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  1. No - there's a pride parade downtown that weekend though that may snarl traffic around 11. https://www.events12.com/seattle/june/
  2. What weekend in June? The Seattle Rock n roll marathon happens in June and that will significantly impact traffic that is already gnarly. It's 35 minutes to SEATAC with zero traffic. THere's likely to be some so plan on at least an hour of travel time. Then our TSA isn't the fastest so you really do need at least 2 hours to get through (unless you are Pre-Checked or first etc.). I wouldn't take a flight any earlier than 12:30. *** I live in WA 😄 ***
  3. The armory has valet, car to door, transportation. Why not just park there and get transported? Thats what we're doing (albeit without the scooter).
  4. Try American airlines Seattle to Miami. It’s ususlly cheaper than a Alaska out of SEA and Miami is an easy trip to the port!
  5. Don't wait in line for the Airline to help at the terminal, call the Airline customer service from your cell phone 😄. The desk agents don't have the same level of authority anyway but customer service can help. We dealt with this in December. Our flight SEA to SFO was delayed by 3 hours. We were destined to miss our connection in SFO and there weren't other flights out of SFO to get us to FLL in time to make departure in Florida. We weren't the only ones with this dilemma on our flight. The others waited in line and got routed to a different flight to SFO - they still likely didn't make the connection. I called Alaska Airlines and explained the situation but asked if they could get us to somewhere in Florida - didn't have to be FLL. Alaska was amazing and they rerouted us (a family of 6) to MIA on American via a direct flight; we actually landed earlier than we would have. We then called Princess and let them know what was going on. They put us on a transfer from MIA to the port instead of FLL. Was it ideal? Nope and next year we're hoping to be able to fly in a day earlier - schedules didn't allow it this time. Did we know if we'd have bags in FL? Nope but FL has Ubers and Walmarts so we would have been ok until our bags caught up. Really my goal was to get to FL in time to make the boat!
  6. Can't speak for Australia - I think you all have a way different vacation schedule than the US but we just got off the Christmas cruise to the Caribbean - there were plenty of kids on board for that one (17 December - 27 December). All our kids found someone their age.
  7. We're flying out of SEA on Sunday, 16 December red eye to FLL (Alaska). Coming back late on the 27th! Shuttle is scheduled to pick us up around 3:30 I believe. I'm super excited as are the kids. They've got a cruise countdown going on instead of an Advent calendar 😄. We're actually in Lacey, just over the Thurston County line - what about you?
  8. No! Thats whats even cooler! SEA is an Alaska hub which helps!
  9. If you can adjust flights it may be a good thing to check prices today if you're flying around Christmas. I just scored round 6 trip flights, SEA to FLL for less than $250 each in December! I used Princess EZ air but it was a huge price drop from the original flights!
  10. Try again with a different agent. On our next cruise (Christmas) I have my kids in one room and the spouse and I are in the other. The rooms are linked and noted as such. We had to book through princess but the rep knew how when we explained what we wanted.
  11. We went April 4th. Saw turtles, Rays and Barracuda!
  12. They’re still disembarking till at least 9:30 (we just left) but we were onboard by 12:30 last week!
  13. I'm willing to bet its las calentas.
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