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  1. So beautiful.😍 Hopefully the Reflection will get it either before our cruise in 2022.
  2. Thanks to all of you. We are just not sure with one last issue. We are in the beginning 40s and would also like to do some fun / party. Not everyday, but once or twice. Does the reflection also have the silent disco or some party spot ? And is the average age on Edge / Apex comparable to Reflection? Thank you.
  3. Thank you so much for your advice. Good thing: Cant do wrong.😇 We‘ll book the Reflection and chose 1550 in A1, pretty awesome view and next to the spa. Does the bridge cause some shades to our balcony? I would say “no”, just to feel better. But I have to think about the itineries. I - at the moment - prefer Cozumel / Ocho Rios / Grand Cayman / Nassau. The other Route sails just 3 ports, including San Juan in the evening which seems pretty much not what we are looking for. Would beside that love to go to St maarten or St Thomas. But I think Nassau with Pearl Island and Grand Cayman with 7 mile beach will also meet our expectations.😎 If you have anything else that might help us, it will be much appreciated Thanks to everybody, pretty cooler here with direct an friendly help. 👍
  4. Hi Guys, unfortunately we had to skip our Equinox Cruise twice due to the pandemic. So now we are thinking about booking a "next try" far later. Side effect - my son will go to college and we can celebrate 20th anniversary. :-) Would you be spo kind too help us choosing the right one? Choices are Apex or reflection / both carribean cruises - Apex looks nice and modern / stylish, but would choose SV, I dont like the windows / "infinite veranda" - On Reflection we would choose, for the same money, Aqua Class A1. Maye it will be refurbished, maybe not, bothe looks are nice. We chose equinox for the cruise before knowing of the revolution. So my questions are: - What would you do? Is Blu on Reflection worth the extra money or Standard Main dining on Apex / Edge also ok? Persian Garden / Apex Spa could be booked with day pass, right? If Reflection, would you go with a humped balcony like 1610 or 1605? There are two reflection itineries: Nassau / Grand Cayman / Ocho Rios / Cozumel or NAssau / St. Thomas / St. Maarten. We like Beaches and snorkeling, no Tours. :-) Apex has one itinery - San Juan / Tortola / St. Kitts I am sorry for asking so much. But you know, so much time to plan, no vacation in 2020, it´s horrible. :-) Thank you so much. Best from Germany and sorry for my english Martin
  5. Thank you. 🙂 I am pretty sure that it might be the same on Equinox. So happy to sail, and you´re right, my son will definitely love the food. And I will try room service. My wife is looking forward to having breakfast on the balcony. 🤩 Wish you all the best for your future cruises.
  6. Perfect. Thank you so much. Great to hear that. Wish you all the best.
  7. Hi Cruisers, I will sail with celebrity the first time, so my questions might be a little "newbie". So thanks for your help. We´ll sail the Equinox. First and only cruise ever was NCL Getaway. Questions are: - How would you compare MDR Food? On the Getaway ist was, from my point of view, OK / decent, so we chose Specialty Restaurants on Board, we are Foodies. But on Equinox, we want to eat at TG, but Murano is not our kind of menu. Sushi on 5 ist also a no-brainer, we definitely go there!!! - I watched some buffet videos. Dont they have burger / hot dogs on OVC? Just Mast Grill? My son is asking (of course... :-)). - I like cocktails, my wife is a wine lover. So we upgraded to PBP. Good choice? Thank you so much, have a great start into the week. Best from Germany Martin
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