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  1. We’ve been to Ft Lauderdale 4 times since July 2020. Felt safer COVID wise there than we felt back in Illinois
  2. Anyone have any info on how the repairs on the Nieuw Amsterdam are going? TIA
  3. I’ve ordered Grey Goose, Knob Creek when it was still available and Patron with DOU
  4. How late can you purchase the SBP before your cruise and still get the reduced price? TIA
  5. We’re sailing Feb 8 (hopefully) on the Nieuw Amsterdam. Can anyone tell me who the Piano Players were on your cruise and if you know how long their contract runs for. TIA Keith
  6. We’re on the February 8th sailing. Is this something that should be completed within this week time frame as long as it goes as planned. Or we looking a a possible shortened cruise?
  7. We always tip extra in cash to our bartenders. To us it has made a difference. Especially to 1 bartender in Particular. It was on Carnival. Eduardo was on his last week of his contract. 4 months later we’re on a different carnival Ship. We were one of the first people on board after the wedding parties etc. We always go to the Red Frog rum bar for our first drink on board. We were about 30 feet from the bar and I Told my wife I think that’s Eduardo from our last cruise. He had seen us and by the time we got to the the bar he had our drinks siting on the bar and welcomed us back on board
  8. Anyone have a current price list for mixed drinks on Holland. TIA
  9. Anyone have any reviews of Alexandra. She’s supposed to be our Piano Player on our Victory cruise in October. TIA Keith
  10. Anyone know who the Piano Player will be on the Victory October 7 or is it too early thanks Keith
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