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  1. He would be in the 2-5 year old group. The next is 6-9.
  2. Thanks everyone. I’ll let her know she can use them if she wants.
  3. I’m so sorry that I suck at the search feature because I’m sure this is asked and answered. I’ve always carried on all my luggage so I’ve never read the luggage lock threads. My mom is cruising with me tomorrow and she is checking hers. If they want to open her luggage, will they unlock it or cut the locks?
  4. I regretted it on my last cruise and will not be purchasing it this cruise. I pretty much break even with coffee and alcohol- but it’s not about the price for me. They took away the kind of wine I like from the “by the glass” option. I was surprised on my last cruise that I didn’t have any Cheers included drink options for my night drinking. I drink cocktails during the day and only wine at night. I was lost on what to drink every night- wouldn’t have had that problem when I was younger! I’ll be getting the wine package this time and buying my one or two cocktails a day. Oh, and I’m bringing on canned coffee to save me trips to the coffee bar. I’ll have to see how the bar tab looks at the end to see if I fared better or worse than usual on overall cost. Either way- I guess it won’t matter since it’s more important I’m enjoying myself!
  5. Yeah- I’ll just swing by when I get on board i guess. I would cancel and rebook, but the cruise is this Saturday. Might as well wait 48 hours and take care of it in person.
  6. I’ve always wondered... could you book both of those TA cruises and vacation in Europe in between? Ive read so many threads on the rules but honestly still don’t fully understand them.
  7. We booked the Steakhouse with the new reservation system where we had to prepay. My dad isn’t coming now. When I go to my documents to select edit, it only gives me the option to cancel the whole reservation. Not actually edit the reservation. Should I wait until I get on board to change the number of guests for the reservation? I wonder how the refund will be handled. I really don’t care as long as I get it!
  8. I didn’t know that! I have only sailed out of those two ports though. (Once they did have Mr Pibb instead out of NOLA)
  9. I prefer to go on day 3. To me, the first 2 nights in the mdr have the best menus of the cruise. And later in the week I’m too full to enjoy the steakhouse.
  10. Thank you both so much! Exactly @HeavyMetalDeacon!! 3 bottles will not be enough for 5 nights!!
  11. I’m switching from Cheers to a wine package this go around. We leave Saturday on the Dream for 5 days. 1. Do you know if you are allowed to purchase 2 wine packages? 2. Do you have a pic or link to the current wine packages offered?
  12. Not at all! I thought it was my steakhouse reservation the first time I saw it too. Until I realized it was the same every day. I just don’t know what my proof would be that I paid if my reservation gets lost. Nothing on the planner, no email, and nothing but a Fun Shop purchase on my cc statement. Hopefully I don’t run into a problem on board.
  13. That’s interesting. My cruise planner looks exactly like yours. It says 5:45 Confirmed under every single day of all the cruises I have booked. Then a link for specialty dining- like yours. 5:45 is when Your Time Dining starts so that makes sense to me. My reservation is for 7. So, that’s definitely not my Steakhouse reservation. Are you sure it doesn’t say the same thing on every day of your planner?
  14. The new system irritates me only because I don’t have any confirmation. I only have a credit card statement that shows I spent that money in the Fun Shop. If they lose my reservation, how can I prove I have pre-paid for dinner?
  15. My cruise planner looks like that for every day of my cruise. I believe that confirmation is your chosen dining time in the MDR. They didn’t even send me an email confirmation.
  16. I hear sometimes they are great. I got a Premier cruise offer but it was $100 more per person than if I booked past guest. It included $50 obc for first two guests and drinks on us for first two guests. An okay deal if both people will gamble enough to take advantage of the drinks. Some people get close to free cruises. It just depends.
  17. Thank you all for the help. We will be on Dream so won’t need anything for Muster unless they’ve moved it from the theater. Im glad to hear someone has had experience with aging down. I’m not sure he will even like it , but I’d like to give him the opportunity to have some more fun.
  18. This one isn’t showing up on mine. 😦 Past guest rates aren’t even showing up since I have this darn casino rate that keeps extending it’s end date.
  19. I’ve never sailed on HAL, but that is not something I would have my child participate in. 7 year olds with up to 17?! And they can leave whenever and with anyone?! My child is autistic, but even if he was neurotypical, I wouldn’t have him go there at 7. Especially with adults coming and going! To each his own, I’m sure parents will still use the service. And everyone has to decide what’s best for them and their child- maturity levels and what not. I’m just really surprised at such a large age group!!
  20. We are taking our son on his first cruise in late September. He will be 6 years old and for the most part is non-verbal. I know he would fit in better with the kids and activities in the 2-5 club. I think the 6-8 club will have activities that are outside of his range of interests and abilities. We are traveling on Carnival. Has anyone been granted an exception to the age groups in the kids club? If so, how and when do I make the request?
  21. My husband and I will be with our 6 year old in late September. We are not interested in water sports, inflatables, or drinking. Just going to play with our son in knee deep water for an hour or two. What we do need is access to bathrooms for sure and possibly lunch/snacks. With discounts, the cheapest excursion through the ship is $100 just for transportation to a beach. Surely there is a cheaper alternative?! I’ve been looking through this forum and trying to figure out what’s best for us. Taino, Lucaya, another beach? Any insight would be appreciated.
  22. 10% off. They ran it Thanksgiving day through Sunday.
  23. Errgh! Thank you. I thought they ended today. And it was on my to do list yesterday!! Edit: I guess it worked out in the end. The excursion we wanted is on sale anyway.
  24. Are the codes still good? Can’t get either code posted in this thread for excursions to work online.
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