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  1. On the Summit currently, skipped St Kitts for St. Lucia. I believe due to COVID rates in St. Kitts
  2. I have booked a 4 x 4 beach experience in the morning and then another excursion to the Baths when we are in Tortola next week. We will see how it goes! I tried to double book a morning and afternoon beach excursion at the same spot and just skip the bus rides in between, riding back to ship with the afternoon group, but was told no. I may ask again after we board on Saturday.
  3. I would love to hear about your port day in Barbados! We are booked to snorkel with turtles next Monday. Are you able to visit any of the shops?
  4. Love your post! We are on the July 10 sailing. We have a Sky Suite as well. Are you using the pool deck or Retreat area? How is Luminae? Hope you had a fun port day!
  5. We will be in Tortola for a day week of July 10 for just a day on the Celebrity Summit. Wondering if anyone is offering/taking private tours yet? Would you recommend sticking with ship excursions for now?
  6. We sail on the summit July 10th. I didn't see the Beach Hop tour! Can you tell more about it? I may call and ask. We don't usually do ship tours either, but making the best of what is available!
  7. Does anyone have information on issues with the Summit? We are booked to sail out of St. Maartan in July.
  8. We are scheduled for the same itinerary (Tortola and St. Kitts) July 10. Shore excursions are my biggest anxiety! Please share what you learn for your cruise ports!
  9. We called that day and Celebrity corrected the error. Thanks for your thoughts!
  10. Our booking never showed as cancelled. It definitely got wonky - couldn't access links, etc. I just kept checking. When it made the switch of ships and ports earlier this week we had a new cabin as well. Still a Sky Suite, just not the same category/location.
  11. Good luck to all! I am all about upgrading when you have the opportunity. Celebrity should be ensuring no one has a lesser cabin!
  12. After a 40 minute phone call, we are back in 6146. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else!
  13. We just were able to see the changes to our reservation posted on the Celebrity site. We are in the same category, but not the same room. We chose our Sky Suite specifically for location and bathroom layout. We are moved from 6146 to 6130. 6130 is right by the elevators with an obstructed view. I am currently on hold with Celebrity after being told someone else had booked our suite on this sailing before us? Makes no sense! If you haven't called to confirm your cabin, my advice is do not wait!
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