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  1. Not sure if this is worth "bumping" up or not. Still waiting - time frame way beyond what it should have been - have been escalated and was even transferred to a supervisor over a week ago - still waiting. Would be nice to hear some positive reports. What has the Refund/Accounting Department been doing?
  2. Well that's sad! Live on gulf coast of Florida, was hoping for a few easy Armonia cruises out of Tampa, even though a smaller ship have been on her twice and enjoyed both cruises.
  3. Has MSC pulled the Armonia cruises out of Tampa for the near future?
  4. There appear to be October cruises out of Miami on Seaside and Armonia, simply not part of "special" that is running. Unless I am reading it wrong.
  5. When searching for my next MSC cruise I also find fewer “all in” choices than there were in the past.
  6. APDMOM, my refunds (3) were escalated a few weeks ago, not sure if it is working, was initially hopeful, “escalating” sounds like a positive thing, but if everyone who calls in is escalated, well we are still in trouble, still waiting.
  7. We have October 31 on Sunshine out of Ft Lauderdale booked. Now it looks like it is the first time Sunshine will start up again. Only a five day cruise, want to get on a ship! Fingers crossed as well.
  8. Love it at lunchtime. Don’t miss it.
  9. I have had a lot of trouble with searching online since they updated the site. It is no longer “fun” looking for a cruise to book. AV8tor I agree with you completely. Good idea to take screen print pics. There are many issues that need to be cleaned up, I would suggest too many to list.
  10. No light at end of tunnel for me yet - made another call - same story - behind, will show up, past 60 days, might take another month, not too much longer - I need to resist calling - just frustrates me. 1) March 14 requested FCC for March 29 cruise - no tax/fee refund yet 2) April 3 requested normal cancellation of October Med Cruise - no refund yet
  11. Have 3 refunds that have been “escalated” for two weeks now. Called Friday and was told something should show by 5pm that day or call back Monday. Well nothing by 5pm Friday so will see what Tuesday call (just didn’t have energy to call today) brings.
  12. I booked October 31 Sunrise out of Port Everglades last week - not a fan of cruises under seven nights (but might have to become one) - have January 30, 2020 cruise booked but was hoping to cruise before then. So it is “wait and see,” so far still there. Yikes!
  13. March 14 requested FCC for March 29 cancelled cruises. April 24 received FCC. June 20 (today) still waiting for taxes/fees to be returned to credit card. Crazy!
  14. 8 nights plus itinerary great. BTW what is the date of that 8 night Freedom, I love the itinerary. Just in case we have another cancellation coming up!
  15. Still waiting. So far “escalation” has not worked for me. Monday agent suggested I would see something in two or three days. Today, five days later, the agent suggested I would see something at 5pm. My saga continues.
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