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  1. Hello all,


    Targeting Australian RCI cruisers here as I believe they change the price and exclusions for different regions and probably per ship.


    Any one know if the $65 AUD being quoted right now is the regular price for the deluxe drink package or a discounted one?




    Any idea what the excluded (boo) Beers are? Never heard of this!




    If that is the price on your Cruise Planner it's a Sale Price and includes 18% grats. Normal price $87AUD, O/B $65USD

  2. i usually sail on carnival because they have free ugraded showers bathrooms and a sauna on the spa deck..this is for all passengers to use and has nothing to do whatsoever with getting a spa pass which allows for use in the thermal suite and various steam rooms etc. it is a very nice perk for the general cruiser.


    I am looking at videos of rci ships and i see something called a vitality spa. but it seems that all they mean is a place to get a massage or a facial etc.


    Do the larger Rci ships have a complimentary shower, bathroom area for use by all guests? I just cant fathom not having a general locker room for guests with these amenities...thank you.

    Yes they do and you don't need a pass, there complimentary.

  3. We could have called the new ferry, Mr and Mrs GUT, what say ye? Bottle of $5.95 Eagle Hawk Australian Sparkling Wine at the launch, who need Moet? :halo: Or even Sir Benjo, or Anne Sherry, all legends in the cruise industry.

    Excellent idea Catering to be done by Harry's Cafe de Wheels.!clear.png?emoji-winktongue-1704 This Thread is out of control lolclear.png?emoji-tongue-1703

  4. My friend loves to snorkel and where to snorkel is obvious for Airlie Beach and Cairns. However my friend hates to miss an opportunity to snorkel whenever she is traveling. We will be going to the Darwin, Brisbane and Newcastle ports in Feb/March and I was wondering is there any snorkeling in these areas that are accessible on a shore excursion.





    She would be wise to give Darwin a miss as the Croc's love imported meat. Brisbane is a bit dodgy also no Croc's most of the time ,but the Noah's are a problem.

  5. Locals and visitors will be able to travel on the latest ferry named Ferry McFerryface.


    At first I thought it was a joke. But no, the name was voted on by Sydneysiders.


    Now I smile every time I read it and can't wait to go on a ferry trip on the beautiful Sydney Harbour on Ferry McFerryface.

    Come on MM spill the beans this is a windup.Even our Loony Victorian Premier would try a name like that !clear.png?emoji-grin-1677

  6. I can assure you Uncle Les I know what I’m missing, I’ve known many of the wine making families of the region most of my life. My cousin owned a vineyard for years in partnership with one of the best known winemakers in the region.

    My Barbies in the seventies were always Steak, Snags and Murray Tyrells Long Flat Red. Great to know the region still thrivesclear.png?emoji-wink-1685

  7. can anyone give advice on trips to GBR. Is it best to take P and O excursion or is it possible to get an excursion when we get there. also interested in a helicopter trip

    I take it you will be cruising to Cairns if so as a suggestion maybe look at a helicopter out of Airlie Beach;then a GBR Cat ex Cairns.You will have plenty of options out of Cairns for Dive or Sightseeing the GBR.

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