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  1. Right? Do you remember me? Uh, of course. How can I forget that line you drew through the tip line on your $100 tab!
  2. Amazing that people think tipping extra doesn’t get you better service. Sometimes non tippers do get better service because they happen to be in proximity of a good tipper. I hate it when my best tipping guests are sitting next to people that I know will not tip me because now I have to give them excellent service too. And I am not an anomaly. So, yes, everyone will get good service. Not everyone will get excellent service. Sometimes people get a strong drink because they tip well and sometimes people get a strong drink because they don’t. Doesn’t always mean you’re getting hooked up! 😂
  3. I’ve stayed in pretty much every room type except for the suite. Carnival lists under the suite’s exclusive amenities: pillow top mattresses. Are they indeed different mattresses from the other rooms? i have not had a good nights sleep yet in a cruise because the beds are too firm for me. I even packed a pillow topper last time and lugged it on for nothing. Was not enough. I was thinking a foam topper might work better, but if the mattresses are softer in the suites, I might give it a try.
  4. I’m borrowing my son’s mattress topper. Finally figured out how to stuff it into our duffel bag!!! We leave in 3 days. I’m excited to see if this will help me sleep well on the cruise.
  5. I switched from leaving out of New Orleans to Galveston so I admit I’m not up to date on their prices. Out of of curiosity I went to their site and now they charge different rates for different times of year. Christmas time is $16.50 Jan-May is $15 i checked August and it is $10 So, I guess it depends on when you go.
  6. Past guest gets you a full refund to the payment type you used up to final payment date.
  7. I bought those exact glasses on Amazon last year for our cruise! They are awesome. We had cheers and brought on wine. We poured wine in the room and took it with us to dinner. We poured our wine and mimosas in it all week that we ordered from the bars and restaurants. Had no issues.
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