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  1. Just my thoughts from what I am hearing "behind the scenes". I work as a nurse but don't think what I am hearing is the absolute truth so take that into account. If you normally get a flu shot and you take reasonable precautions (masks when out in public, social distance yadda yadda yadda) and you don't have major health conditions you may be okay going to Florida before the vaccine is out. If I remember correctly you are not going to a huge metro area, (more rural?) plan on being outside for golf and sunshine. Stay off the beach during spring break and you are probably ok. grin.
  2. Not so. I work with a nurse that travels back and forth US to BC. She said she is considered "essential" and therefore does NOT have to and does NOT quarantine. And she is not the only one. There are quite a few nurses traveling back and forth on a weekly basis that are not quarantining.
  3. I am right there with you but as long as someone is willing to book they are going to take the money. It is cash flow for them and keeps them floating (pun intended).
  4. Maybe it is just my sisters luck but two years in a row the cruise she was on missed the Halifax port stop because of weather.
  5. I called today to cancel a cruise on Princess that sails out of Florida in Feb 2021. I was asked if I wanted to wait a few more months to cancel as I would receive double my deposit when Princess cancelled as those voyages would not be sailing. I asked "You are telling me Feb of next year will not sail?" and He repeated "correct and you would get double your deposit if you wait until we cancel". I again asked "Feb of 2021 is a no go?" and again I was told "correct". Take it for what you want. I did cancel and was told he could not tell me how long it would take to get
  6. You expect your clients to explain to you that they have "clear monetary need" before you will go to bat for then? Unbelievable
  7. I can guarantee that is EXACTLY what I was told by Princess yesterday on the phone and NO it was not a phone rep this came directly from Jan's office. As I said keep believing their line to you or maybe take a long hard look at all the posts on here from people upset about their LACK of refunds and caring from Princess.
  8. You keep believing the line they are feeding you if it makes you feel better. As I said my sister is doing this from home for a company with a ton more requests than Princess and said we are being feed a line from Princess and if we want our money we had better file soon or we will be waiting in line due to bankruptcy.
  9. Cruise lines are NOT doing the best they can. They are NOT refunding the fares they said they would refund. Princess told me that if I wanted my money back "you will have to do a charge back to your credit card". I have to make my house payment and feed my family so I will do what Princess recommended. My sister works from home processing credit card refunds and told me that what Princess claims is a crock and that I should do what Princess themselves told me to do and contact my credit card company and do a charge back.
  10. I may have missed something here (not unheard of for me) and I read the article twice BUT this is talking about Victoria. I do not see anywhere that the Vancouver port is cancelling ships. If I missed that in this article can someone please point it out to me. Maybe it is my wishful thinking.
  11. Every cruise I have booked with Princess I have had to check a box to either accept or decline the insurance. I could not continue with the booking until I did that step. I book directly with Princess. If you book directly with Princess then you have been "informed" of this option if you don't think so it is because you are not reading what your are booking. If you book through an agent and have never heard of this option then it is your agents fault not Princess. Of course for those not in the US this option may not be available but your profile states you
  12. lbfluffy Have fun on your cruise. I am doing the Panama canal in 2021 and can't wait. I look forward to hearing about your fun. For others that state travel insurance with credit cards has been reduced or dropped my recent experience confirms this. I just returned from an international trip where I notified my credit cards of my travel plans. Was notified by American Express that they had reduced their travel insurance ( basically no coverage). Bank of America and Citi bank notified me that they (as of July 2019) no longer provide travel insurance.
  13. I second Pescado Amarillo's blog. I think this is their 10th season cruising for the winter. She has a lot of information on her blog. You can go back and read previous seasons. She has information about how they prepare the house to be away, set up bills, meds, checking on her mother, phone service. It is truly a great service and fun reading. I have to read her daily blog before going to bed after work each morning during season so I can make it through the winter.
  14. I was on the Golden in Alaska August this year. The internet is extremely slow and frustrating. I ended up doing what I needed internet for while in town on port days. Now I had very minimal need to send or receive anything over the internet so this worked for me. I was also gifted the 120 min I had but if I had to pay for them I don't think I would have been happy.
  15. Can I just say I love the bolded and underlined part. I would love to have you as a mother in law. From this statement it tells me you really know the "kids" you are gifting. Please don't let some of the comments here get to you. As others have stated you can do all the pre work without them knowing. The Ocean ready part can wait until you get to the ship. Have a great cruise and enjoy your beautiful family time.
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