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  1. Wow, well that was pretty rude of you!!!! So it's OK for people to complain on this thread... but not for me to say that if people don't like it they have the option to go elsewhere???? I was following this thread because I am booked on the Encore next year and am interested in the progress... but it suddenly turned into page after page of NCL-bashing and you have the gall to tell me to go elsewhere??? Well thank you, I certainly will.
  2. Exactly! If you don't like the lay out... don't book this ship. It really IS that simple. If you don't like the NCL brand... don't book NCL! Life is short, spend your money on what makes YOU happy! There are plenty of cruise lines to go around. ;)
  3. We were on the Escape in April and Adrian confirmed he'd be opening the Encore. We are booked for May of 2020 in the Haven and he counted on his fingers and said he'd still be there in May. :)
  4. I totally agree... it threw me for a loop the first time too. ;) My sister saw the confirmation and asked if we were getting a spa treatment on day 1 and that 4:01pm seemed "very specific". She was super excited when I told her it starts at 4:01 and goes all week. Oh, not sure if anyone mentioned this, but the spa generally closes early on the last night. 8pm on the big ships hs been the norm in my experience. Have a GREAT cruise!!
  5. It's normal... access to the spa starts right after sail-away. The passes are good from that point forward. :)
  6. If I do nothing else on a cruise... I buy the Spa passes! I think my Hubby would literally die if he couldn't go to the steam room every morning. lol Seriously though the Escape spa is great. It's large and QUIET (no kids allowed) and relaxing. Literally one of my favorite places to go. :) I know some people are saying to go tour it before you buy, but bear in mind the price is higher if you purchase on board. I've seen some posts from people saying they purchased, toured and didn't like it and were given a full refund, but I can't confirm that to be true. I think you and your sister will LOVE it. My sister and I are leaving on 4/14 and I splurged and got us both passes, she is going to be so happy to have a quiet place to retreat to... especially considering we are traveling on an April vacation week... YIKES! Well, we are in Haven anyhow, so hopefully it won't be too hectic. Good luck and have a GREAT trip!
  7. Le Bistro HANDS DOWN! ;) By far my favorite specialty restaurant. :)
  8. I wasn't citing the "rules"... I was citing my own personal experience and our voicemail said "no jeans". Get over yourself!!!!
  9. As mentioned previously Le Bistro DOES have a dress code and they even called our room the afternoon of our reservation to "remind" us of it. No shorts, jeans, tanks, etc. We were well aware of the dress code... but for anyone that wasn't the reminder would have surely been appreciated as I saw a quite a few people show up dressed inappropriately (hoochie shorts and a crop top on one young lady). We had a lovely table by a window on the Escape last fall and we could see them turning away a TON of people... many very underdressed... but Le Bistro is also a busy specialty restaurant, so they could have also been people without reservations stopping to see if they could get in. Hubby wore khakis and golf shirts and I wore capris and a blouse or a sundress with a light sweater to every specialty restaurant we visited and we were dressed fine. :)
  10. I second the profiteroles at Le Bistro, also the crème brulee... and the Napoleon. ;) Steer clear of the raspberry crème brulee at Cagney's though - major let down. If you do Teppanyaki, I thought the fruit was way better than the cake too. In the MDR, you can never go wrong with the chocolate lava cake!
  11. As princess_mom mentioned above there are all sorts of tables in the venue. We told them our party size when we arrived (there were 9 of us, 3 of which were kids) and we were seated at a long table by ourselves. The kids were right next to the stage at the close end of the table and we sat by height accordingly down the length of the table. We went in 2017 so I can't necessarily confirm this pricing is still in effect, but when we went there was a small upcharge to use your SDP of $10 for regular seating and $15 for premium seating. Based upon our experience there weren't any "terrible" tables in the venue. It's a pretty intimate space, but we also sailed off season so the show definitely wasn't full, so you might want to get some feedback from others who may have sailed during peak season. We all enjoyed it. The food was decent and the show was good. It's not a super long show, but the kids really enjoyed it and the performers interact during dinner and were great about taking pictures with the kids, etc.
  12. It was $199pp in October pre-purchase if you called in to NCL. We went every day and varying times and it was never super busy. The usual thermal lounger hogs, but other than that we had no issues utilizing everything. I felt it was well worth it. :)
  13. Ship - Escape Deck - 17 Stateroom # - 17122 Stateroom Category – H5 Starboard or Port Side - Port Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Very quiet, we didn't hear any noise at all Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - No Balcony View - Port side view, no obstruction Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - Normal size Was wind a problem? - No If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - N/A Any specific problems with this cabin? - No issues with cabin during our cruise Any other comments? -
  14. Has anyone been in Haven Spa Suites 15860 through 15864? Curious what the noise from above is like. I've read that the Suites on the other side are noisy starting at 6am from the gym above, but the starboard side Spa Suites are located under the beauty salon and barber shop and I can't find any information on whether there is constant noise from above, etc. Thanks!
  15. We sail out of NYC regularly and there's really no rhyme or reason as to what kind of disembarkation we might get on any given cruise. I've had the impossible waits and winding all over the ship to literally exiting our stateroom and being in our car 20 minutes later with our longest waits being Customs and waiting for the elevator to the roof parking lot. I've seen lines for miles in Customs as well as almost walking right up and only waiting for a couple families in front of us. It doesn't matter the size of ship either... it just seems like some day's you're the windshield... some day's you're the bug. ;) As for the luggage tags... well that's a JOKE! There are always sooooooooo many people with later tags in line in front of us and they are just allowed to leave with those of us that specifically picked the early self-disembarkation tags. Personally, if you are in line with a later luggage tag I wish they'd pull those people aside and not let them off the ship until their time. That would definitely help with some of the problem, but alas the "entitled" ignore the announcements and just do what they want, that's apparently the way the world works now. *insert sarcasm* For people that really get super worked up about disembarkation I would suggest splurging and staying in the Haven as you get priority disembarkation, which is awesome and fast. *Disclaimer: we sail a mix of Haven and regular cruises (Haven with Hubby and regular with my Sister on 'girl weeks') and have seen long and short lines in both cases, the only difference is you get to bypass the lines (if there are any) when you sail Haven which makes disembarkation even faster.
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