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  1. Just calmly lie on my couch, Mr Gut.


    Oh, if you think lawyers and plumbers charge, wait until you get my analyst bill.


    "Crazy, I'm crazy for curing you all" (with apologies to Patsy Cline).

    Send me a size 44 Straight Jacket I'm beyond the couch,certifiable am I !! clear.png?emoji-tearsjoy-1678

  2. That is because us crazy Aussies, Kiwis and Brits are involved. All makes for a laugh on a depressing news day, as most of them are these days.:(


    As for 'pea floater.' Has to be the sloppy processed - mushy peas to be authentic. In UK Batchelors made good mushy peas, go well on top of a dogs eye, meat pie, mash spud and mushy peas on top, lubbly jubbly.

    Coles have a half price special on Balfours Potato Pies and Cornish Pasties this week Through a heap in the freezer for a rainy day .Rather worried about Brian and the mafia,Uncle Les, they are not good after dark.

  3. Great thread; what other board would have such a great discussion on meat pies. I mentioned this thread to DW. She ran a quick search and remarked, "524 posts and not a mention of a pea floater". More tales of year long trip in her youth.

    Go to Page6 of the thread and you will find the dreaded Floater mentioned, don't tarry as Zenaphon may be watchingclear.png?emoji-eek-1725

  4. Totally agree with all the posters comments re Manly Ferry and you have different perspective on the outward/inward journeys.


    We always recommend the trip to overseas travellers we meet. Apart from the fish and chip shops in the area, you could even get to try a classic 'Aussie meat pie' available from bakeries in the area. If you miss the pie on land, they have them in the snack bar on board the ferries.:*


    Aside from Manly, the ferries from Circular Quay also go to several other places, well worth a visit, e.g. Parramatta, Watsons Bay (great pub food there,) The Zoo, Darling Harbour and more.


    Although I don't live in Sydney these days, I did for 40 years and did all the above a few times, best value day out in Sydney I reckon.


    Above all enjoy, I am sure you will. ;)

    Agree totally Uncle Les,the 4 Pines Brewery near the Ferry terminal is atop place for Craft Ale and Pizza.Manly "thats amore"

  5. Great thread; what other board would have such a great discussion on meat pies. I mentioned this thread to DW. She ran a quick search and remarked, "524 posts and not a mention of a pea floater". More tales of year long trip in her youth.

    We try not to mention anything that had its origins in Adelaide,Nick could be watching!clear.png?emoji-winktongue-1704

  6. Hi Guys


    We are embarking on a Princess Cruise on 15th March 2018. We will be travelling from Melbourne Airport to the Cruise terminal on the day. We are hoping to drop our bags off ASAP and then travel back into Melbourne as we want to buy a case of Good Aussie Wines to take on the cruise, ( we know we will have to pay duty ) just wondering if this is doable or are there problems doing this? Also any advice would be appreciated.


    Thanks in advance


    Dave & Kath

    Why not buy it at the airport or on the way to Port Melbourne ask the cab to call in to a Dan Murphy's .

  7. Sounds like I should have emigrated,I would be rich now,lol.

    You would if unlike myself you didn't have a wife from Essex. 50 years she has kept me poor,you get less for murder Brian.Tried to leave her at High Chelmer Mall last time I was in Essex to no avail.,she beat me to Heathrow! lolclear.png?emoji-grin-1677

  8. Kevin 747, is probably away cruising a lot, spending his big pollie pension. Don't know why they named him Kevin 747, he generally flew on the PM's retro fitted Boeing 737, as they do currently, so he should be Kevin 737.


    Anyway mate, I do hope you purchased a truckload of Mrs Mac pies from Coles, keep you going until Chrissie. I still have the odd Mrs Macs GF pie but at $5 a pie, not often. The GF pastry is a bit hard on the choppers too, I need a steak knife to cut them, fair dinkum.:halo:

    Careful with the fangs,Dentist's are almost as expensive as Plumbersclear.png?emoji-grin-1677

  9. No more car manufacturing in Australia, all gone to Gowings.:( More like 'Shot through like a Bondi Tram' to Thailand, Japan, Korea and god only knows where else.


    'Fair suck pf the sav' give us our car industry back !!!!


    Ooo Roo.

    Your starting to sound like a former Prime Minister, what ever happened to Kevin 07? To rejuvenate the Thread went to Coles and observed they have a range of Missus Mac's Microwave Pies on special, thought you might like this info Uncle Les.clear.png?emoji-winktongue-1704

  10. Just great RCCL you have spoiled my Ovation cruise next Feb. by making the Drink package unavailable to purchase singularly. I will not be participating in this cash grab as my wife rarely drinks Just realised I will save heaps by setting a budget on beer and wine.I also normally buy a Dining package, but will probably abandon this also after looking at the price hikes since our last cruise in April. Hi Time we started looking at the other cruise lines as loyalty means little to Royal.clear.png?emoji-mad-1709

  11. We are sailing on Ovation in Feb 4th next year and that is the same day as the Super Bowl. However since there is a 18 hour time difference does that mean we can see it on Feb 5th on the ship? Also since we are going to be at sea that day will RCCL broadcast the super bowl from Sydney?


    I haves sailed during Super Bowls previously but we were near US ports and they televised it. Will it be televised in Sydney?

    Myself and Missus Beat will also be aboard, and as I believe there is a large intake from the States and Canada;s it would odds on for a TV coverage. Not long nowclear.png?emoji-cool-1690

  12. I lost 2 nil, picked Crows and Cowboys. Maybe next year.:mad:


    Melbourne Storm were brilliant, best RL team ever, so the experts say, I tend to agree.


    I wonder how many pies they ate at ANZ stadium? They would be Four'n Twenty brand I reckon. Hundreds of them..

    Agreed Uncle Les, could you tell that that to that loon Gus Gould before we send another Purple Storm up from Melbourne.Pies in NZ!! Baaaah Baaaahclear.png?emoji-winktongue-1704clear.png?emoji-tongue-1703

  13. Another new Pringle on the market, Chicken Salt Pringles. sister Pringle to the Meat Pie Pringles already referred to.:p


    Also back to pies...new release, Four n' Twenty, Cheese & Vegemite Meat Pie.:D


    Get yer laughing gear around those whilst watching the footie this weekend.

    No way I would put a 4n20 Vegemite Pie within 10 feet of my gob,however they may make good Bait for Drop Bears!clear.png?emoji-smile-1742

  14. Apparently they are Pacific oysters introduced years ago.You'll probably get them in Aus,lol.

    Not so mate ,they harvest a breed known as "Colchester Natives', and have been harvested and eaten before Oz was discovered .Missus Beat migrated to OZ from Chelmsford with nothing but a bad hairdo white high heels and a jar of Tiptree Jam.clear.png?emoji-frown-1741;p

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