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  1. Following since we just booked a Nov 2022 cruise on Panorama. Like the OP I've been on Princess and Holland but never Carnival. I decided to go with Carnival for the price and the fact we're going with 2 other families. We splurged and went with the Havana rooms so we have rooms 6474, 6478 and 6480. Our reservations are linked - what else do we need/want to know?
  2. 1 - there are beaches all over the Island - you walk, it's not far from one end to the other. 2 - there is a childrens play area and some kind of child care on the island. My kids are older so we didn't use either.
  3. We were at Princess Cays December 2018 so this is based on that time. 1) do you request a specific cabana or are you assigned one Assigned one - though they're all together (unless you go for the adults ones) 2) when do you find out which cabana you have on board or on the island On the island when they take you over to them 3) can any one recommend a cabana that is close to a beach that's not too rocky THey're all in the same place - the beach close isn't too bad and there are steps to the sand. 4) how far from the tender drop off are the cabana's Maybe a 10 minute slow walk? They'll give you a ride on a golf cart!
  4. No - there's a pride parade downtown that weekend though that may snarl traffic around 11. https://www.events12.com/seattle/june/
  5. What weekend in June? The Seattle Rock n roll marathon happens in June and that will significantly impact traffic that is already gnarly. It's 35 minutes to SEATAC with zero traffic. THere's likely to be some so plan on at least an hour of travel time. Then our TSA isn't the fastest so you really do need at least 2 hours to get through (unless you are Pre-Checked or first etc.). I wouldn't take a flight any earlier than 12:30. *** I live in WA 😄 ***
  6. The armory has valet, car to door, transportation. Why not just park there and get transported? Thats what we're doing (albeit without the scooter).
  7. Try American airlines Seattle to Miami. It’s ususlly cheaper than a Alaska out of SEA and Miami is an easy trip to the port!
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