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  1. wildgoosey32

    Bus/Ferry Passes

    does anyone know the cost of the unlimited one day pass?
  2. I also wanted to add my personal thank you for what you're doing on this cruise! We're booked on the Voyager out of Cape Liberty on November 13th. It'll be so awesome to see what you do out there and the things you like and dislike! Make sure you provide specific details about good places to eat in Bermuda and what the dish of choice is. I'm all about the food!!! :)
  3. wildgoosey32

    Voyager 7/29 Review

    Thanks for the lovely review. My friend and I are on the 11/13 sailing and I CANNOT wait!!! Does anyone have recommendations for the best stuff to do in Bermuda? There's so much I have no idea where to start! Thanks :)