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  1. We rented a bungalow in Columbus Cove in July. It was $265. What I loved was the quiet beach that was roped off for only the bungalows. I like to meet people, but I don't like to be a sardine on a beach. The bar and food area was close. An attendant would get drinks for you if you wished. There was shade and sun. You also got two floats. We loved it and will rent another one for our cruise next summer. I hiked over very early in the morning to have a choice in bungalows as they are first come first served. We took the tram back. We had a bit of a wait, but I didn't mind. I am just happy to be on vacation.
  2. Agree! We are booked on Symphony next summer and I was checking out pictures to see if it had the same sad chairs.
  3. I am sorry to be late to the party. After a July cruise on HOTS, I didn't visit CC. We just booked last week on Symphony and am trying to catch up. Will the guidelines be changing for all Cruise Planner purchases, or just The Key? I can't recall canceling anything once I buy it. However, I am interested in the Coco Beach Club pass. Since it is new and not up and running, I was thinking that I could cancel it if the reviews were not favorable.
  4. As with so many things Royal Caribbean, I think it is wonky sometimes. For our HOTS sailing last July, I was able to get two price drops. My family had 4 separate bookings and all cabins were right in a row. On the last price drop, I was able to keep my OBC which I had not used yet. However, another family member did not reprice because she was told that she would have lost the OBC credit when she called. We had the same online travel agent, but we spoke with different people.
  5. When we first checked in for our July Harmony cruise, we had Expedited arrival. Then a bit later, it was gone. I don't even remember where it was listed or how I knew it was gone. But it was disappointing to lose it. I don't even remember seeing anything for expedited arrival once at the port. It seems pretty wonky.
  6. Glad you are back! We leave on Harmony in 1.5 weeks! Our St. Maarten excursion will bus us over to the French side and then a ferry to Pinel Island. It has been years since I have been to SXM and am wondering about the damage. It is a love/hate relationship with ship excursions for me as well. Too afraid to book them outside. But when I am on the cattle herding excursions, I start changing my mind. The anxiety of being left behind wins out though. Thanks for the report!!
  7. My son is wondering about the differences in speeds between the two. He would be doing things like Snapchat and Discord. Thanks for your help.
  8. Many thanks for the reassurance! This will be my first "on your own" shore excursion without DH. I will also be responsible for my young adult children and nieces. I worry too much!!
  9. What month are you arriving? We arrive at 2pm in July. As far as I can tell, we are the only ship in port that day. Summer is the low season in the Caribbean. We are sailing on the Harmony of the Seas. So there will be quite a few of us. But compared to the winter months when more than one ship is in port (maybe several ships), I am not expecting huge tourist crowds. Long story longer. . .😉 Just always be aware of your surroundings when visiting any Caribbean island. No need to worry or anything. Just take care. I have actually been to San Juan twice and lived in the USVI. But it was quite a while ago.
  10. Thank you for posting! We will follow your lead in three short weeks! When I first did online check in, "expedited arrival" showed on my Set Sail Pass. Maybe it said "expedited check in." Then it disappeared a few days later. Strange. . . Wishing you a wonderful trip!!
  11. I will be walking through Old San Juan with my young adult children. We are sailing into PR via Royal Caribbean. Does this route seem to be safe? Leave ship Follow the Paseo de la Princesa Enter the Puerta de San Juan Go to Calle del Cristo Left on San Sebastian Right to the fort Tour Fort Head back to ship via Calle del Cristo Left on Calle Fortaleza (after seeing umbrellas??) Right on San Justo towards ship Thanks for any help/recommendations!
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