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  1. Worked, thank you, somehow I never think of that until someone suggests it.
  2. Site I have used in past to book a cruise and site I am trying again is the same: msccruisesusa.com 1) on my computer I get the "pageunavailable" notice 2) on my tablet when I click on a drop down box to select date or departure port no choices come up - space is blank So I am actually having trouble on both laptop computer and tablet.
  3. ShakyBeef, thank you, appreciate positive report from someone who has used it since 2005. Sounds like I should "jump on board!" Glad to hear it gives 2Xs FPs when paying for a Carnival Cruise. That really was what I wanted clarification on. Again, thank you.
  4. Has anyone been able to book on-line recently? For over a week I have been getting the "PAGE UNAVAILABLE" message.
  5. Debating the pros and cons of the Carnival Credit Card. Any insights? The one things that is not clear to me (and of course I could phone and call) is whether or not you receive "2X Fun Points" if you use it to pay for a Carnival cruise. It says you get "2X Fun Points" when making a purchase on a ship, etc., but I cannot find anything in the print as to whether or not it applies to paying for a cruise.
  6. Be encouraged. We found ship extremely clean and relaxing. Room steward and Dining servers were excellent. Our food was great and the one time I had a tough steak our server brought me a different choice. No complaints whatsoever. It is going into Dry Dock in November - surface about poolside does need changing out. Otherwise we found carpeting/flooring throughout the ship clean and seemed fairly new to us. We would not hesitate to cruise on Armonia again. It always amazes me how people can have such different experiences. Enjoy!
  7. There are two pools plus the splash park for kids which is just as big area wise as each of the other pools, of course not as deep, maybe six inches if that. We sailed Armonia is September.
  8. Would you cruise the Armonia again? Did you hear what they are doing during Dry Dock?
  9. Trust you had a wonderful 14 days. Were there many children on your cruise?
  10. Wasn’t sure if she was still there. Yes try her. She seemed to have more authority than others when we did our match a couple years ago. Our MSC guy gave us her info.
  11. Try this email: stacey.campbell@msccruisesusa.com.
  12. nikkiw60, thank you for posting this information, I asked about it several months ago when I booked the Meraviglia for November, will sign up.
  13. Wow, enjoy, we will be on Meraviglia November 10, have been on Divina and Seaside and Armonia so excited to sail on Meraviglia. (BTW know that Kitchener is in North America - ha - was born there - live in Florida now.)
  14. It is a very nice cafe (always called it Coffee Bar as could never remember “proper” name) and as perakcruiser said it is a very nice place to avoid the masses. If you have the Easy Drink Package almost everything is under $6.00 on the menu so you can try all the options.
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