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  1. Based on the good info here, I think we'll drive in the day before and stay at a hotel near the port and drive ourselves to the port the morning of the cruise. What hotel would you recommend near the port? I'd like to make it as easy as possible.
  2. We are also in a veranda cabin on deck 7 ... Are there still seats in the elevator "lobby"?
  3. Are the showers in the veranda staterooms like the one pictured above?
  4. Miz -thanks for all the pictures. Especially the gym. Did you notice if they still have the weightlifting machines? I assume they do, most folks like those over free weights.
  5. Did you park your car there? If you did, did you book through the hotel directly? We will be driving in the day before our cruise so will need a room, parking and shuttle to pier.
  6. A friend suggested that we use Hotel n Park? Anyone use that?
  7. That's why we generally arrive at the port early. We have breezed through check in but have had to sit and wait to board which generally has begun at about 11. Tourist1292- we are sailing in May, too. Jim_lain- I didn't see anything about arrival time when I completed my online check in. Do you think I can go back and change it?
  8. I just printed my Xpress pass and at the top it has Arrival Appointment 11:30-12 am. Really? We haven't sailed on Summit since June 2018 and it never had that before? Are they serious? We have always arrived by 10 am (sailed from Cape Liberty for the last 5 years). and have been on board by 11:30. Is his something new?
  9. I suppose I could check with Celebrity about that excursion? They are also running one to the Caves, etc that day but as you pointed out to me a year or so ago that a ship excursion there is not necessary. Once again, thank you.
  10. Last June on Summit there were several dogs. In all cases they were better behaved than most of the children on board.
  11. Celebrity has a excursion to Historical Forts of Bermuda on Friday May 24. Do you think this will be an issue since its Bermuda Day?
  12. Any pictures of the Veranda staterooms and balconies?
  13. Hopefully they have not downsized the gym. If so, DH will be most unhappy...and it will probably mean that we won't sail with Summit again. A universal and free weights would not be enough for him. It would mean more people using less equipment, as in crowded. If we knew this before the final,payment, I'm sure he would have had me cancel. This has the potential of being a miserable cruise.
  14. Just wondering is the retreat only for suite guests?
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