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  1. I was looking at the Port Everglades webcam and I noticed Harmony of the Seas is docked, which is unusual since Harmony is usually there on Sunday. What is the reason that it's there on a Friday?
  2. My guess is they cancelled all the excursions due to the shortened stop and will refund everyone if they booked through RC. I say this because two years ago I was on Anthem on the same route and they changed our Port Canaveral stop from Monday to Thursday and they changed the hours in port from 12-9 to 9-4, and they cancelled all of the Disney/Universal excursions and a result. Lots of disappointed people but captain said they would refund everyone.
  3. On the December 28th cruise they started boarding at 11:00. You’ll get on sooner the higher your C&A status as they go from highest to lowest. They said after gold they were boarding by appointment time. I don’t know if they actually enforced it or just let people with earlier times on before the people witn later times,
  4. Was on Symphony a couple weeks ago on the same itinerary, stayed onboard when we were in nassau. Very quiet onboard and it seemed like a lot of the activities didn’t start until early afternoon, and by that point it was already almost everyone on board time.
  5. Hey all, i was was wondering if any of you have gotten burnt while going down the Ultimate Abyss on the Harmony or Symphony. I went down it two days ago on Symphony and my left arm rubbed up against the side of the slide for a few seconds. It wasn’t terrible, but there’s now a decent sized scab where it was obvious I was burnt. It was also the last day of the voyage, and it was toward the end of the day anyway so it really didn’t cause any inconvience except for some pain. anyone else go through something similar?
  6. Yeah the only option in Symphony is to purchase a VOOM package. iMessage without a VOOM package doesn’t work on this ship, unlike other ships like the Anthem, I can confirm that since I was on Symphony last week. I heard that the messaging feature within the Royal app should come to Symphony during the first quarter of this year, but who knows when that will actually happen
  7. Same here. I'm not sure if I'd go back on a Quantum class ship but I'd go back on an Oasis class ship in an instant
  8. Went on the Anthem two years ago and I loved it, but having gotten off Symphony OTS yesterday, I have to say Anthem felt more crowded in my opinion. Anthem also seemed to have more lines for everything too. Not sure if that's always the case or if it was just bad on my sailing.
  9. And you can request for robes to be delivered to your rooms too! They are actually good robes (at least the one I had on Symphony last week)
  10. They are building it up and renaming it "Perfect Day at CocoCay". They are adding a huge waterpark and a ton of other things (which are not included, you gotta pay up). They were advertising this heavily on last weeks Symphony cruise, our stateroom got a flier about it. I'm attaching it and it shows some of the changes and renderings. They are also finally adding a dock so the Oasis class can finally stop at CocoCay, and the frequent skipping due to bad weather will be a thing of the past.
  11. Got to the port around 10:35 last Saturday for Symphony and was onboard by 11:10. They started boarding around 11:00 and the whole process is very quick at the new terminal A
  12. It sounds like the new terminal at Miami is mostly unaffected by all of this, which is good since I will be disembarking in 2 days off of Symphony
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