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  1. My goodness. What a roller coaster! I do hope you get some sort of relief, and QUICK!
  2. Have a great trip! Post a lot please so I can pretend I'm on vacation too... 😁
  3. Other than hurricanes and what not, Hawaii makes its own weather. Meaning that each island has dry areas, wet areas, really REALLY wet areas, and semi-arid areas (and etc. ad infinitum). It also means that just like in other rainforests, even in the wet areas, you'll be dry for a lot of time until the clouds build up and dump on you. I'd say that any time you can get to Hawaii is a wonderful time. Just do a bit of research on each island to find out where their weather happens so you'll know what might be a good back up plan in case you don't want to take the Road to Hana in a downpour, for example.
  4. It's really about what YOU (and whoever is with you) want to do while there. Thhis is what I have so far for my trip next year: What all do we want to do? Riding a tram would be cool Hiking! Whales! Pan for gold Eat - Seafood Reindeer Native American culture Ride a train Glaciers Anchorage Friday - Monday morning https://www.alyeskaresort.com/resort/about-aerial-tram Dine-and-Ride option looks good. Would make a great lunch or dinner spot. $39/32 apiece. https://www.alaskawildlife.org/ Could do this and Alyeska the same day maybe. $16/11 per person entrance. Sounds like it would be a great and restful Saturday thing to do, maybe with some wandering around Anchorage in the afternoon or morning. http://indianvalleymine.com/ AND add this to Saturday! Admission is only $1 per person, and you can buy a bucket of “pay dirt” guaranteed to have gold, and they’ll show us how to swill the pans properly, AND they can tell us where else we can go! Alaska Native Heritage Center would be a great option for Native American culture. $25/adults, $17/kids. https://www.alaskanative.net/ Shopping in Downtown Anchorage (5th Avenue Mall has Lush!) Don’t forget - the hotel has a “full” kitchen, including outside picnic and bbq area. Also, it has an indoor pool and whirlpool. A float trip would be great. There’s two tour companies in Talkeetna (2 hour drive North) that offer 2 hour tours (one does a 4 hour tour as well). Approximately $84 per person ($139 for the 4 hour one). BUT would be an excellent chance to see wildlife and hopefully Mount McKinley. http://denaliviewraft.com/ OR https://www.talkeetnariverguides.com (for some reason TRG looks more fun) Rent bicycles and ride the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail http://www.alaska-bike-rentals.com/ $16 per bike for 3 hours, small fees over that. This might be a great thing to do Friday afternoon, to help stretch our legs and get some movement in after all that flying. https://knikglacier.com/tours.html Sounds like a rather spectacular glacier tour. Looking hard at this as a good option. Sunday? Northern Lights coupon book available October 2019 Alaska Tour Saver book or app (not sure when 2020 version comes out) *example 2-for-1 tickets on Alaska Railway Alaska Railway $110 per person for Adventure Class. Anchorage to Seward train is 6:45-11:05. Supposed to check in 1 hour before departing. From the notes you'll see that we have the opposite itinerary from you, but the concept is similar. Going all the way to Denali isn't a priority to me... I'm finding a ton of great options using Anchorage as our home base. Too much, actually. I'm going to have to cut some of these activities. ☺
  5. Following along! Here's hoping for calm weather for the next few weeks.
  6. It is kind of interesting that there's no repositioning cruise for sale then. Maybe someone (NCL itself, maybe?) is using it as a private cruise for their employees or something?
  7. Harvest Caye can be a bit difficult to wrap your head around, especially if you're used to a traditional private island from a cruise ship. As you learned, Harvest Caye is not a traditional private island. What it IS, is an island that (my understanding is) NCL owns, but they struck an agreement with the government of Belize in the running of this island. NCL bought the island and paid for (most, if not all) of the construction of the island features, but it is actually run by the government of Belize, or more likely some sort of contractor company. Instead of like those private islands in the Bahamas where all the employees are cruise ship employees, all the employees on Harvest Caye are actually from Belize. It helps their economy and NCL gets a nice docking port in Belize. Yes, the island is essentially a giant touristy port, but without all the weirdness of "how do I get out from this maze of shops?" If you buy something on the island, you're paying someone who lives in Belize for that product. This certainly isn't explained well by NCL, which I think would help a lot of people enjoy their day at Harvest Caye better. If a calm, touristy port experience doesn't sound like a fun day, then guests can make sure to schedule an excursion, take the ferry to Placencia, or simply stay on the ship. Personally, I like to schedule a small excursion as I get bored easily. Then I can wander around the island for a while, and it's up to me whether I want to spend money on the island for food and drinks or go back to the ship for munchies.
  8. Ugh, that all sounds horrible. I'm not a medical expert so have no advice to add on that one. With Sakari's situation, that really sucks too. Last year it took an hour and 15 minutes for my son to get home from school, which I thought was long enough! (But then, we live 10 minutes away from school so there's definitely a certain level of whaaa...? to bus routes.) Is she using the time well? My kiddo never had any homework since he had plenty of time to get it done after school, lol. Maybe you should get her some Spanish language lessons to help fill her time so she can converse with everyone when you start cruising again. Or heck, a tablet with movies loaded!
  9. Yeah, when I priced out an Anchorage to Seward car rental I immediately went NO THANK YOU and am planning on doing the train. There are Alaska coupon books that I've heard of that apparently regularly include 2-for-1 tickets (adventure class) on the trains. I think the Northern Lights book for next year should be available in October. I forget the name of the other major coupon book, but it seemed to have a similar coupon as well. Might look into them when planning some activities!
  10. I'd keep the inside and make friends with the observation deck. Buy the internet package online so you save 10% or whatever it is. Some sailings get that "pick airfare for free" OR "an additional $50 shore excursion credit right now... so you might be able to swing either of those in addition to the drinks package (assumed chosen perk for inside cabin) if your sailing is eligible.
  11. How many people would be in the cabin with you? How much time do you typically spend in the cabin? Will there be other cabins in your overall family that you can utilize (balcony wise, sofa wise, etc) if you keep an inside? How often do you use each perk/which perks do you use? I need more information before I can tell you what I'd do. 😁
  12. Agreed - my PCC is fantastic on the phone, but emails are a bit all over the place in terms of response time. I've ended up calling before when my patience for a response wore out.
  13. I watch my prices all the time and call in whenever there's a (significant) price drop. So far my upcoming H6 on the Getaway is now $3,000 less than what I booked it for. My PCC encourages me to call in and rebook anytime the fare changes to something that benefits me. Before final payment is due, of course.
  14. Making sure I understand - You went from 5 people in two cabins to 5 people in the one cabin, yes? You and your wife will be in the master bedroom, which of course is amazing. Your son I assume will be on the couch in the living room? We never tried this so I can't say how comfy that one is. Daughter and SO will be in the smaller 2nd bedroom? They'll have a couch that folds out into what I think was a double bed size, and a pullman that can be utilized if space is really an issue (might work well for additional storage if nothing else). My kids (12 at the time) absolutely loved their room and had zero complaints about comfort. Then again, they camp fairly frequently so they may not know what comfort lovers want! I have heard that you can request an egg crate which makes the bed more comfortable, if needed.
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