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  1. Just booked on the Glory for July! I am so excited. Usually when we book, we usually going in 18 months away, not 11 months, and from FL not NOLA. For those who have been to NOLA, I will have a few days before hand to visit. What do we HAVE to see? What is you favorite part of the Carnival Glory? 347 days till I cruise! Pugs!
  2. FB and google. And update. He called me back! and he was wonderful. He was having internet issues! It was all booked We got 3 cabins touching, for a better deal than I could ever found right in a row! He wasnt pushy at all.
  3. Ugh, I havent heard back from him. I had a call from Carnival yesterday. It rang once then hung up. I called right back and put in that 5 digit direct #, and no answer. I tried twice. I just want to book my vacation!
  4. I am emailing a PVP I found, he seems to have good reviews. Wish me luck.
  5. I was on the splendor before. They have juice on request. I travel with kids. I also love their ceasar salads. I would order them as room service, they were so good. Enjoy.
  6. do you mind sharing you PVP infor? I have always done the esearch myself. But this cruise is now 15 people and 4 rooms and might get bigger.
  7. What is the different than me doing it myself on line or calling the -800 and doing it myself? Is it worth it?
  8. Im sorry you are going though this.
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