken 2 litres with us, but from now on I'm going to go room service and save the hassle of buying and packing it, esp on a fly cruise when you are tight for space as well.
  14. Thanks for your great in depth review. We are booked on the Indy next August (Peak schools hols) as our 15 year old action man loves all things dangerous fast and high. We have done Oasis from the states both summers in the last 2 years, but as we are relatively close to Southampton it saves the hassle of airports and bags/ liquids etc. To be completely honest when I cruise with just my wife we prefer smaller less crowded ships, as I do enough queuing when I'm at home so don't want to do it whilst on holiday, its a shame but most reviews on Indy post refit seem of the same mind that the real aim of it was to cram another 300 people on the ship, and that is reflected in more overcrowding. I remember the daily battle to get a table in the buffet on Oasis, and I suppose I will get used to it again on the Indy. Whatever happens we will make the most of it and enjoy our holiday, as there is no point in looking for reasons not to do so IMO, as it is soon over and then you are back at work.
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