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  1. Cruising4ever65

    drink cards at all on jewel of the seas?

    that's great. when did they offer the drink card to you?
  2. Cruising4ever65

    drink cards at all on jewel of the seas?

    at least I know they still are around. you can share a drink card, too, correct? so if 2 people are sitting at a table, and order 2 drinks...they would just punch 2 drinks used...correct?
  3. Ok, anyone on the jewel of the seas in the past 3 months - can you tell me if they offered any drink cards at all? on a budget and cant afford to get the big drink package. are they offering the drink cards at all on the cruise? if they do will they tell you when you first get on board or only on the day its offered? thanks. going next month from Puerto rico
  4. Cruising4ever65

    cabin 9630 or d1 category in jewel of the seas

    thanks for answering that question.. couldn't figure it out. they looked exactly the same size.
  5. we are on a budget but want some good local eateries in the isla verde area. any suggestions? what is los chamos arepas and bistro café like? thanks!
  6. I recently went from an E1 room to a D1 room. where is the difference seen visually or felt. it suppose to be 20 sf more room, but still looks so small. can anyone tell me to what room 9630 is like on this ship? thanks much.
  7. want to go snorkeling here for about an hour or so. I know st kitts is not known for snorkeling, but I don't get to snorkel that often, so any chance I get I want to do it. has anyone done any snorkeling here and if so..where exactly should we look for the best area to snorkel on this rocky beach - if you are looking out into the water? also where is the safest place to enter since it is very rocky? thanks to any help at all.
  8. Cruising4ever65

    mtd - how hard is it to get the times you want?

    ok, I will go on line to see if I can pick 5:30 pm. if I cant I will pick earliest then go to maître D day of sailing and see if we can get a specific table at an earlier time. if he can, is this when I tip them? is $20 ok? or so I heard you tip them for a good table and time. thanks all
  9. hello I will be on jewel of the seas in april. I selected my time dining. do you choose when you will be dining for the next night, before you leave the dining room each evening? also, we are thinking about anywhere from 5:45 pm to 6:30 pm. not sure yet. are these times hard to get. its only 2 of us and want to sit alone. thanks
  10. Cruising4ever65

    First time in Tortola..

    not sure how this beach was after hurricane, but if you want less crowded and what I think was great snorkeling... smuglers cove. no facilities here. literally just beach and coral. lots of fish. calm water. was cool when you were surrounded by a school of fish and they part and suddenly a huge fish is right in front of you... saw a lot of parrot fish too. was here about 5 years ago and stayed on the island.... don't forget to have a bushwacker for a drink....
  11. Cruising4ever65

    best port to not need a tour or cab

    I guess another good question to ask is out of these 3 islands, which is a must do tour to see the scenery and interesting places on the island...? to bypass the shopping near the port, in other words....
  12. hello will be on the jewel of the seas sailing out of Puerto rico in april. already have something set up for st Thomas and st lucia. was wondering if anyone knows the best island (out of st kitts, st johns Antigua or Bridgetown Barbados) is the best to just wonder off the ship and explore within walking distance. like the craft shops, old churches, forts. not museums. we are slow walkers... and also which islands a place or tour is a must out of these 3. we love sightseeing, snorkeling and local shopping (cheaper stuff, not diamonds and expensive places) local crafts priced within reason. any and all suggestions welcome. thanks much
  13. Cruising4ever65

    snorkeling excursions from royal caribbean

    want to do some good snorkeling and was wondering how long do they usually allow you in the water at the good snorkeling spots? the 2 I have to choose from says 2 sites then a beach stop. don't care about the beach, only want snorkeling. are the royal Caribbean excursions worth it or should I just get a taxi and find a good snorkeling beach?