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  1. I would rather open a Queen's Farm Shop like the one on Datchet Road in the Windsor Great Park, a sure fire way of printing money. By the way Uncle Les that Spanish golf club owes me a load of cash I'm sure there machines were rigged😂
  2. I still think The Company Shed at West Mersea has the best seafood in Essex, superb local oysters and great cockles kept the wife and I sated. The missus gobbled a load Whelks as well, I'm a bit like you Brian there a bit crunchy.
  3. The ETA will suffice as long as you are not staying over 3 months
  4. For Australia go to www.eta.homeaffairs.gov.au NZ is through immagration nz. Best to use Government sites so your info is secure. ETA for OZ has a admin fee of $20AU. Hope this helps.
  5. It certainly is domestic,however the only holdup you may encounter is late arrival of the ship or the bio boys. At that time of the day Sydney traffic is bedlam, you might be better of on the train from Circular Quay to the Airport. Hope this helps.
  6. I hear the Penalty Princess is going to join Finey McFine Face at the Zoo terminal🤣
  7. The HOHO Bus doesn't venture up Mt Wellington as far as I know, there used to be private shuttles which gave you about an hour at the top.
  8. Ships Tour to the GBR is the best option.owing to the problems of wind and swell affecting tendering at times.
  9. The best repellent for sandflies is Rid available at most supermarkets in spray or cream. Rid was developed in the tropics where the little devils play havoc.
  10. I think it's time to see Dubbo again, like the idea of a Mixed Grill and a bed across the road.
  11. We always made Dubbo a overnight stop when driving to Qld in the past. Top tucker and ale at a really great RSL.
  12. Depends on the ship being cleared by the Port for disembarking and arriving on time. The Ferry Terminal is close to the Cruise terminal so it should be ok. The 9.45 maybe the safe option, hope this helps
  13. If you are anywhere near Brisbane I would head to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, they also have Platypus. The Sanctuary is also devoid of Drop Bears.
  14. The French are also wee weeing in a very large way.😁
  15. Well down indeed, they are now called "South Sea Poms"are you thinking of migrating again Brian?😂
  16. If you want to keep on about the Fermented Curd i suggest you look up UTube and watch Monty Pythons Cheese Shop sketch. However getting this thread back to sanity or pies, I recently made a shocking discovery. The Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney Pie in a tin one of the good things to come out of the UK has been sold to Campbells and is now made in NSW. Taste is now very ordinary like most of there products. 🤣
  17. Blessed be Bellamys boy's for they shall have the Holy Grail
  18. I thought that mentioning Dropbears in CC threads had been banned after one scared a US tourist in George St last year. However good point Brian, reward yourself with a Vegemite Sanger.😁
  19. Both Royal and Celebrity supply Shuttles at a cost of $20 US from memory. Yorkeys is about 20 minutes by Bus into Cairns, to far to walk. Yorkeys is a Tender Port and is often a problem for tendering. Taxis and Uber is also available.
  20. Spot on advise, huge Airport Changi if you do manage to arrive early lots to do and see
  21. I received this also. any idea which ship?. The opening of the new Brisbane Terminal would fit in with this time frame and RCI's hype😎
  22. If you discuss your problem with Centrelink they will normally allow you a period of grace, as long as you have notified them before you leave.Have a good trip.
  23. Just back from Albury, visited the Bakery at Beechworth and had the best Coffee Scroll I have eaten for umpteen years, The Apple Turnovers filled with fresh cream are also outstanding.A goldmine in an old mining town.
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