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  1. Shesh, you just trolled your own point. Do you even read? "Several cruise operators" is literally in your own text. Also, this is NOT an airline only thing. It's an any kind of travel thing. Planes, ships, vehicles, heck, by foot.
  2. Not far at all, and all flat other than the exploration of the ruins at the end, which is entirely optional. The entire tour is probably a mile or less of walking. It's all pretty close together. Climbing the last set of ruins may not be something people with limited mobility care for, but they could simply walk around the bottom area, or just sit at the base.
  3. Disclaimer - this is all secondhand knowledge but is the result of me researching the heck out of this. No one here seems to know how large the sofa bed is, lol. I've heard from many people that it's a double, but from a few people that it's a king. (??). Someone stated that it can be made out to either size depending on pillow configuration, but I only saw that once. So... confusing. I have seen video evidence on youtube that you can have the sofa made into a smallish bed and they will also make up a cot for a forth person and have that set up under the tv in the
  4. Oh now this is just hysterical. I've not seen the show (people dressed up as cats?) or the recent movie (I saw one trailer and ::shudder::) but my boyfriend at the time way back in college gave me this collection of poetry for some reason. I guess he thought it was good? I tried reading it and ended up throwing it away LOL. I like cats, but not TS Eliot's cats. Thanks for the confirmation that this isn't a show I'd be interested in.
  5. In another thread they showed a picture of the port (Coxen Hole) on January 1. The new dock is finally open! So two ships can dock there now.
  6. https://portnola.com/cruise/faqs Most of the way down
  7. We did the Chacchoben ruins with Mayan family visit and I had my two 12 year old boys with. We all LOVED it. I thought the Mayan family visit would be awkward, but it wasn't at all. Both parts of the tour were awesome, but together they were amazing. Really tied the past and present together. I can't recommend this tour enough. My boys are typical electronics loving, swim and beach loving kids. We did plenty of that at other ports, so I'm sure the difference of this experience helped, too.
  8. Look into Maya Key as an option for a beach that's not crowded. It's an island so they have control over who's there. Plus there's a ton of things to wander around and do.
  9. We were on the Pearl in March 2018 (so... Prime Spring Break season) and never felt overly crowded. That seems to be one of the best things about this size of ship. It's just not crowded. Caveat that if you want to eat somewhere limited, you might need to wait. Asian restaurant you'll want to get there a few minutes before they open or you might be waiting for the second seating for example. I'm sure those who I saw in line for the 45 minutes we were eating felt a bit crowded, for example. But for the most part it's not bad at all.
  10. Wow wow wow! I'm so excited that you got to go scuba diving! That's so great!
  11. I had the same dilemma a year ago, only I was looking between two oceanviews and the deck 11 2 br suites. Originally booked the oceanviews but switched over to the suite. So so so glad I did. They are amazing rooms! And usually not *that* much more than two regular rooms. Having a living room was great. The balcony was awesome. The bathroom alone was worth the additional price - then add on a super nice breakfast and lunch spot, priority boarding, butler service... those rooms spoiled me for anything else, at least when travelling with the kids.
  12. The moon is really neat to watch for a phase. It only rises around sunset near the full moon. Near the new moon, it will actually rise around sunrise. Obviously, it's harder or impossible to see then but it's cool to see the slivers of the moon. what setting on your camera do you use to get those awesome photos that make the world look like a model? I love them so much! Also, sooo glad to see those pics of the port in Roatan. The new dock looks nearly ready for business!
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