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  1. Hi,merry Christmas to you guys from ye olde Canvey Island .Look forward to more banter in the new year,cheers,Brian.

    MERRY Christmas Brian and to all in Essex, my piece of Essex is still snoring no doubt dreaming of a white Christmas Brrrrrr.lol Have a Happy and safe New Year and watch those Mafia guys.clear.png?emoji-wink-1685clear.png?emoji-grin-1677

  2. My husband and I never arrive same day as embarkation--except this time as it was the only way to get our business class seats from LA to Sydney with miles. None available the previous day. So we arrive at 8:30 am. Can't embark on Regent Voyager till noon at White Bay.


    What should we do in the meantime? I know we will be tired and just want to rest. But we are going to need to keep ourselves up and moving for 3 1/2 hours. We are fit, like to walk. Any suggestions for someone to pick us up at the airport and do some sort of city tour till we can embark would be lovely.

    You probably have less time than you think. If plane lands on time Mascot is a very busy airport ,and you should allow 30 to 45 minutes to clear customs etc. White Bay is a taxi ride of 35 to 50 minutes depending on traffic.I would suggest going direct to the Cruise Terminal and dumping those suitcases and then head for Darling Harbour which is close by and nice to stroll around and have some refreshments. Just ease into your trip and enjoy Oz

  3. 2/1/18 HAL aus/nz cruise with stops at port Arthur and Hobart. Need help finding tour companie with tours to lavender farms. Thanks

    The largest Farm is to far north for a shore tour, however there is a farm about 1.5 hours out of Hobart on the Port Arthur road.I don't think there is any set tours to the farm,probably part of tours to other sites. Suggest you look up the farm on google and contact them for info on visiting maybe out of Port Arthur,

  4. Very nice of her, looooove Christmas Pud, but this year had to buy one, just wasn’t up to the task, Recipe is at least five generations old.

    Those shop bought are ok but not like the traditional home made recipe's that have been handed down the generations. Do you remember when we got Thrieepenny Bits and Zac's in the Pud,the currency today would melt in a Pud.??clear.png?emoji-smile-1742

  5. And of course their communication is wrong.


    Received same thing, with my next cruise booking listed at bottom of email for selected cruises.


    Then go to the site and there are no discounts; seemingly not included.

    Do they think we are all stupid, Drinks Package up by $10 on my Ovation Cruise. Last week they bumped the Chops price $10 and returned it to the original price. You are spot on Big M it's a load of hogwash

  6. Have been spoiled for years by my Mother in Laws Mince Pies at Christmas, she also did the Pudding. This year at 92 this lady from Devon UK is not up to it.So a tradition of over 50 years closes this year, the Mince Pies won't taste the same ;still Cheers and Merry Christmas to all.

  7. I don’t know anything about Lord of the Rings, but my partner loves it, and I saw an excursion offered by our cruise line (but I’m looking at a private version of it) that visits some of the local sites where the movie was filmed. Has anyone toured the areas around Wellington as fans of the movie? Is it a worthwhile area to do this?



    Try this site it might help.https://www.newzealanddiscoverytours.co.nz/tauranga-rotorua-port-cruise-ship-shore-excursions-tours

  8. As an American newly introduced to Vegemite, be sure to put about 1/2 inch of it on your breakfast toast to get the full impact.:evilsmile:


    I think traveling with Aussies and Kiwis is great fun. You likely will also see no fake service dogs onboard.

    Good to see you are alive after the Vegemite Road Test, I am sure your Aussie mates will have some other tests for you at a later dateclear.png?emoji-winktongue-1704

  9. From the nation that invented food on a stick like Corn Dogs the humble "doggie"will be an enigma to our American friends. Let's hope they don't get sold any of GUT's 40 cent squeezy's, that would result in legal action for certain. clear.png?emoji-tearsjoy-1678

  10. Hello all -- we would appreciate any tips or guidance here.


    We will be ending a cruise in mid-March in Sydney, disembarking at the Overseas Passenger Terminal at 7:00 am. We have booked an 11:00 am flight to Brisbane, because that's the last flight that can get us to Hamilton Island that same day.

    We knew when we booked this that it could be tight, but I'm counting on the fact that it's a domestic flight to give us some breathing room. And we're young-ish and fit and just crazy enough to try it...


    I will be a 4-star HAL Mariner by the time of the cruise, so we can get priority disembarkation. So my questions are:

    1) Taxi, Uber, train, or pre-booked transportation?

    2) Keep our luggage and take it off the ship ourselves (if allowed), or pick it up in the terminal as usual?

    3) Anything else from anyone who has done this before? Successful stories preferred...


    Thank you!

    Walk up to Circular Key Station and catch the Train directly into the Terminal

  11. Can I buy the tram ticket to the port on the team or where do I buy the team ticket. That’s for the information. I have looked at Melbourne transport but have not seen anywhere a price for a one way ticket and how I can buy the one way fare. Thank you




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    No such thing as a 1way Ticket, you have to buy a Myki. You are flying into a city that is unfamiliar to you on Cruise day, so any delays in travel will upset any well laid plans. For a few $$ more and peace of mind Uber or a Cab direct to the dock.Melbourne transport is the worst in Australia. Have a good tripclear.png?emoji-tongue-1703

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