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  1. Or if you failed to print your tags in a timely manner then you can get blank ones from a porter. I don't think we will let that happen again!
  2. They can be mailed separately. My Mom and Aunt cruise together but don't live together. They each used the app (actually we did it for them) to order their medallion ahead of the cruise and each one received theirs at their home. Enjoy your cruise.
  3. Mentioning the zip cars reminded me that I also saw those small batmobile things on lower Thames Street. They could be fun too.
  4. No, but the one way streets make driving a nightmare if you don't know your way around. What are you trying to do?
  5. Boston, Bar Harbor and Saint Andrew's via Saint John are the best options as others have said. In St. Andrew's, Quoddy Link Marine has a wonderful naturalist, Danielle Dion. In Boston, there is really only one company doing whale watches. Boston Harbor Cruises collaborates with the New England Aquarium. They have multiple boats. The boats are big, but they usually do a nice job. (I usually go out of Cape Ann or Cape Cod, but that is not an option for you.) All three of these areas will get mysticetes such as humpbacks, finbacks and minkes, along with the occasional right (extremely endangered) and sei (at certain times of the year) whales. Occasionally you can see some toothed whales (dolphins, etc.) as well. It is important to remember that the large whales come home to feed. They will be where the food is plentiful as they need to replace the blubber lost over the winter and get ready for the coming winter down south. Typically, the species that most people want to see are humpbacks as they are generally the most surface active. All three of these areas can see humpbacks and every day the conditions and what you see changes. That being said, I feel Boston is the best area to go whale watching. There are often greater humpback sightings on Stellwagon BAnk and Jeffery's Ledge, etc. Check out their website or Facebook pages to get a sampling of sightings. I have enjoyed spending time with whales for more than 30 years. While each trip is different, some quiet and some active and some in between, I can tell you it is awe inspiring to spend time with these incredible animals.
  6. Yankee Trails goes to both the Manhattan and the Brooklyn terminals when they have passengers scheduled.
  7. You can fly to Albany and rent a car there to visit Cooperstown, etc. Return the car the night before the cruise. Have a car service/taxi/uber pick you up and take you to Yankee Trails in Rensselaer the morning of the cruise. (Provided they have a bus servicing your cruise, but they do most of them.) https://tours.yankeetrails.com/Tours/Cruise_Express_Shuttle/Overview Their phone number is 800-822-2400. (I won't drive in NYC.)
  8. David Moore was on the Caribbean Princess September 4-14, 2019.
  9. The north side of Perotti Park is bordered by Long Wharf. There is street parking on Long Wharf although depending on the day it can be filled. There is a small lot further down Long Wharf on the water side of the street. There is usually street parking on Washington Street which is very close by also. (Grab a lobster roll for the Newport Lobster Shack!) This time of year, the Mary Street parking lot is usually not overly busy also. Enjoy your special time with your son.
  10. A lot of people enjoy Cape Pond Ice. You may like it too.
  11. Sandy, You are very welcome. I will be on your cruise in September. I'm also a scrapbooker/papercrafter. Enjoy your planning. Deb
  12. Clingstone will be seen easily from the ship. It is in the East Passage just off of Jamestown and the ship will sail right passed it. In fact, you should be able to see Clingstone from the ship when she is at anchor. That being said, a sailboat tour of Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bay is fabulous. I highly recommend Sight Sailing. They are on Bowen's Wharf.
  13. We will be on CB in September NY to Quebec. I will be enjoying this thread as our warm up! Thanks for posting. And I give you all a big wave when you are in Newport.
  14. I understand your concerns. In 2017, we were booked on the Island Princess (at that time we had never been on the Coral) for an Alaskan cruise. Then I discovered this site and worried a lot about all of the comments that I saw written about her. We had a fabulous cruise! We fell in love with the Island Princess and would sail on her again. For us, as Alaska is about the destination, we used very few of the venues on the ship. We had great service and enjoyed the food. We never felt crowded. Fast forward to April 2018, we cruised to the Panama Canal on the Coral. We began to understand why people criticized the Island even though she will always hold a special place in our hearts. We fell in love with the Coral. We enjoyed all of the venues, the theatre, the lounges, every inch of the ship. We loved all of the viewing platforms, especially those on the stern of the ship. We received spectacular service from each and every staff member. We felt that the food was very good. We typically prefer the main dining room but we also enjoyed that the buffet is up front with a great view of what is to come. I know that the International Cafe is small and set up next to the casino. I know that some gripe about the smoke seeping into that area. We had no problem, we would get our afternoon coffee and treats and walk a short way down to the lovely seating across from the Explorer's Lounge and watch the world go by. It was quiet and lovely and is our afternoon delight. No ship is perfect, but you can make it perfect for you. Relax and enjoy, Alaska is amazing!
  15. Thank you! I too am following as we are in the process of planning our next trip to Alaska.
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