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  1. swscruiser

    Swingers and Pineapple Door signs

    Now That's FUNNY
  2. swscruiser

    Weather in January in new Orleans

    Could be in 70s could be in the 40s normally somewhere in the 50's - 60's during the day
  3. swscruiser

    Taxi on return to NOLA.. questions

    taxi is a flat rate $8pp now and available as soon as you leave the terminal no reason to carry all you stuff and get on the street car
  4. swscruiser

    Cost of cocktails?

    Alchemy uses premium Spirits and most are martinis that are made with more Liquor than a gin and Tonic. So I agree it is the best bank for your Buck
  5. swscruiser

    Steakhouse reservation requests

    No Extra Entres unless you pay for it
  6. swscruiser

    Beverage Package Drink Limit

    We were on the Eurodam in Jan this year and non alcoholic drinks were covered bu not counted toward the 15 Limit
  7. Anyone know who will be the piano players in late October on The Nieuw Amsterdam TIA
  8. swscruiser

    Are we allowed to bring travel mugs?

    No Problem. We always use ours, If you're filling them in the lido please use regular glass and fill them from the glass and not straight from the dispenser
  9. swscruiser

    Get rid of the art and auction

    Someone once said "Art is in the eye of the beholder". Just because you don't like something doesn't mean no one else does. No matter what you think, if someone purchased a painting for whatever amount they spent for that piece and are happy with their purchase who are you to criticize them. And no I have not nor would I purchase artwork on a Cruise Ship.
  10. swscruiser

    Not just breaking even with Cheers......

    We do Not drink more than we would w/o Cheers For us its about port days versus sea days. On a 7 day cruise with 3 or less port days we'll do Cheers
  11. swscruiser

    A Blast From the past!

    Our first cruise was on the celebration when she was only 6 months old. And we have her to thank for the next 51 cruises
  12. swscruiser

    Carnival Triumph worth the risk?

    Sailed her 3 times. Actually one of our favorite ships
  13. swscruiser

    What's your favorite bar?

    Daytime Red Frog Rum Bar Bight Alchemy
  14. swscruiser

    How Quickly do you have to pick up your bags?

    this is what happened to us. We got our luggage got to our cab and realized we had one piece of someone else;)'s luggage tried to take it back in and was stopped but customs explained to them what happened but still would not let us back took over an hour to get approval from customs before we were able to get back in.