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  1. Thanks for your review/thoughts. I thought it was overall quite balanced. We're on the Getaway out of NOLA in 2020 and it'll be our first big ship, but I agree I LOVE cruising down the Mighty Mississip! What did you think about the other parts of the ship - the Waterfront, atrium, bars, roof(s)?
  2. One thing I would add is that the areas on Harvest Caye away from the beach can get rather stuffy, as the breeze is blocked by the trees/buildings. So unless there's a great fan in those pool cabanas, expect it to be breezeless. My husband couldn't take it when we were there in March (he is very hot natured though, and luckily we didn't rent a cabana but were just sitting in chairs around the pool and walking around other areas).
  3. LeesaB

    Getaway internet

    Tried to find this information, but I'm getting blanks or conflicting information (old? different ships? who knows?). Norwegian Getaway. According to NCL's website, it has in-stateroom internet access via wireless connectivity or via ethernet. So first question is - do Getaway staterooms have ethernet access in them? You can read the website as saying you have both options to utilize or you can read it as "these ships have one of these access options, but we're not telling you which". Second question is really only relevant if there's ethernet connectivity. IF there's ethernet in the room, would it be possible to either use a router to broadcast wifi to the room or turn the connected computer into a wireless hotspot to the same effect? Basically, do the ships have some sort of magical detection system that lets them know that we're connecting two devices to the internet at once? I ask because DH must remain fairly connected to his business (hey, he'll still travel with me as long as he can keep the business running, so I'll take what I can get) but sometimes I like to get online as well - facebook mumbo jumbo, internet-enhanced app games. You know, the kind of brain-rotting stuff that the masses love nowadays. Add that to my own limited experience and what I've seen posted by many others in that service can be somewhat spotty on the ship (hey, it's a metal ship, I get it) and I can see why connecting via ethernet in your own stateroom would be a huge plus. TIA
  4. LeesaB

    Breakaway - Live 7/22

    Sounds like a great time. You're very blessed to get to spend this much time with your family. Sent from my KFSUWI using Tapatalk
  5. Subscribing to remind me to look at this later (looks great!)
  6. LeesaB

    I am worried.....

    I've not sailed on Celebrity, so can't compare. I liked NCL's food very much when we sailed - for the most part. We personally don't care for the atmosphere of the buffet (running everywhere to get your food, trying to not cut in line while also not standing somewhere when you shouldn't, then trying to figure out if the rest of your party has started sitting down and WHERE...) but of course those are really only problems when it's really busy. The food was fine to good - there are a number of stations where people will cook you something to order (stir fries, omelettes, etc.). O'Sheehan's was also fine to good - though for some reason, this place seemed to take the longest of anywhere to get your food order. We ate at three specialty restaurants, which were good to excellent. We also ate in the MDR a number of times for dinner and every thing we had there was also good to excellent. I think a lot of the MDR stuff might be what you order - don't expect a fantastic steak from the MDR, though it should be pretty good. And observe other people's food and order accordingly. I noticed their prime rib was rather thinly sliced, for example, so ordered it rare instead of the medium rare I usually get, because you just KNOW it's going to be slightly overcooked when it's thin. And it was perfect. I did have to ask for the horseradish, but what I got was the real deal (so might want to pack a few kleenexes LOL).
  7. LeesaB

    Cozumel Excursions Question...

    My family and I went to Cozumel in March for the first time ever. The kids wanted to swim with dolphins so I got us tickets to dolphin discovery rather than the (at the time) only option from the ship was for another dolphin outfit, but I wanted to see Chankanaab as well so decided to do that. Then when we got there I realized I had forgot to pack my water shoes, so I asked a random port worker which store would have water shoes. He was super helpful and gave me exact directions to LEAVE the port and go to the Mega store a block or so down the road and buy them for much cheaper. I asked a few other people on the way if we were headed in the right direction and every single person I dealt with was super, super friendly and helpful. We got a cab from Mega on to Chankanaab. (Dolphins was amazing, by the way, and Chankanaab was very nice, if a rather busy beach.) Bottom line, I wouldn't feel apprehensive at all about doing your own thing in Cozumel. Enjoy it!
  8. We went with lanyards with our 12yo sons with a lot of yelled "don't forget your lanyards!" as we left the room. They were fine wearing them the entire cruise (except for remembering to grab them as they left. There's a tray in the kids club that the drop them off in, if I remember correctly. Lanyards would help to differentiate their key cards from others as well to make it easier for them to grab it when leaving. Your REAL question should be - do you allow them to check themselves out of the kids club? If you OK it when you sign them up, they can check themselves out after being there for 2 hours.
  9. LeesaB

    What makes it worth and extra $4400.00?

    NOT the Haven experience, but... We are a family of 4... and since my husband snores, we often have slightly different sleep schedules than the kids, and my husband and I like to sleep in our birthday suits, the 2 bedroom suites are a great option for us. One room is simply NOT an option, so we have to look at two rooms. The jewel class ships are great in that they offer these rooms NOT in a Haven, so they're priced rather in the middle of two cheaper rooms vs the same room in the Haven. I believe it was in the neighborhood of $2K more to get the suite than two oceanview rooms, but it was completely worth it for us. We LOVED having our own balcony. The butler service was very nice. The concierge was nice but didn't do much for us. Our favorite amenities were the priority embarkation and disembarkation (both at the beginning and end of the cruise and in the ports)... that can be worth a lot depending. Honestly, once we listed out the pros and cons of two oceanviews vs one two bedroom suite on the Pearl, it was a no brainer. That said, we're not going with the Haven on the Getaway next because holy cow, their prices are astronomically higher. I really wish they would have kept some of those two bedroom suites out of the Haven pricing structure on their larger ships. I love the cleanliness of the booking process vs having to figure out two different rooms and two different sets of whos in what room and who needs what key card to get their rooming situation figured out. No, we didn't get the Haven experience, but from what I have seen on here, a lot of people think it's not worth the extra cost on the Jewel class ships if you can get suite service without the extra $$$. Not sure if this is very relevant but thought I'd weigh in anyway.
  10. LeesaB

    Bliss - Live 4/21

    1. How awesome of NCL to set up empty cabins for you all to tour! 2. Those invitations are AWESOME. 3. Is that a bay leaf on your plate?
  11. Thanks for your review! I'm way late to the party and still have a lot of catching up to do, so I'm not sure if anyone has commented regarding NCL's internet yet, but I was just on the Pearl last month and you could absolutely knock the other device off the internet when you log on. It would pop up with a screen that said another device was logged on and did you want to log them off so you could log on? It was hugely helpful. Maybe this was a recent update as I know they've only recently made a lot of changes to their internet packages.
  12. LeesaB

    Bliss - Live 4/21

    Sooooo looking forward to this review. Great start so far (except the oysters, I could have done without seeing that).
  13. Loving your review!
  14. LeesaB

    Pearl March 2-7 Review

    Thanks so much for your review! We'll be on the pearl in a suite this Sunday so it's extremely helpful. Curious though - what's the point of having a cash account for your kid if they can have more expenses than that anyway? I have two 12 year olds so this is what I was planning on doing...but... ?
  15. LeesaB

    Pocketknives on the ship

    You and DH may be spirit cousins. ;)