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  1. 2 hours ago, Jandex said:

    Yes I received this today. This week is the new deployment season, and rumours have been flying about an Oasis class ship heading to Aus 20/21. 

      I received this also. any idea which ship?. The opening of the new Brisbane Terminal would fit in with this time frame and RCI's hype😎

  2. 9 hours ago, Sunflower & The Scientist said:

    We went through the Australia gov site and got our VISA'S.  My understanding is that they automatically attach to your passport.  I have tried to go back in and check with the number they gave me and they will not accept my information. I cannot verify I have the VISA.   I'm going to have my husband check our credit card to see if the payment to them went through and I have emailed them via their website asking what to do...but have not heard back from them.  Getting nervous since we are less than a month out from needing it.  


    Any suggestions???

    If your Credit Card has been debited you should be covered electronically with an entry visa.

  3. 3 hours ago, NSWP said:

    But you missed the Stones and the Beatles, best bands of all time.  Not to forget Gene Pitney, Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly and Elvis of course, Legends.

    The Beatles were the best, getting of topic a Zac was sixpence a Deena was a shilling and a Tray was threepence, but who knows what a Brick was?

  4. Great news for Melbourne, I am excited, especially if it is an extra Royal ship back again.

    Certainly is.and while Sydney play around with places like Botany Bay for goodness sake more ships will be placed elsewhere.Remember that decision to be made by "the end of the year" never happened. Luggage Point will come online in 2020 and they are talking about taking a lot of traffic from Sydney. Cruise Line companies will not sit around waiting for governments who can't make decisions.Sydney Harbour is in the top 5 waterways in the world and should be the major port for Cruise Lines ,however it could easily become a backwater if the powers that be don't wake up.Anyhow good for us in Melbourne I reckon the Explorer is a blind for an Oasis.clear.png?emoji-cool-1690

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