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  1. It arrives in San Juan in the evening and is there until midnight. We have family in PR so they were going to meet us there. My husband and I were on the Getaway in August without kids, and I hated the lido deck! It was so small! Food is definitely subjective because we loved everything we had. Even the buffet. But like you said with no free options aside from the water slides it just makes me wonder if he’s going to have fun or am I going spend a boat load on the paid activities. I haven't heard too much about NCL kids clubs for his age group. But I know many people t
  2. I don’t have an issue with a connecting flight, my mom does but that’s on her. We are on separate reservations so whatever she does doesn’t affect me. I was more curious about the schedule and what people have seen. I’d be more annoyed by a flight that departs 12 hours after my ships arrival than a connecting flight. Guess we shall wait and see. I’ve got months to go so I don’t expect to see anything anytime soon. Regardless, I’ll be on vacation so as long as they get me to the ship that’s all that I really care about!
  3. No, we have separate reservations. I flew to FLL for my last cruise on the Getaway out of MIa. You are right it was def cheaper. We ended up renting a car in FLL since we got in a day ahead. It was super easy to just drive to MIA from FLL.
  4. What are you talking about? I never said I had an issue. I was simply asking the question to see what others experience has been. Obviously if I have an issue with it I will book my own flight. That’s just common sense. I already said I’m flying in a day early to avoid cutting it close during the winter and if I have a super late return flight then I’ll just book my own return. Too easy.
  5. I will be flying from DCA or BWI and plan on paying the $25 pp to fly in a day early. My cruise is in Jan and I wouldn’t risk traveling the same day in the winter. In a FB group I am in there is someone traveling to Seattle for her Alaska cruise and they have her flying home 12 hours after her cruise returns. And although there are earlier flights NCL won’t put her on one. So I was curious if others have run into similar situations. I am traveling with my mom and stepdad as well and they are flying from NYC to Miami. I know if they end up with a connection they’ll just end up booking their ow
  6. Thanks for such a good response. I did forget about the slides. I have to admit I’m excited about seeing Encore! It looks like it’s going to be an amazing ship.
  7. We are currently booked on NCL Encore Jan 2020 this will be my son’s first cruise and my third. Once on carnival and once on NCL. They have removed all of the free kids activities on the Encore. No more ropes course and no climbing wall. Race track, laser tag and VR are all fee based activities. We had planned on doing those anyway but would like some free stuff too! I am considering canceling the Encore and going on the Horizon. RC isn’t an option because of the days we can travel. For those that have sailed both which tween area is better for a 12 year old? The Horizon is a 6 day to ocho río
  8. Has anyone successfully used the free air promo without any hiccups? I have the free air for my Encore trip Jan 2020 but I’ve been reading horror stories from those that had horrible flights booked (schedule wise) or simply did not have a smooth process. I did the take all so if I end up booking my own air I won’t lose anything but am interested to hear if anyone had success.
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