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  1. Computer problems now over,may the" low lives"who hack crawl back under their rock,or perhaps get a life.Sorry end of rant.Cruising next month so got the magic Robert Huntley pinstripe grey suit out for inspection.Magnificent piece of cloth, impervious to Red and White Wine, Beer Cider Sauce or Food droppings. Looks as good as the day it was purchased, along with the $29.95 Shirt and Tie options from Lowes what more could a modest cruiser want for the MDR,well maybe a fake Rolex!! Long Live Lowes and the Robert Huntley

  2. We will be visiting Dunedin in Feb but have not booked any tours as yet .My question is will there be tour operators at the dock so that we can decide on the day or is it better to try and arrange something beforehand ?





    Here is a site you can pre bookhttps://www.viator.com/tours/Dunedin-and-The-Otago-Peninsula/Dunedin-Cruise-Ships-Shore-Excursions/d758-21521P5/important-info

  3. There will be the option of a Princess transfer to the airport, usually available to buy at the terminal during check in (that’s been my experience). Can’t recall cost, maybe $15/$20pp?


    Highly recommend the Princess transfer as taxi queues are notoriously bad at Melbourne’s pier.



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    That is spot on advice.

  4. We’ll be on b2b cruises to New Zealand and Australia on Radiance of the Seas in March. This will be our first visit to either country. Should we expect formal night dress to be like Caribbean and US cruises or do more wear formal dress?

    Depends on who is cruising, Aussies and Kiwis are far more laid back than the American's who tend to go for Tuxes etc.My last trip on the ROS in 2014 most cruisers were more into lounge suits,nice chic dresses rather than full Formal. Hope this helps just remember we are pretty casual down here, so come and enjoy and wear whatever you want; that's what the local's will be doing. clear.png?emoji-grin-1677

  5. looking to do this, river cruise gets back at 3.30, would that be enough time to get back to Fishermans Island for ship sailing at 5 pm. TIA

    Check with Celebrity on when the last Shuttle leaves,should be ample time.Alternative is Taxi or Uber with sharing ride with others doing the Tour.I am sure you will enjoy this excursion ,it is one that delivers.

  6. one thought.... move Sydney


    high speed train to Melbourne ( ha ha ha ha ) ( like the one to the airport )


    or floating dock in the middle of harbour and use ferries

    lol So your the one who suggested this idea to our Lord Mayor Robert Doyal ,maybe if you inform the Premier as well, just remember to get funds in Melbourne you need goalposts to accompany the plan. clear.png?emoji-winktongue-1704

  7. Rail will have you at the Airport within 30 minutes and is a far better option than peak hour road traffic in Sydney. Just a word of caution I believe the requirements at the airport is 3 hours prior to flight,also remember you may not get of the ship at 7am which I take is the docking time. Could be rather nasty if the ship is held up docking, or a hold up in Customs. To Tight for my liking,but doable.

  8. I've read parts of this before, especially about the drop bears. Ha Ha. Love the Australian sense of humor. Although I think it's Australia that has the top 10 deadliest animals! Still trying to figure out some of your sayings that are so different from the US. Should make for a interesting trip. I'll go back over the above link when we get closer. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Ha Ha you may say but Droppies are no laughing matter for unsuspecting tourists.Make sure you have Toast with Vegemite for Brekkie everyday and dab a little behind the ears. Drop Bears don't like the odour of Vegie.clear.png?emoji-winktongue-1704

  9. Hi,merry Christmas to you guys from ye olde Canvey Island .Look forward to more banter in the new year,cheers,Brian.

    MERRY Christmas Brian and to all in Essex, my piece of Essex is still snoring no doubt dreaming of a white Christmas Brrrrrr.lol Have a Happy and safe New Year and watch those Mafia guys.clear.png?emoji-wink-1685clear.png?emoji-grin-1677

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