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  1. We too avoid summer months as typically more kids, but right - with all this at-home schooling who knows - never thought of that. We now go between Carnival and MSC and had four MSC booked, February just got cancelled, April and May and September still there for the moment, so that is why we had to push Carnival to November and beyond.
  2. The prior cruises I rebooked were also more than original cruises, this is first time I was able to find two that were a little less, have lost count of cancellations. I went out to November 2021 and January 2022, sounds like such a long time away, we are not getting any younger!
  3. Something new to me - what is “GoCCL?”
  4. The two cruises we booked this week due to two January cancellations were both slightly less than original cruises and PVP added the difference to our OBCs.
  5. Surprised if OBC would carry over from initial cruise. However if you book 5+5 you get OBC - perhaps that is what someone did - cancelled cruise may have had OBC due to booking 5+5 and if the next cruise was booked with 5+5 that cruise would also have an OBC.
  6. Not sure, but think renewing a Passport is an easier task than getting a new Passport after one has expired.
  7. Had cruise booked on MSC Armonia in February, just got email, they of course are cancelled through February 28, 2021 as well.
  8. BooHoo - February 12, 2021 Armonia cancelled, perfect itinerary, an overnight at Ocean Cay, and great deal - not to be had - got email.
  9. Both of our January 2021 crusies were of course cancelled. I finally gave up and booked out into November 2021 and January 2022, can hardly believe it. (But I do have three MSC cruises booked between February and September and one river boat cruise in Europe in October.) Who knows when our next cruise will really be.
  10. IMHO I think it will take as long as CDC wants it to take.
  11. The money we have put down on 'cancelled' cruises has always been moved to the new cruises we re-book. I have never heard of the original deposit being converted to FCC. Check with someone else if you can, does not sound correct.
  12. We are scheduled for February on Armonia but the confidence I had at the time of booking (a very long time ago) is fading slowing but surely.
  13. I see my Topic was moved, I thought this was addressed somewhere but could not find it so started new Topic. Bury me at sea - that is how I thought it was to work but the Agent I got this aft insisted it was based on the very first cruise I had cancelled. So I made another phone call to Carnival this evening and did get the $600 OBC rather than $300. The Agent initially said it was based on my original cancelled cruise (two booked cruises ago) but I read the letter I got from Carnival (as did everyone else) and it references the length of the most recent cancelled cruise, my January
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