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  1. Really interested in this topic.  We are cruising Princess for the first time in January 2020 so any insights, whether we call them 'hacks' or not will be appreciated.


    We will be on the Sea Princess to Papua New Guinea in a balcony cabin which I found out after booking is mostly covered.  All Ok by us - not complaining.


    Prior to booking we also didn't know that you could bring 1 bottle of wine per person on board.  And, pay the corkage on additional bottles - bonus.

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  2. Thank you very much for the information andlep.  This will be our first P&O cruise so most things will be new, including 'anytime dining'.  We have always wanted to do a Chef's Table experience so will take your advice and make a booking asap. 


    Any other information you can provide to make the most of this cruise would be really helpful.  Not much on the Pacific Explorer specifically on this Board.

  3. This will be our first P&O cruise and I was wanting to book the Chef's Table.  Never done this before on any cruise so any useful information would be really helpful.  We are on the Pacific Explorer to New Caledonia in July.


    1. It is worth it? Most important.

    2. Do they have this option every day of the cruise? presume it may only be available on a sea day. 

    3. Can we book this ahead of time?  There is currently no option to do so when I log into our cruise.


    Any information will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

  4. Inside cabin is showing $4869 pp  and $10,099 pp for Princess Grill - other categories already sold out.

    So, there must be a mistake to be showing $725,000 unless there are quite a few people in the group booking - like lots!!


    Agree there were no Bogans at all, but we met a few who couldn't help telling us how fantastic they were and how many amazing 'Cunard' cruises they did, and how the food is not as good as it used to be, etc etc. 


    Still think it was a great cruise and Cunard really know how to do Christmas well.

  5. That's a great holiday.  Can't wait for Hubby to stop teaching so we can go outside of school holidays.  Jealous!


    We are paying lots to go in July to the South Pacific - first time for us by ship and then in January to Papua New Guinea.  Staying relatively local this year due to family commitments.


    Hope everyone is enjoying their cruising.

  6. We are going on our first Pacific Explorer cruise in July to New Caledonia.  Thinking about taking a couple of shore excursions that include the beach & snorkeling.


    Are we allowed to take the ship's pool towels on excursions with us?  Or should we pack our own from home? 


    Thank you for your input.

  7. We did the Christmas cruise with Cunard to the Canaries in 2017/18 and it was just wonderful.  The weather, once we arrived in the Canaries was warm and sunny.  Cunard did great Christmas & New Year events including a midnight buffet on New Year's Eve.  The fireworks in Maderia was amazing.


    There were a few children on board, but because we had the late sitting for dinner hardly saw them.  There was a special children's song event in the ballroom which was lovely.  Even though we travelled without children we attended.


    The Christmas decorations are out of this world.

  8. Just for your information, we boarded our flight to Australia just over a week ago in Dubai.  The last time we were there was in 2015 and one of the biggest changes we noticed is that they have an extra, hand security search in their 'holding area', just before boarding the plane.


    This is after, checking in, going to the gate, then showing your boarding pass & passport to then be sent to another 'holding area' before actually getting on the plane.  Here all fluids above 100mil  were confiscated - even water in baby bottles!  All duty free!  Though there was some sort of system with the duty free where staff were taking it off the passengers and saying that it would be available when they arrived at the other end.


    We were caught because I bought two bottles of water (airside - secure) while waiting at the gate so my husband could take his medication when we boarded the plane.  Sometimes it takes quite a while before they get around to handing out a drink.  This water (sealed) was confiscated!  Everyone was hand searched.

  9. Thanks everyone for your input. We are currently planning on:


    Day 1: Walk to Jewish Ghetto and then to San Marco - over to San Giorgio Maggiore. In the evening we have a concert booked at Church of the Pieta. Lots of stops all day for coffee/cake, lunch and an early dinner.


    Day 2: Island Day - Torcello first, then Burano. If we have time we will pop into Murano.


    We are still thinking about the People Mover. Depends how many people head in that direction. Walking is OK with us. It takes about 10 minutes (Google) to walk from the Passenger Terminal to Piazzale Roma. Plus the extra time from the actual dock to the Terminal building.


    According to my research (may be wrong) the ship leaves late at night around 9pm. So if we get back a bit later that should be OK. But will change plans and delete Murano if we have to be back earlier.


    Cheers and thanks again.

  10. Thanks wenlyn - we were thinking the same thing. Decided to walk from the ship to the Jewish Ghetto for the first day.

    Second day, we will go to the Islands. This will give us time on the first day to organize a Vaporetto pass after the crowds organize theirs earlier on the first day.


    We have been to Venice before for 5 whole days so this time we are going to concentrate on the things we missed out the first time.

  11. Thanks for your insight kohl57. May I ask your opinion of using the People Mover. Was it close by? Not that walking is an issue for us, just wanted to get a clear idea of distance.


    Also was it a cat fight to get a Vaporetto pass (48 hours) at Piazzale Roma?


    Again, trying to get insight into possible delays to organize the logistics before actually embarking on our DYI Islands journey.


    The reason I asked about the Cunard shuttle is that we are attending a concert that finishes late on the first day (9.30pm) which is about 10 minutes walk from San Marco square. I thought it might be easier to just catch the shuttle. But, following your comments, at $24pp we are better to just catch the Vaporetto - using our 48 hour pass.

  12. I have read on old threads that Cunard provided a 'shuttle' from the ship to San Marco. Old costs quoted $20 for the 2 days (overnight stop).


    1. Would anyone know if this is still offered? and the current cost?; and


    2. If you paid the 'Cunard Fare' would this shuttle be complimentary?


    Many thanks for your input.

  13. We have a small amount of OBC and were thinking about using it to either:


    1. Buy a bottle of wine for dinner; or

    2. Use it to contribute towards a wine package


    Is that possible after embarking? Or do we have to buy the wine package prior to embarkation?


    Thanks in advance for your responses.

  14. Absolutely agree, very easy to follow the rules. I fly Qantas quite often, in fact 3 times this week - busy week.


    The main reason I was given by Qantas to maintain the 7kg limit, is that if there is an issue where the overhead lockers open in flight, 7kg is heavy enough to cause serious injury. Imagine what 12 kg would do. Let alone the overhead locker hoggers!!


    Flying international (New Zealand) increases your chances of check in staff questioning the carry on bag.


    I have often seen Qantas staff at the boarding gate take away bags from passengers that are deemed to be either too big, too many bags, eg carry on, suit bag, large laptop bag. A bit embarrassing, so I would check it in.

  15. Glad it all worked out. Canberra airport is pretty good and they are really used to international connections.


    There are mainly Dash 8 flights Canberra- Sydney (it's only 30-35 minutes in the air). I always take a carryon that fits into a standard jet overhead locker, they then take my carryon off me and tag it as 'premium hand luggage' which is placed manually by the baggage handlers onto the plane just before I climb the stairs into the aircraft.


    On arrival, I wait (along with all the other passengers with premium hand luggage) for the baggage handlers to bring over our carryon that cannot fit into the overhead lockers on a Dash 8 just near the plane.


    Enjoy the holiday.

  16. Correct - UHT. I'm with Camgirl don't drink the coffee and have my tea black. Normally would have white tea at home.


    However, I must admit, a quick dash off the ship to a great coffee shop, is a great way to start a port excursion:D

  17. I am a Latte drinker, or a Flat White. I didn't like any of the coffee served on the QE including in the Carinthia Lounge.... It was the milk! Big difference when fresh milk is used. We waited until we were in port and then hopped into the nearest coffee shop.

  18. Living in Canberra we have done this quite often. A Qantas to Qantas connection - you are checked in at the Canberra counter and your baggage (large bag) gets checked in all the way through to your over seas destination.


    Your carryon - will be too big for the Dash 8. Not to worry, when you go to board the Dash 8 at the counter where you get your boarding pass scanned for the last time before entering the plane (you will have to walk onto the tarmac), the Qantas staff person will put a 'premium hand luggage tag' on your carryon. You will then give your carry on bag to a person waiting near the plane baggage storage area - this happens on the tarmac.


    When you land in Sydney, wait near the baggage storage area (of the plane) and one of the staff will bring out all the 'premium hand luggage tagged' bags for you to pick up your bag before you proceed to the terminal. Then you just make your way to the 'transfer desk' to get to the international airport.


    This happens all the time, even if a passenger is not transferring onto an international flight. Hope the above makes sense. We have never been charged extra.

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