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  1. Yep dark brown in colour but always called black.


    Bit of Trivia KB, stood for Kent Brewery, Tooth’s main brewery.

    Always preferred Tooth's to Toohey's in Old, just a matter of taste I think. Sad all the old things are gone or going. That Trivea MrGut I was always lead to believe that it stood for Kents Best.?

  2. Hold on,this is a Pie and associated Bakery products Thread how did Dodgy Mobile Phone Repairs and Fruit Salad and Ice cream get into the act? Let's get back on track, does anybody know if Tooth"s Old is still brewed,a great Schooner to have with a Sargents Pie.

  3. cruiserke;54617920']That is a dollar a day more than we paid in October for the Deluxe package & voom 1 device combo on our Jan 2018 Ovation cruise out of Sydney so I'm not sure if it's a general sale or just a price drop on your particular sailing. Good on you if you can save money for your trip though.

    Royal's smoke and mirrors are at work again I bought the Deluxe in September for our Feb on the Ovation for $64.95 inc.grats.clear.png?emoji-tongue-1703

  4. For a Aussie/Nz cruise there is one area on the promenade Starboard side in a bit of a tented area , there was an area by the pools on the port side (under cover as well). Not sure but I think there was also an area at the rear of the upper deck. For the Asian cruises, I am not sure yet but have been told there is smoking in the Casino.

    Spot on Mic, my daughter and son in law did the maiden Singapore to Hong Kong and said about 25% of the Casino was for Smoking. She said it was well policed and was not a problem if you kept you distance.

  5. And don't forget what it's done for overseas relations.After brexit the UK will negotiate a lucrative trade deal in pies,lol.

    Well spotted Brian, glad to see you have survived that P&O UK Thread. Hope your not in Italy at the moment they take the World Cup as their property!. Will our "Hammers" survive?,should never have moved to that new ground....Cheers:)

  6. Crikey Mic, I would want a few bottles of Bollinger Champers in it at point of sale for that price.:D Perhaps a big Lobster, couple of kilos of King Prawns and a couple of Spanner Crabs as well, plus the prescribed ice of course.

    Only in Pollie City would you find a Gucci Ice Box,probably sells well Uncle Les, cost reclaimed on the old Expense account and a thank you to the Taxpayer.:eek:

  7. Four and a Twenty have reached agreement to sell pies to a US basketball team.

    Heard that Mr Gut hope they don;t try and sell those 40 cent Tomato Sauce Squeeze Sachets with them.clear.png?emoji-eek-1725 Not sure they can get Aldi Tomato sauce in the States. Boy is that P&O UK Thread on changes to take on booze policy heated.The Battle of Boozewell, how does that go 'a Gin a Gin my Cabin for a G&T." Apologies to the Bard.

  8. Cheers, I have seen that and he raises some good points and in a funny way as well.:D

    My TA had their Annual Chrissie do yesterday, super bite sized pies and sausage rolls among other fare from the local Bakery, Outstanding when partnered with the Champers and Crownies. Needless to say it was hard to say Hello to the World todayclear.png?emoji-grin-1677 LOL at very funny utube;);)

  9. Please explain what you mean. I haven't booked our hotel yet but plan to do so in the next day or two.

    Sydney has a great Public Transport system,Rail, Bus, Light Rail, Ferries; and free Tourist Buses. So if your Hotel was in the area of say The Rocks,Circular Quay it would pay you to take the train from the Airport cost about $17AUD per person;as against a taxi $50 -100 AUD. OPT is within walking distance.,short walk to Ferry about $10 will take you to Darling Harbour for the Hard Rock....Taxis can send you broke in Sydney, hope this helps your planning and welcome to the land of Vegemite.

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