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  1. Until you read John Healds post which says an antigen quick test is approved for unvaccinated, and in the carnival website which says an unvaccinated individual will need an antigen test to get on the boat... Clear as mud. Either way, I'll schedule my child a PCR and hope the results come in on time. At this time it doesn't appear to be a problem.
  2. Does anyone know if the Emed Abbots antigen test is accepted for kids under 12. The carnival website (and also John Heald Facebook post) says that unvaccinated guests need to have a PCR test, but then also states that a rapid test through Emed or Optum is accepted for all guests if completed correctly. So what is it? Can a kid under 12 use a rapid test or does he need to go to CVS and get a PCR and hope it's back in time for embarkation?
  3. Cvs has an hour turn around for which test? PCR?
  4. Went and got mine done at the local DMV here in mid July. Was supposed to get it mailed back by mid Sept, but mine actually arrived a month early. Still haven't gotten my BC back yet tho....
  5. That's what I figured. Thought there might have been some leniency due to the fact that my 10 year old son can't even get vaccinated yet. Bummer. Guess we will have to cancel and go to universal instead.
  6. Has anyone cruised with a child under 12 during the covid restrictions and can tell me definitively if they can leave the ship or are they banned from leaving the ship because they are technically considered unvaccinated? I've called Carnival 2x on this and both times I got two separate answers. The first lady said my child can leave the ship with me on port days unhindered, and the other one said they can only leave of they are on a "bubble tour" and cannot deviate from said tour. Then said that if no bubble tours are available, they have to stay on the ship. Kinda defeats the purpose of a cruise if I can't leave the boat with my kid to enjoy the ports, as they aren't offering "childcare" for under 12. Thanks in advance.
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