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  1. The 17th floor is fantastic. It's definitely worth upgrading to a CLS. We've done a CLS on Allure and will be in Symphony in a CLS in just over a week!
  2. Thanks for the great posts and safe travels! FYI, tart cherry juice has been shown to treat the symptoms of gout... it works!
  3. Charlie is the best! He was our Genie last month. You will have a great cruise.
  4. Two of us rode ifly on Anthem and we both wore our glasses.
  5. I was on Anthem in April with a genie. Overall, I thought having a genie on Anthem was great and very helpful. There are many activities on Anthem that require a reservation or waiting in a line... the genie helped with all of that. We did all of the activities, some multiple times. Near the end, our genie asked if there was anything we wanted to do. My kids said let's go on the bumper cars again (we probably ended up doing the bumper cars 4x overall). Out genie said let's go and we walked right on, despite a very long line. It was great!
  6. Great review! I bet I can guess which neighbor left their balcony door open. [emoji848][emoji263]
  7. I found the exact same thing on pricing. Traveling Star Class on Allure in October, but Sky Class on Symphony in October 2019 for the same price. Star on Symphony next year was double the price of Star on Allure this year.
  8. Here's a classic one, bring a fun size Tootsie roll. Form it into a turd shape. Plant it in a friend's room when they are not looking, then "find" it and say there must be rats. Pick it up, smell it and take a bite. Hat tip, Caddyshack.
  9. Exactly... oil prices rising means increased costs. Plus, non oil inflation also increasing.
  10. It's hard! I did it with my teen age kids. I'm 45 and they are 16 and 13. Not too many adults were successful at doing the tricks. The rate for kids was higher. Flexibility and arm / shoulder strength are key. Also, I would pass if you are over 180 pounds. If you have any problem, the guy on the rope has to take the weight. When I dismounted, he went flying into the air! [emoji43]
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