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  1. Wow this is just so useful. Just spent last weekend discussing my husband's wardrobe with him and it needs work! Guess what we are going to do tonight? Ready your thread.


    Thank you heaps and any more photos would be great. Especially one of showing your Tactical pants, what are these?


    We have time, going on our first cruise (Cunard) in December.

  2. Please don't shoot me down for asking this question, but my husband likes wearing a fine knit (no collar) under a suit or jacket/pants combo - a bit like the old Miami Vice TV show. He sees this as casual - for an evening BBQ party.


    Would that be appropriate for an informal night or would we be banned to the buffet? Yikes!!!!!

  3. We are booked on Asiana Airlines departing 20 December this year to LHR and on to Southampton for our very first cruise to the Canary Islands on QE2. I must admit I am a bit nervous that everything is all OK because I am really looking forward to our holiday. We have a stopover on the way over and on the way back so hope Seoul is still standing.

  4. Firstly thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions.


    I am in the process of arranging a Windsor taxi service to collect us after self-disembarkation from our Cunard cruise in Southampton for a tour of Windsor Castle.


    This firm will take us to Windsor, store our luggage while we tour the castle and surrounds and then collect us at 4pm to transfer to Heathrow Terminal 5 for our flight to Copenhagen at 8pm. All for a very affordable price so I am keen lock this in.


    From readings we should be able to disembark at say 8am and if I book the transfer at 8.30am (all being well with no late arrival) should that be sufficient time to get through any official procedures?


    Also, if we get off earlier is there any sheltered place to wait for the transfer?


    Your comments and suggests are appreciated. Cheers.

  5. I know this is naughty of me, but I am looking at the 2018 Caribbean Celebration cruise which includes a TA from Southampton to New York. It has only just been released and it is showing one category of balcony cabins 'sold out'. Really!


    Also, the price for ocean view and balcony are the same.


    How can it sold out when just released and the price for the two categories are the same?


    I am a newbie to Cunard, actually going on our first cruise this December but dreaming of possible future options.



  6. I came across some sample Daily Programmes and noticed that the dancing starts at 7.45pm.


    As we have a late dinner booked (8.30pm) can Hubby and I have a bit of a dance before dinner? We are not really into pre dinner drinks (may be 1) but like a wine at dinner time. So I think the pre dinner time might be best used to practice our dancing (hoping to have lessons on board).


    Your comments are appreciated.

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments. We are doing the Celebration Cruise to the Canary Islands and our first port of call is Lanzarote. I have read that sometimes, due to bad weather this port may be missed.


    The main purpose of this cruise is the 'cruise', this is the focus of the holiday, the ports are rather a bonus. However, I am really looking forward to Cadiz (not Seville, been before) and Lisbon.


    So will go with the flow and see how things pan out on port days but of course take all the precautions such as photocopy passport, daily program etc.


    Went shopping on the weekend and bought some special clothes just for the cruise. Happy Days!!


    Thank you all once again:D

  8. We are going on our first cruise ever and selected Cunard for the amazing experience. I have read a lot on this forum about embarkation etc.


    But, what happens when you call into a port for a day visit. How does the process of getting off the ship work? Are they timings for when you can get off, like embarkation?


    Your comments would be very welcome.

  9. Firstly, many thanks to everyone who has asked a question and all of you who answered. I have been lurking and reading and reading.


    So, reading so much, I am now trying to find something that I found a day ago, but alas, it is nowhere to be seen.


    Would someone please point me to where I can find the Cunard Ball dates for the Celebration Cruise from Southampton leaving on 23 December 2017. I did see it and noticed it had 4 Balls mentioned but failed to record the dates.


    It was some kind of PDF list of all the cruises and all the formal nights/balls listed by cruise number and date.

    Many thanks in advance.

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