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  1. Interesting comments yesterday on Carnival Corp's (Seabourn's parent company, obviously) second quarter earnings conference call with analysts. In addition to announcing that they were selling 13 ships across all of the Carnival brands, the CFO also had this to say about delays on taking delivery of new builds... Jamie Rollo -- Morgan Stanley -- Analyst My first question is just on the order book, please. It doesn't sound like that you're planning any cancellations of what sort of order? Or is it just a delay to your order book? Thank you.... David Bernstein -- Chief Fina
  2. Just as a point of comparison, Princess has already cancelled their two roundtrip sailings from Shanghai scheduled for June: https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/coronavirus-update.html
  3. Definitely varies by ship. Was on Anthem last year for Thanksgiving week and sadly didn't see a single decoration. (We got off the Sunday after Thanksgiving.)
  4. Can anyone give some guidance on how far the swim is from the beach to the snorkeling spot? And how the quality of the snorkeling has been since Hurricane Dorian rolled through? I'm trying to figure out if it's worth bringing a snorkel/mask and if the distance from the beach is far enough where I would want to bring flippers too. (A bit big to pack - and I'd prefer to not have to rent.) Thanks!
  5. Curious about this too. This will be my first cruise as a Diamond - but my travelling companions are not there yet so I don't anticipate spending a lot of time in the lounge. But I would like to just pop in the lounge for a glass of wine to take to dinner. I know this is the situation that the "three drinks on the card" is designed for - but would it be fair for me to grab a single glass of wine from the lounge instead of sitting in there drinking for an hour or more? (Of course I realize letting drinks out of the lounge could be a slipper slope...)
  6. We were on Anthem out of Cape Liberty last year for Thanksgiving week and didn't see any decorations up before we got off unfortunately. But you still couldn't beat riding a jet ski before having a turkey dinner!
  7. It's super-convenient. It's $22/day and as I recall from last year, I'm pretty sure you pay at a pay station before returning to your car after the cruise. Logistically, you'll drive to the port and first be directed to the terminal where you'll pull up curbside and stop briefly to just hand your checked luggage to the waiting porters and then you hop back in your car and drive around the corner to park in the garage. It's then a 5 minute walk from the garage to the check-in. Total time is maybe 10 minutes - although we got there early and I think traffic could be a factor later in the day.
  8. An online newspaper in the Bahamas has tweeted video of what seems to be a crane that has partially collapsed into the stern of Oasis in Freeport. (It seems that maybe it was there for a week-long wet dock?) It also seems she is listing slightly to starboard. Can't find any other details at the moment. https://twitter.com/Bahamaspress/status/1112772498427441152
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